Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh while I was away taking care of business...

I was taking care of some graduate school business, but did have my ear to the blogosphere and the news...

Kudos to Charles Barkley for speaking his mind about Bernice...Bernice King, whom is the current sitting president of the SCLC, for her lack of regard for LGBTs of color yet want to take claim to "carrying the torch" of her father.  Speak the truth and shame the demons amongst us...

Auburn University QB soon to be NFL draftee, Cam Newton giving away his education for something as unstable and unpredictable as a career in professional football.  Now very wise at all if you ask me, and Dr. Boyce Watkins agrees with me on that.  As a matter of fact, Watkins went even further and said that his giving away a paid for education is just further the "plantation mentality" for black Americans.  WOW, WOW, WOW!  I don't wholeheartedly agree, but he has a some strong points about them taking advantage of these talented individuals.

Then there was the Over-the-Mountain Democrats forum of last Tuesday (January 18th) about "How Will the Democrats Rise Again?" at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.  My buddy, Mooncat at Left in Alabama, covered it quite well links here, here, and here.  The truth is the Alabama Democratic Party is screwed because white Democrats are too busy trying to "chase after rainbows", i.e. "the elusive rural white vote" while running away from being associated with President Obama (whom isn't popular with a faction of white Alabamians) then the "Joe Reed Problem".  The man that is the human equivalent to "a runaway train from hell" while playing up the Bojangles angle.  I've covered that thing for awhile now and have nothing else to say about it...

Finally, the incident in Carroll County, Georgia of the Metro Atlanta area.  According to the Times-Georgian of Carroll County, 43-year-old Chris Staples was residing at his mother's residence on disability since he had injured himself on the job many years ago, and has been openly homosexual for nearly 20 years.  WSB-TV reports that on Sunday, there were two incidents that occurred at the residence, first a rock thrown through a bedroom window with a message from the assailant conveying their knowledge of Staples' sexuality and he was going to hell then a fire set to the residence.  One has to wonder who in the hell in 2011 still spins their time worrying about what some low-key individual especially a homosexual does with their life?  Nuttiness

I should be back to somewhat regular posting later on this week after getting caught up with other things I'm handling involving my Masters' program...

CORRECTION: According to last Friday's Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Bernice King turned down the role of president of the SCLC, but that doesn't excuse her track record on LGBT rights...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why I am not surprised or shocked by the events of yesterday in Tucson...

It's very tragic and disheartening about the events that led up to the 6 causalities including U.S. District Court of Arizona judge John Rolls, 11 injured including Arizona's 8th congressional district representative, Gabrielle Gifford in the Tucson area.

I can tell you why because we live in a society where everyone wants to pigeon-hole others in categories thus making us a society of the proverbial, "label whores".  It seen it daily on blogs, forums across the internet on subtle things from politics to entertainment.  Case and point, on one of my frequent posting sites, Left in Alabama, there are a number of individuals whom I consider just plain divisive and destructive to anything because they can't generate a coherent or logical discussion about anything.  I've pointed this out numerous times in the past including the members like RedEye, Gradyw/Martin Weinrib, Dale Jackson among others that constantly bring nothing to the table other than acrimony.  Anytime I've gotten into a discussion with them they try to run the gambit of tricks and even attempt to go for the jugular, but in the end wind up looking like an idiot because I've proven time and time what they are foolish.  I don't blame the administration there for the issues, but some of the individual are just ridiculous.

Other sites like Jack & Jill Politics, there are posters whom will do nothing but denigrate or flat out insult posters whom might not agree with their views like CPL/Christian Progressive Liberal (the irony of that name and her actions).  I remember very vividly when I decided to engage in the discussion of the candidacy of Artur Davis in the Alabama's gubernatorial race, CPL wanted to be very nasty and even attempt to insult me because I corrected their misinformation and half-truths.  It's just become a regular old circus these days on some of these sites.

Also on Rod 2.0 and Pam's House Blend, these two LGBT oriented (and black issues-leaning) blogs have shown that there are some posters (in Rod 2.0.'s case even Rod McCullom himself) who will attack those whom doesn't agree with practically everything that said on that site.

These examples are just a sample of what I see as a breakdown of civility in our society and that's just on the internet, but its hiding under the surface (and behind a computer screen).  What's more disturbing is what is hiding below the surface in everyday life with individuals we encounter in our daily lives.  Ironically, these sites suppose to be places of openness of those whom feel "left out" in many ways.

