Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Oops! Did he say that one aloud?

I think it high past time for somebody to have said this one aloud considering why 99% of most mass shootings are perpetuated by what white males.  If everyone else is being profiled and suspected of "being up to no good" then what is good for the goose is good for the gander as well on these methods of criminal profiling.  Kudos to Salon contributor and social commentator, David Sirota, for saying this one aloud.

The irony is as some commentators on my buddy V's blog is that "why is that it had to take a white guy to point this one out?"  It's troubling that the obvious is avoided until someone of that demographic group is said about most white males.  Sorry, but white males tend to be perpetrators of a lot of things in the modern western society and one of them is mass violence.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fiscal Cliffhanger

Is there truly a fiscal cliff or a dramatic cliffhanger for the US media to run-amok with as usual so they have some headline to keep eyeballs captivated?  We have so many things going on around this nation at the moment ranging from the high employment, racial animus at an all time high, faltering infrastructure, and let's not forget the climate change on going.

Now with the psychologically defected exposed nationwide for the racially averse heretics they are, their deranged representatives in DC are now playing chicken with the nation's financial future do the usual "to show that damn nigger in office who's boss".  However, what those assholes doesn't realize is that the majority of the citizenry will hold their sorry asses accountable this time not President Obama.  Oops, I bet their asses did see that one coming!

Yeah, we have a number of things to worry about right now, so this fiscal cliffhanger shouldn't even be one of them at the moment....

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tell us something we didn't know...

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) brings in the big bucks for Atlanta!

I guess it took 2 studies by my fellow planning/economic development professionals on the academic side to affirm this to be true.  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on the University of Georgia Carl Vinson Institute of Government Study conducted a study from 2007 and this year and the findings confirmed this:
MARTA’s spending — its 2011 capital and operating budget was $617 million — supported between 20,000 and 37,000 jobs in Georgia between 2007 and 2011. The fluctuations were caused by differences in annual capital expenditures.
Nearly 150,000 workers in the Atlanta area, including car owners, use MARTA for their daily commute.
Of the 18 fastest growing industry sectors, 14 employ workers who rely heavily on MARTA.
Jobs supported by MARTA’s capital budget provide $500 million to $1 billion in personal income each year.
The economic activity of the nearly 100,000 MARTA-dependent workers support another 80,000 additional jobs.
It's quite amusing that 2 studies had to be published to reaffirm what most of us suspected although the majority of Metro Atlantans rejected the T-SPLOST on the 31st of July.  I guess you have to dress it up in a pretty bow and ribbon and then say "See it does work".  However, we are in the South were the car is king and the way things are developed and funded around it.  At the end of the day, Atlanta and Georgia politicos know that MARTA is the reason why so much of the city's prominent existence depends on this public transit system.

Yeah, another one of these situations...

When will the deranged and white males stop gunning down black male youths because they think they are a threat?  I honestly don't know but this incident in suburban Jacksonville will go down as another one of those situations.

Jordan Davis was gunned down last Friday (November 23rd) at a  gas station on Jacksonville's Southside while in a car with friends.  Apparently, the music in the vehicle was "too loud" for Michael Dunn's tastes.  In return, Dunn confronted the teens in the vehicle over the music which led to Dunn getting his gun and shooting into the vehicle hitting Davis.  Davis suffered multiple wounds from the gunfire and was pronounced dead on arrival to the Shands Hospital on Jacksonville's Southside.  *SIGH*

Dunn was arrested in Brevard County at his condominium and charged the following day.  While arraigned before a Brevard County justice as his reason for shooting up the vehicle was him feeling threatened by the black teens. (WTF?)  Dunn was extradiated back to Duval County (which is the City of Jacksonville) and had the audacity to say "the teens had a shotgun in their vehicle".  (WTF?) 

Jordan Davis will be buried in Marietta, Georgia in the Metro Atlanta area.

I knew something was up when actual study showed that anti-black animus was up.  This is just more prove that some white Americans have to slow their groove on anti-black & brown racial animus because this nation is becoming more and more racially diverse with time...

Links and photos courtesy of WJXX/WTLV.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


In the serious of personal blogs on this site.  Here it goes...

