Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Will resume blogging after finishing my spring semester

My life has been way too damn busy as of late to the point I barely have time to sleep.  I would like to blog about a number of issues, but papers, research, and work keeps me preoccupied most hours of the day.  So blogging will resume after the spring semester is over in early May.  However, if have a moment to actually compile a post then so be it...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another proposal to rewrite Alabama's Constitution

This year's proposal to rewrite the Alabama Constitution to remove the racist language, allow counties possess home rule self-governance, ability to legislate local taxation for adequate funds for individual school districts.  Alabama State House Representative Demetrius Newton of Birmingham has proposed a bill calling for a draft rewriting the Alabama Constitution.  However, GOP reps like Paul DeMarco is already deterring this bill instead calling for an article-by-article rewrite of the constitution.

As always, the Republicans and Dixiecrats are the ones calling for an alternative they never put any action behind.  I'm so tired of this bullshit with them and the Alabama Constitution.  It's inherently racist, perpetuates class stratification, and centralizes power in the state capitol ironically in a state where the motto is so individualistic and localized.  However, the state charter does the exact opposite of this encapsulating all authority there in Montgomery with the Alabama Legislature.    

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just when I thought Eddie Long couldn't get anymore ironic

This deeply-closeted bisexual splaboo is now inviting the male members of the dwindling in enrollment church to "late night prayer meetings".  This statement alone is PURE IRONY.  Now what are they going to be "praying" about?  Something tells me that he is trying to recruit more closet cases and "extra discrete" men in the Metro Atlanta area to partake in "extracurricular activities" in the late night hours...

Oh where is a nice hidden camera when it is needed...


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