Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why do I hate smaller cities and towns?

  1. They suck because they are BORING AS FUCK.
  2. 9 out of 10 times they are about as diverse as a sheet of paper
  3. You have to drive everywhere
  4. Most of them are usually socially conservative, which I abhor
  5. Most doesn't have lively restaurant, bar, or club area where people can let their "hair down" and unwind
  6. Dubious mindset where the residents think they are "safe" from crime
  7. Most are chain store city where everything and everywhere you can shop, eat, or entertain your can be found in any major urban area if not in multiple parts of a much larger urban area, i.e., Wal-Mart, Target, McDonalds, the chain theater, GAP, etc.
  8. Most people-of-color who live there are so delusional that they will "fit in" when in reality when shit goes down...
  9. Lack of sidewalks or public transit since most small cities in the South doesn't believe in public transit because the perception only "poor people uses it".
  10. Most of are "dry" (and for those that doesn't know what that means they doesn't sell alcohol on Sundays or at all).

1 comment:

  1. Well i dont think some of these things are so bad that you mentioned.



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