I just realized I am still in love with my ex from years ago.  He recently recently came back into my life.  I wasn't expecting him to come back into my life at all.  There are a numerous of things that goes through my head while thinking about him including good memories, mixed feelings, and even the bad memories.  My heart still feel something for him, but my head tells me to stay on the fence with him in a guarded mode.

About 18 months ago, I had a dream of a wedding and it ironically included myself and this very ex.  In the dream, we were standing at an alter and saying a vows to one another and to spend the rest of our lives together.  As strange as it was at the time, we weren't together anymore (for nearly 4 months) and were not speaking at all because I broke up and ended all forms of communication with him.  Also by that time there was some form of moving on and letting go from that stage of life.  As much as I thought that dream was random and improbable at the time, I realized there was unfinished business between us.

Now here we are now communicating and reconnecting to one another.  It also displays the unfinished business is apparent.  My feelings are still there and I don't know where to go with them.  Also I recently discovered he still has feelings for me as well, but his methods of holding them back is totally different than mine.  He displayed this to me when he chose to come to me in a time of true need.  I then realized he does still care about me and those feelings for me. This is something of hope but also worry.

Part of me wants us to reconnect, reunite, and work on us getting back to together again, but another portion of me is terrified.  I am taking this very slow, day-by-day, and displaying concern, care, and consideration of reality of our relationship.  We broke up for a reason in the past and we have both moved on, grown, and (for me) experienced other relationships.  However, I am also a believer that some people are meant to have something with one another and strangely enough I feel as God/Allah/the Creator is saying we ought to be back together again because our yin-yang dynamics that exists between us and draws us together in a way beyond just platonic friendship.

If he does happens to come across this blog entry then.  Will, I want you to know yes I still am in love with you.  I do hope and pray that we can work this out in the long run and find a comparable median where we can reconcile and one day grow together.  I have chosen to step back and just allow this to play themselves out on its own.  Nevertheless, I just want you to know that I do still love you.  Call me cliche, but I feel like we are like the Rihanna song "Diamonds".  

As they say, only time will tell me what and whom he is to me...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

So amount of Americans possessing anti-black hate is up, so...

Guess what the US, you have more anti-black people now than you did 4 years ago!  Not really I'm not lying.

It's not really a surprise because there are some many people that hate on President Obama, the sitting president, like they hate on somebody whom is doing something with their lives.  Black people beware, we are all in for something fare against more anti-black malice...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm going to dedicate 5 minutes of my life to say this about black-white SGL dating...

Rarely nowadays do I comment on the racial politics of SGL male dating, but let me be honest about this whole white-black dynamic. Preface, yeah there are more racial combinations in the world, but in the US the white-black contrast is always the most contentious.  Back to topic, white-black racial combo in relationships is always tricky.  You may ask, "why do you say that?".  Well for starters, black LGBTs are still the bottom of the racial hierarchy in the US because "the mandingo, i.e. supposed 'big black dick'", "they are all thugs", "they aren't very well rounded or educated", "they are lazy and shiftless", or "they all have AIDS and/or HIV" stereotype.  Many have taken these stereotypical myths and applied to dealing with black males as only cutbuddies/fuckbuddies or hook up only material rather than dating.

In my personal experience, there has been a lot of objectification that goes on throughout the gay/bisexual fold of men in general, but there is a special set of rules that seem to exist just for black-white sexual & relationship interactions.  Where the black guy suppose to be the "dominant top with a big dick" and the white guy is "submissive bottom that loves big dick".

Also have to interject the problematic age disparity of some white guys when it comes to dating or being open to having a relationship with black guys.  Many will intentionally wait until they are "used up" or 30+ years in age to engage or "explore this" after many of their fellow "more appealing" (in the aforementioned supposed hierarchical terms) are tired of them or unattainable anymore.  This perplexes me considering I, like many other black guys whom aren't racial specific, was like this since day one when we encounter white guys whom are much older than us always approaching us like we are "their last resort".  My motto is this, "if you didn't want to deal with a black guy when you were a 'hot commodity' then don't deal with one when you aren't anymore".

Now personally, I am not a "top" at all and generally non-discriminatory when it comes to anything including dating although I lean more towards other black guys.  I have dated a couple of white guys and have experienced this silliness first hand. I do find this dynamic annoying to say the least.  I also find that this expectation to be off-putting when it comes to interracial dating with guys.  Let's not forget in the South and in many parts of the US in general, a significant majority still believe in the aforementioned negative connotation about black guys.  It's just a double negative as to why I'm extremely choosy about dating white guys, period.