The overzealous nature of partisanship on both sides of the aisle and then the ideological battle of placing everybody in "categories" of being either "liberal" or "conservative".  Some people are just "moderate" on most political issues or "socially progressive" but hold reservations on other things thus not having them fit in any particular political mode and that's their prerogative as American citizens.  However, there are those on both sides of the ideological extremes that wants to war with those because of those differences.  Until we learn that there will always be those in the middle and stop trying to wage this "us versus them" type of mindset, don't be surprise if other more heinous things occur.   It's one of the constant reasons why I stay annoyed by some because they want others to "fall in line" of group-thinking or be royal asses just for the hell of it with no coherent or logical backing to their stances.  

Seriously, people need to get a grip and realize the consequences of their thoughts and divisive rhetoric.  

(h/t to Tucson's local newspaper, Arizona Daily Star for the links to the story)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Uh oh, HOT DOG!

Texas' government might go BOOM!  Why do you ask?  Well, the state has a $25 billion hole in its plot of its $1.2 trillion budget called a "deficit".  It's big enough to drive a mad truck, train, and plain through it.  However, pro-business pundits bills Texas a shining example of a "lean, mean, business-friendly" state, but what can they do if their majority healthcare and educational budget state going to do if they can't fill it?

In the Dallas Morning News back in October, newly re-elected Texas governor Rick Perry said on the campaign trail that he would be for doing away with Medicaid and Medicare-funded sCHIP (state Childrens' Insurance Program) altogether.  Now he is really trying to piss off the Babyboomers whom are the core of his voting base because if they can't get their health care then his ass will be burnt like toast.

Well, that's the $64,000 question that the GOP super-majority-led Texas State Legislature will have to figure out in the next few months...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Twisted irony of this being a topic: "The Princess Boy"

Just last week I was having a conversation with an older black, closeted homosexual guy about this very topic.  He said one of the main reasons why he would never live in Atlanta was because of the overt over acceptance of  homosexual behaviors and in his words "dudes who dress in female clothing".  I responded saying, "I don't worry about what others do because that is their lives and I will live mine as I see fit.".  Now this guy is from Chicago originally, where he rear and lived until a couple years ago before relocating with his daughter to Birmingham for a job.  It's interesting that he mentioned that he thinks that "guys should exhibit any type of non-conforming behavior" yet he is a homosexual (another non-conforming behavior) and deeply closeted (also a "Praise Team" director at his church in other words he is a "church queen").

I digress, the story about Dyson Kilodavis of Seattle and his non-conforming behavior of dressing in female attire.  The 5-year-old black boy likes to dress in dresses and even calls himself "princess boy".  He and his mother Cheryl Kilodavis were on the NBC Today show on Monday morning discussing this and a book his mother wrote about similar behavior in children.  Cheryl Kilodavis penned her book My Princess Boy in an effort to have these larger conversations about acceptance.  The black and mostly black LGBT blogospheres have been talking about this all week.  Now I heard about and saw the interview with the Kilodavis' on local NBC station, WVTM, on Monday, but was too tired to say much about it.  However, after seeing how the black blogosphere's responses have fallen in other of the 3 catogories: ambivalent, supportive, or against it.  (See Bossip, Lipstick Alley, Living Out Loud with Darian, Rod 2.0, Pam's House Blend, Miss Jia) The majority has been against it (no surprise).  As Dr. Sheri L. Parks of the University of Maryland, College Park said,  
"Religiosity permeates African-American daily life more than any other population," Parks said. "When you look at evangelical Protestants they are the most concerned about gender role development and sexual orientation.  African-Americans are very emotionally involved in black masculinity. Masculinity is very highly valued, that's why some people come down hard on this little boy whose not taking his rightful place."
It's a damn shame because identity is one thing as an adolescent that is very hard to figure out and discover as it is, but the additional pressures that blacks places on one another for "conforming behaviors" just makes it even harder for young black males and some females when it comes to these things.  Hence, why I give folk the side-eye half the time because as a "group" (when need to used for subjective discussion), we talk out of both sides of our necks.  We want acceptance as people as whole in Western society, but refuse to accept individual members for their differences especially in they involve not falling in line with socially acceptable behaviors of being hyper-masculinity in males.

(h/t to the Grio for the links)

UPDATE on Charlotte-Mecklenburg fiasco involving the very vocal county commission

On Tuesday, the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners did pass the resolution supporting diversity, inclusion, and tolerance of all members of their community regardless of sexuality.  They along with the public did  criticize District 6 Commissioner Bill James for his comments criticizing North Carolina US Senator Richard Burr for voting for the passage of DADT and equating homosexuality with sexual predatory behavior.  They went IN on his ass.  After getting chewed out, James along with the rest of the Board of Commissioners voted to pass the resolution.

