Friday, November 13, 2009

The Catholic Archidoses of DC threatens to pull a "we'll show you" over the same-sex union charter

According to yesterday's Washington Post, the Archidoses of the District of Columbia said they will yank their funding and services from the District's homeless shelters over the passages of the same-sex union ordinance to the DC Charter.  Now get this, DC aka Washington is the first city in the South to pass such law, not Atlanta, but DC, LOL.  However, after all the splaboos and coons pretending to be members of clergy of the black community in the Maryland suburban counties of Prince Georges' and Montgomery had their whining over the past month about the same-sex unionship ordinance.   Yeah, yeah, yeah, anybody that reads this blog knows I don't tolerate coonery of any kind especially from splaboos that need to get their house in order faster than anybody else..

Anyways on to this episode, the ordinance passed the Committee on Public Safety and Judiciary vote of the DC Council on Tuesday in pre-council meetings, and rejected an amendment that would allow an individual to reject providing services based on their religious beliefs.  However, on Wednesday, the church decided to swoop down and attack with their ultimatium.  They released their attackdog or should I say spokesperson Susan Gibbs to announce:
"If the city requires this, we can't do it. The city is saying in order to provide social services, you need to be secular. For us, that's really a problem."

Now the downside to this foolishness is that some 68,000 people use the city-owned shelters are provided services to the homeless and impoverish residents via the DC Archidoses' non-profit, Catholic Charities.  So the Archidoses wants to strong arm the city into getting in line or they will walk.  However, the DC officials pointed that the church is the primary provider of anything in particular, so they will adjust. 

The sponsor of the ordinance, DC Council at-large reprep, David Catania, said he would rather end the relationship with the Church regardless of the fact that he has been one of their biggest supporters.  Another council member like for Ward 3 said it was "somewhat childish".  The chair of the committee that passed Tuesday's vote, Phil Mendelson (D-At Large), said they wouldn't legislate based on threats.

I say let the bastards go since they want to play chicken with the DC Council.  They want to hold the impoverish and homeless hostage over something that actually helps the city gain better reputation beyond being the nation's capital, but as an inclusive place to reside.  Does it matter at this point since the ordinance is good as done, but you never know...

However, the million-dollar question is how will cities the likes of Atlanta, Miami, Charlotte, Orlando, Raleigh, Nashville, and the rest of the Southern "progressive" bunch handle this when it comes up?  This is going to show the true make or break of these cities and their progressiveness in my eyes since they always try to shit on Birmingham by saying we are ass-backwards.

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