If I get a hint of a reason to believe that person is that way then, I'm chucking up the deuces...

Love is love, and it shouldn't have any color boundaries or limitations because of the social construct known as "race".

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Uh huh, so you want to deal with NYC...

Yeah, I will say this.  I'm not exactly the biggest fan of New York (City) for a number of reasons including it being overrated.  So this op-ed piece that appeared on the Huffington Post by Leigh Owen.  He basically said in a sort of words, "if you are black or Hispanic, you need to leave NYC, ASAP".  This stresses my sentiments of why I am lacking in fascination of that city and its surrounding region.  Don't get me wrong it would be nice to see and visit but in realistic terms on livability for myself, nope.

I know somebody that is a former (an ex) that is relocating there and his premise of doing such is because he is tired of the South.  His rants included the overzealous nature of the religious particular religious blacks and "intelligent people" in Atlanta and the South in general.  Also the fact that one doesn't need a car in NYC as well with 24/7 mass transit.  Yeah, it is true that NYC and the Northeast Megalopolis lacks overt religiousness compared to the South and higher than average people with education attainment.

However, that doesn't translate to the devoid of religious blacks because US blacks in general are a very pious demographic group as whole regardless of location.  Also I might add that yeah, NYC has 24/7 mass transit but so does ChicagoPhiladelphia, and the PATH of Northern New Jersey.  I admire NYC for being "that big city" but it is also a very hostile environment for black and Hispanic males due to its screwed up police force (NYPD), stop-and-frisk policy, and trigger-happy practices of gunning down innocent parties.  To be plain and simple, it's not a good place to be black and even the US Census reported that blacks have fled from New York in droves.

As quiet as it's been kept, I would prefer Chicago over New York.  At least I know what I'm getting into and it has a quaint, charming character that New York lacks which is 5 boroughs battling over whom is the most dominant.  All I have to say to him is this, I wish you well and have fun (also learn to be honest with yourself).  I'll be in DC or Chicago where those places have mass transit and are more my flavor because I like my cities with character and diversity not braggadocios places with deep seeded racial problems.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

You can tell when some splaboos are miserable souls

Well, pardon the happy couple for being happy.  Back in September, Nathanael Gay and Robert Brown decided to wed at the Griffin Gate Marriott resort in Lexington (Kentucky).  They even had friends, family, and even fellow line brothers (LBs) of Nathanael's fraternity (Kappa Alpha Psi) in attendance.

Meanwhile, I swear some splaboos are always on the beat being assholes towards black LGBTs that found happiness.  The trolls at Bossip always on their jobs of being the "typical gossiping yet judgmental homophobes".  I have to give Clutch magazine credit for being quite pragmatic and optimistic because these men decided to be open and comfortable about themselves.

Others including Rod McCullom are reporting that the Twitter-verse was going crazy a couple of days ago with idiots making homophobic notions about the happy couple.  I swear it seems like some members of folk would rather somebody be bitter and fucked up like them than happy.  Ignorance running-a-mok...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Applause for laziness, NOT!

This whole referandum that is going to be held Tuesday in Alabama is a croak of sh...well you know the rest.  I swear this is why I HATE partisanship in Alabama because all it is about is a bunch of clusterfucking of both sides of the do-nothing cause.  Note: Alabama's legislators really don't do anything when compared to their federal counterparts, and that let's you know who truly lazy Alabama's legislative branch is.

Now there is this fear-mongering campaign being led by a variety of special interests and the Alabama Republican Party establishment that wants to pass this so that the state can transfer $437 million from its rainy day fund to cover their asses literally and politically.  Also it will cost Alabama $3 million additional dollars in funds to just hold this election.  However, the some Alabama Democrats and even stranger bedfellows are against it.  Their motives is to trying to make their Republican counterparts work.  Also there are some Alabama Republicans that doesn't support this either, but that is another conversation.

The reality caveat is that when Alabama Democrats were in charge they didn't do anything.  This is another 3-ring circus that the vast majority of Alabamians perpetuate upon themselves by not doing their homework when electing local representation in the Alabama Legislature.

Le sigh!  I need to be truly done with this place...