According to the Charlotte Observer, James has ran his mouth like WHOA on blacks, "urban blacks live in a moral sewer" to illegal immigrants to drug dealers.   This guy is a piece of work, but a typical Southern white Republican...

(h/t to the Charlotte Observer and Pam's House Blend)

Terri Sewell is now a seated representative for Alabama's 7th congressional district

It's an interesting yet remarkable accomplishment for Alabama with the seating of the 112th Congress of the United States, the first black female is congressional representative has been sworn in.  It's one bright spot for Alabama is Terri Sewell since all the other Democratic House representatives either lost their seats (Bobby Bright) or changed parties yet still lost (Parker Griffith aka "Mr. Two-Last Names").  Sewell supports economic development and major improvements of transportation infrastructure of the Alabama's 7th congressional district (which includes the cities of Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Selma) along with the passage of DADT, hate crimes legislation including LGBTs, the passage of ENDA, and even same-sex unionship (i.e. "same-sex marriages" for you jargon-heads who love that goofy term).  Sewell pride herself as a pro-women's rights advocate (for equal pay and reproductive choice for women) also supporter of healthcare reform, and financial reform.

It's going to SO INTERESTING watching Republicans trying to play damage control when the media scrutinized them like they did with the Democratically-controlled 111th Congress.  Especially after them already waffling on their stance of being so transparent.  However, let's take a moment to enjoy Terri Sewell.


(h/t to Left in Alabama and WAKA-TV for the links)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Uh-oh, Chick-fil-A! The gay bloggers are about come after you!!!!!

Well, it didn't take long for me to hear about this, and the gay blogs to follow up with a pressure-cooker campaign to get them to drop their co-sponsorship with Pennsylvania Family Institute of "The Art of Marriage" on February 11th & 12th in the Harrisburg area and Reading in Pennsylvania.  Although the event isn't about being "anti-same-sex marriage", it speaks on biblical marriage and the support for it.  However, the Pennsylvania Family Institute, is the largest organization against LGBT rights in Pennsylvania.  So it's guilty by association because Chick-fil-A hasn't made it known they are overtly anti-LGBT rights.  Interestingly, they did sponsor Colorado-based Focus on Family and some golf tourney in Ohio led by Ohioan based group, which supports the usage of reparative therapy to change sexuality, which many experts equates to mental torture.  Official at Atlanta area-based Chick-fil-A hasn't made any official comments or stances on anything public involving LGBT rights.  (Maybe it has to do with them being based in the metropolitan area of one of the largest LGBT cities in the nation, so it could be chalked up to guilty by association.  On the other hand, they do close on Sundays for their employees can be with their families...  ***KANYE SHRUG***)

Well, like the Target fiasco, I'm going to remain ambivalent because I shop and eat at places that are cheap and offers quality products and services.  I'm on a fixed income while working on my Masters' degree, and don't eat out often anyways so this fiasco doesn't affect me.  However, it is interesting what's going to go down in the next few days.

UPDATE: Advocate, TowerloadQueerty, Change.org have swooped down on it.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oh look at what DeKalb County is doing now...

The employment carnage that is known Dekalb County, Georgia has yet to truly see an ending.  Since late 2009, the various governmental agencies from the county government to county school district has been shedding jobs left and right like it's going out of style.  According to this past Wednesday's Atlanta Journal-Constitution, they are planning on outsourcing custodial jobs. Although these are the lowest ones on the totem pole of functionality of a school district we knew who holds most of these positions... (***HINT*** It's folk ***HINT***)
Outsourcing is one of several suggestions that came up earlier this year as part of budget cuts. Facing an estimated $50 million shortfall in next year’s budget, the proposal is back on the table.
I'm more perplexed how a rapidly growing county in Metro Atlanta has been able to function over the past 15 years since they've seen the county population jump by 100,000 new residents.  The county itself has been in the spotlight of mismanagement from the cost-of-living pay raises that occurred for outgoing county commissioners staffers last fall in the midst of massive deficit while refusing to give county police officers raises  to the former county superintendent being indicted for racketeering to 430 school district employees being laid off to  the recommendation to close 14 declining enrollment schools to now this.  Chaos at its very worse in DeKalb.  Unfortunately, it's the one jurisdiction aside from Atlanta proper that I would prefer to reside in Metro Atlanta... ***SIGH***


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