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Suspiciously Quietness of the racially charged incident at the RNC event

The $10,000 question is what really happened when the 2 alternate delegates during the RNC convention on Tuesday pelted CNN camerawoman, Patricia Carroll, with nuts?  The unusual silence of CNN and the expected covering of their assess for fear of negative publicity, RNC, seems extremely suspicious.  CNN is as many know has been trying to live up to the faux "fair and balance" journalism role that I pointed out in the  entry on US media outlets about 2 months ago.

Now after getting word from a specific commentor on the Washington Post columnist, Erik Wemple's blog how on Wednesday, the Alabama Republican Delegation head, Bill Armistead, was interview by Democracy Now's Amy Goodman.  The commentor was pointing how he was acting as if he knew whom it was and what state exactly but didn't want to reveal the identity of the 2 individuals.  Interestingly, now how they want to reach out to Ms. Carroll and apologize now.  I guess to cover their asses if their names are ever revealed...Also something tells me it was 2 members of the Alabama delegation because they would be good for old fashion racial animus considering how it is so involved in ignorance running amok without anybody willing to check them on it.  Hell, as I pointed out the Alabama Democratic Party isn't too much better because they placate ignoramuses to keep their rolls up on memberships, can you say Craig Ford from Gadsden? 

This whole incident shows CNN needs to stop placating ignorance and expose it.  Hell, the BBC is owned by the British government via being a public broadcasting entity yet they will call them out in a heartbeat.  It just goes to show how scary and manipulated so easily for fear of reprisal by the GOP.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Do I honestly care?

Do I care that on former Alabama Democratic gubernatorial nominee turned Virginia Republican Congressional candidate, Artur Davis, is set to be speak at the Republican National Convention this week in Tampa?  Nope.

I still don't care at all, my ambivalence towards his existence because he is still carrying on his brat-like, vindictive behavior because he is still butt-hurt from losing the 2010 Democratic nomination to the Sand Mountain redneck, whom as well turned into a Republican as well, Ron Sparks.  Yeah, Davis has spent the past few months galavanting with the Angry White People Coalition, i.e., T.E.A. Twats in Virginia. Oh yeah, he wants so badly to impress those delusional and psychologically disengaged whites in the far-flung exburbs of Washington DC in Northern Virginia.

Meanwhile, Sparks is not only apart of the Bentley administration as an "economic development liaison", which doesn't amount to heap of beans because that position has about as much pull as I do as a being a political consultant at the moment, but he has been quieter than whore in church.  This is another episode of the Alabama Democratic Party (ADP) being duped into believing anyone with integrity would actually want to run for anything outside of Birmingham or maybe the other 3 larger cities in that state.  Alabama is currently a place where everyone has been polarized long before the current trend plaguing the US as a whole, except it is based upon social egalitarian progression versus status quo and circling of the wagons.  The few whom are for social egalitarian progression has been vastly outnumbered by 2:1 to those whom want to maintain status quo and circling of the wagons for their particular interests.  (FYI, Redeye, yeah those like Joe Reed, AEA, and the homophobic coalition are a part of the latter rather than former...)

It's embarrassing if you ask me because I'm not the type of person that set my hopes so high for a state that has repeated violated human rights and civil liberties of anyone that isn't a cisgendered, white, heterosexual male.  Then again, folk isn't innocent either when many of the state legislative representation they sent to Montgomery are always trying to work against LGBTs, whom are black as well, and whom live in their very districts in Birmingham.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Who's really the liar in this election season?

I ask this question why so many Americans are whining and saying "both candidates are one in the same".  However, as somebody that usually gives a fair shake of anyone prior to discerning whether they are a liar or overall honest individual.  In politics, that same rules apply when assessments are made.

Sorry, but overwhelming evidence displays that the Romney/Ryan ticket is just chalk full of lies on top of lies.        This is sad when there are actual blogs dedicated to Romney's plethora of lies and even credible journalists are even able to provide long form documentation of the lies.  Paul Ryan just plain lies about himself from Medicare to his beliefs in Ayn Rand to his acceptance of actual fund from the 2009 stimulus for pet projects.    I believe most people paying attention to the actions for both candidates on this ticket is just done right obvious.  However, it has been shown that partisans on both sides are more defiant towards listening to counterarguments of the other side more than anything else this year.  (This might be a recipe for an extremely polarized political environment in the short-term future)

Now don't get me wrong I have my problems with President Obama for starters refusing to stand up and issue an executive orders forcing many states to and jurisdictions to recognize marriage equality even it is only civil unionships (for the time being), enforce some form of job programs that enables those of us having trouble getting into the full time employment in the workforce, and allowing the Bush-era tax cuts on households with incomes above $250,000 be sustained for another year.  Let me not forget his reluctance to promote marriage equality until Joe Biden opened his unfiltered mouth.  However, the President hasn't told a bold face lie about any of his own shortcomings.

Romney and Ryan are lies, plain and simple.  It just seems that the President is be a better choice...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Birmingham’s school district debacle

Where do I start? I will say that Birmingham school district is royally fucked if this isn't solved very soon.  In my opinion, they seem they have such a dilemma that most urban school districts seem to have these days. That problem is fiefdom mentality when it should even be this way. (Preference, what I am about to say is the honest yet objective truth). When it comes to the Birmingham school district, the whites that mostly now live in the suburbs such as the municipalities Hoover, Vestavia Hills, Gardendale, Fultondale, Clay, and Trussville or incorporated areas like McCalla and Grayson Valley, or western Saint Clair and northern Shelby counties were the ones that screwed up the school district because they didn't want their children to attend schools with blacks back in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, but it was the mismanagement of the majority black and AEA (Alabama Education Association) led administrators that has led to the school districts problems since the 1990s. This is nothing new because school districts in New Orleans, Memphis, Atlanta, Washington DC, and many others across the South has this problem as well.

The whole "they are trying to take over our schools" mantra perpetuated by the Frank Matthews and the same crew of misguided individuals aided the selection of the ineptitude leadership of William Bell aka "the Jackal".  I weep for the socially progressive, working-class, and urban enthusiasts in the city of Birmingham because they have no true allies at all. It seems like instead of find some common ground with those across the city whom want to turn the school district around.  Many of these individuals have children in the district's schools that refuses to provide a quality education that is offered in the surrounding school districts.  As a result, many are forced to do just day either leave for the suburbs if their children cannot get into the Ramsey High School, the baccalaureate academy at Parker High School, or cannot afford to send their children to one of the private schools in the region if they want to remain within the city.  Instead of trying to improve the school district, the board members want to continue status quo so they preserve the jobs of those whom are family and friends in the Birmingham Board of Education central office.  Advocates of reform had to turn to the one entity within the government organization that probably has the least amount of regard for the urban school district in the one city that it wish would die more than anything else, the Alabama State Board of Education.  

Yeah, sure the current board has attempted to oust the current superintendent, Craig Witherspoon, more than once, but the Alabama Board of Education and apparently the courts are against that. However, it is the unlikely allies that reformers of the school districts battle against mediocrity and the current foes are what are worrisome. Let me not forget the current Birmingham School Board president being ruled a resident of Trussville rather than Birmingham after proof of him not being a full-time resident of the city was discovered. The school district is at risk losing its accreditation with the Southeast Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) over the recurring problems with specific schools and the majority of the board's idiocy (can you say Clayton County, Georgia all over again). Finally, having a group of entitled urban mostly black bureaucrats are actually making things worse than their white counterparts and have the working-class, majority black electorate in the city thinking this is a racial usurp to get retribution on them by the state of Alabama. Now this is truly sad…

The one bright spot is the fellow blogger, Laura Kate Whitney, of MagicCityMade blog pointed out that Birmingham like most urban places are worth fighting for in the long run.  This battle has revealed that racial animus is behind the majority of this foolishness on the black members whom are against district reform on the Birmingham Board of Education.  As a black American, I understand and fight for the struggle of a socially egalitarian US by calling out the inequities of all times and bigotry of all.  However, the board members needs to realize that sometimes it best to not fight change because all they are doing is inadvertently destroying Birmingham's chances of recovering.

It's not about you guys, it is about fixing this declining school district before there is nothing left. *SIGH*

Thursday, July 19, 2012


That's my response to the above caption of Atlanta-based, Chick-fil-A president, Dan Cathy's comments on marriage equality in the US.  He wants to say "NO" then I have to say "uh yeah, I haven't ate at your restaurants in years...".   The Monotheistic God/Allah/The Creator/Holy One would be cosigning on your ignorance because it doesn't affect you personally, so why would you are so bothered by marriage equality coming to the forefront?

Also know that the "friends" will be out in full force to shut down your 11 "Dwarf House" locations in Metro Atlanta. ;)


Friday, July 13, 2012

Washington is regretting its selection of Gray...

This is one of those situations where I have to tell folk, "I told you so..." about DC's mayor, Vincent Gray.  Back in 2010, there were so much chatter amongst the black blogosphere about how "bad Adrian Fenty was as DC's mayor", "how he sold DC to white people", and "how Michelle Rhee and Adrian Fenty were ruining DC".  So those across the black blogosphere cosigned the poor judgment of those voting in DC to elected Gray over Fenty.

It's so ironic those are more silent than a whore in church on the huge controversy that has bestowed upon DC for the umpteenth time.  As much as I don't care for any pawn of the business establishment, it seems that Fenty wasn't as idiotic and corrupt as his successor, Gray.  I am actually more annoyed at the fact that folk doesn't seems to want perfection from many that will talk that talk, but never walk the walk.  Gray is a text book example of this mentality and its plethora of failings.

Meanwhile, a number of members in his 2010 mayoral campaign staff, 2 DC Councilmen, and a former mayoral primary opponent were all later implicated to be involved in the shell game of using funds and authority he offered upon getting elected to mayor's helm.  (FYI, for others who want to say "but they do it too", no duh, I know whites do this but they have sense enough to know better to do this do obviously.)  

However, after going from 2 mayors, Anthony Williams and Fenty, whom helped the city regain prominence and allowed significant public works projects and strategies to progress that helped Washington become the planning and community development hub of the East Coast.  Also reformed the DC school district from the average US city school district with low rates of overall scholastic achievement to one where accountability for school progress was enforced from the instructors to school administrators and increase in achievement and test scores during Fenty's tenure.  These are the things that are just as important as allowing adequate access of the citizenry whom are qualified for city jobs and pacifying those whom were in your corner.  It seems that so many in the establishment camp miss this lesson, you have to improve the entire city from across the board.  

I guess living in a city like Birmingham, where this is the reason why there is such a huge leadership void because nobody with pragmatic, progressive, and transparency tied into their political existence that it will continue to be more idiots than leaders at the city's helm.  To sum it up, most Birminghamians lack the nuance of their choices for mayor rather they allow the "establishment" to manipulate their perspectives, and wins every time.  In reality, the same thing happens in Alabama in general, but this applies with white citizens more often than black citizens...

*sigh* This is so depressing and shows that sometimes you have to give it up to the predominately white urban business establishment in a number of US cities.  They can get a progressive that has some sense elected that is smart enough not be caught up in blatant corruption.   I was shock when New Orleans chose Mitch Landrieu, because one he wasn't a puppeteer of the black establishment nor was he was one of the urban white business establishment.  New Orleans wasn't alone considering Charlotte elected Anthony Foxx, whom like Landrieu, wasn't apart of neither camp, rather loosely affiliated with both sides in the way to get elected.

Folk has to get it together because there seems to be a leadership problem in Birmingham, Atlanta, Memphis, and now Washington...

What is really hurting TV News?

Gallup published a new poll that says that most Americans are losing faith in the US media.

I can sum it up quite simply.  The majority of the US media panders towards protecting the right-of-center and it has become even more obvious after Joe Williams, formerly of Albritton's Politico, last month.  He accurately pointed out that generally speaking the US news media does play a game of distraction and pandering to the those right-of-center since that is the "swing voters" and eyeballs that captivates the pallid of  advertisers.

Meanwhile, I have few words for what can be done other than people waking up.  You have to stressed that people do need to wake up about what is going on in this country.  The right wing-led Congress are the ones holding up economic progress of the US from being so corporate welfare-based capitalism towards a more socially democratic one.

I always remain objective and this is the truth, there is a lot of bullshit being perpetuated by the US media and until then I will continue watching the BBC World News and PBS Newssource for a more accurate and objective perspective of news worldwide.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sometimes I wonder are US black gay/bisexual men are their own worse enemies

Yeah, I said it.  I hate to get to this point, but it seems to be the dilemma I see going on.  It doesn't matter if it is on BGC, Adam4Adam, Facebook, Twitter, or the randoms blogs, it seems like the divisions amongst black gay/bisexual men (especially in the US).

Exhibit A: The upstart blog "Discreet City", which is a blog about relationships, being masculine black man (cue *eyeroll*), being "discreet about your sexuality" while maintaining a sense of self as a man.  Yeah, that is a mouthful.  I would say yeah this is a good thing, but why is that this blog dedicates so many of its posts to talking about the "femininization of black gay males".  Along with the authors' personal indictments of how relationships form and why they exist (really guys?)  Does it really matter?  I am asking because so many other topics could be discussed (which they do occasionally, keyword "occasionally"), but why talk so much about these topics like it truly matters.  If US black gay/bisexual men are more worried about masculinity and  perception of their mannerisms then we are in some trouble.  It seems that this site is more caught up on the idea of making men whom happen to be masculine, black, and gay/bisexual feel better about themselves as "outsiders trying to confirm to social standards" rather than stand as a beacon of unification of the heavily factionalized black GBTs.  Divisive tactics are counterproductive to the overall collective body.

I'm sorry but femininity is the least of most black GBTs issues considering the surmounting number of us falling victim to hate crimes more often than not, to commit suicide, being the ones whom are more likely to know somebody or is that somebody that contracts HIV, and the list goes on and on and on...

This is not an incriminating saying to black GBTs in general just the ones that causes the most problems amongst the demographic.  Masculinity shouldn't even be an issue of discussion unless you are more hung on people's mannerisms than their entire personality (and physical appearance).  Remember, we are the group that allows our black pride celebrations be more about the parties (and orgies) than about the informational seminars and public celebrations/gatherings.  I feel when forums about how poorly represented a certain group is one thing but when you criticize and look for ways to make others whom possess a different perspective than you feel alien then  you are doing more harm than good.  Also, it shouldn't be about trying to hide oneself from the world because of the complicity is why we are still more likely than not to be victims of circumstance than champions of success.   As a group, we should be the ones whom unity one another rather than look for further divisions between ourselves.

Oh yeah Nick & Octavius, if you have an issue with what I said on my blog well you going to have to get over it.  My opinions are about the obvious and the collective not about what really bothers me about other black gay/bisexual men.  Say what you but remember you are just fulfilling a negative stereotype.  ;)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

What in the hell is really going on in Florida?

I mean really?

For the past 2 weeks, the state of Florida has engaged in federal violations of the Voters' Rights Act.   The newest pawn of Governor Rick "I grew up in the section 8 housing" Scott is Florida Secretary of State, Ken Detzner, who has vowed to purge the ballot rolls of "illegal voters", i.e., blacks and non-white Hispanics.  They have been mainly targeting Miami's home county, Miami-Dade, in South Florida as the place where the proof is in the pudding with the great purge of 2012.  The Miami Herald found that 1,600 of the 2,600 voters purged were Hispanic and non-partisan independent voters.  Now isn't this just plain "peachy", Rick Scott's administration is trying illegal voting.  Meanwhile, the US Department of Justice has called them to stop.

According to Miami CBS-owned-and-operated affiliate, WFOR:
Out of the list of 2,700, the Herald found that more than 500 have come forward as lawful citizens. A total of 40 people in the list have been identified as non-citizens.
The bright side is now all 67 of Florida's county supervisors of elections have halted their voter purge from rolls against Scott's orders.  It is likely they are trying to prevent themselves from being federally indicted by the DOJ.

Also former governor Charlie Crist's skeletons have seemed to crept out out of the closet.  Maybe it's just me posted a story this morning about the former governor and his covert methods to hide his sexcapades with men.  

According to the Fort Myers News-Press and Gannett-owned sister property in Tampa Bay the CBS-affiliate, WTSP, a report done by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement on the allegations of impropriety of state chairman Jim Greer.

The allegations come from Damon Chase, Jim Greer's attorney. Chase told John Morgan of Morgan and Morgan where Charlie Crist works, that if had to depose the former Governor, Crist would be embarrassed by the following issues:

- Charlie Crist is a homosexual and had homosexual relationships with at least two men who were paid to leave the state to avoid embarrassing then Governor Crist.

- Charlie Crist attempted to kiss Greer at a hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

- Gov. Crist had drunken escapades and his security detail had to cover for him.

- Charlie Crist attempted to run over people while he was intoxicated and operating a golf cart.

Morgan responded saying that even if Crist was a homosexual, it had nothing to do with the case, and the allegations were just were just an attempt to embarrass Crist.

In addition, Morgan said if the former Governor were a homosexual he would have to be a 'sick s.o.b. to try to kiss Porky the Pig' which was a reference to Greer.

Morgan also said the allegations were similar to a cheap lawyer trick, asking when did you stop beating your wife or asking when was the last time he had sexual intercourse although he used a more crude term "with your neighbor's sheep".

It seems that Crist was a busy ho with his men...

Charlie, it is time to come on back out the closet because we all know you crawled back into it back in the 1990s when you were trying to climb up the political ladder.  Also do Ms. "Franco-American" heiress a favor and let her find a man whom is actually heterosexual and monogamous so she doesn't feel "used" when all this shit does hit the fan.  SMH

Monday, June 4, 2012

Cities with significant black populations in their region

All this talk about cities with large black populations has got me thinking about the places that have such and the ones that doesn't.  Statistically, a place with a large black population is based upon the percentage being 15% or greater of its overall population being considered African American or black.  Everyone (and their mother) is familiar with some of places off the top of their head like New York, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and nowadays Atlanta.  However, there are some other cities with some impressive black populations, but overshadowed by the aforementioned places.  Here is a list of these places:

Memphis (which has the highest concentration of any metropolitan area with 1 million+ inhabitants at 43.5%)
St. Louis
Kansas City
Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill
Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point
Norfolk/Virginia Beach
Dallas/Fort Worth
Miami/Fort Lauderdale/West Palm Beach
New Orleans

Here are some ideal places where one can find black culture in the region, but doesn't want to reside in those in the initial list of places like NYC to DC to the ATL.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

2 fails and a success (sort of...)

OK, North Carolina and its ability to negate the fact that it is a Southern state with fools at the wheel leading it future, FAIL!  FYI, same-sex unionships were already banned at a state-level in North Carolina prior to this referendum.  It is interesting that the majority of people would be willing to vote for an amendment that would essentially strip even common law heterosexual couples of recognition, domestic partnership benefits, and domestic violence protections.  North Carolina is a state of dichotomy with very socially progressive urban areas, but staunch socially conservative (and very regressive) rural areas.  It is very dubious mentality for a place that wants to the most competitive state of the New South (against Georgia, Virginia, Florida, and Maryland).  It seems at the moment, Maryland has the last laugh on this front, but theirs is up for the ballot as well.

Oh yeah, let me not forget President Obama affirming support for "marriage equality" for all including same-sex couples, which is a win, sort of...  The catch is he still believes it should be up to the individual states to decide for themselves whether or not they will be marriage equality for both heterosexual and homosexual relationships.  Interestingly, the perspective of likely the most prudent compromise of supporting same-sex unionships, i.e., "same-sex marriages", but remaining pragmatic which allows those whom use the guise of states' rights as a reason to non the measures.

To be more interesting, former Congressman, Artur Davis decided to blog about the President's announcement.  He attempted legitimized the opposition that exists amongst so many black Americans.  He has the tried and true argument that has been used by so many older black Americans about the disarray of stable coupling of younger generations of adults.  Yeah, I would agree that there needs to be more stability of relationships of black adults in general, but the scapegoating of same-sex couples as an additional threat is ludicrous.  This all goes back to the notion there aren't good male role models for black male youths to display to these impressible minds that responsibility of be a good father (and stop fucking every thing that walks without a condom).  It is quite faulty for Davis to use this as a justification of banning the extension of basic rights afforded to most in other Westernized nations to all their monogamous and committed couples of all combinations (male-female, male-male, female-female).  This is one situation where I don't agree with Davis attempt to be pragmatic when you are simply giving validity to myopia, FAIL!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The dilemma for Black LGBTs

Kudos to Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry on her MSNBC show airing this interesting topic that I have talked about in different aspects over the last few years.  The problems that seem to exist between LGBTs and blacks.  Now I'm not one to jump to a conclusion, but it was very potent for one of the commentators to point out how if the two groups are to coalesce then both needs active support on both sides.  The commentator spoke about the taciturnity of many LGBT interest groups on the Trayvon Martin case, yet almost always expects support from black interest groups on their issues.  Human rights are human rights regardless of whom or what is the focus of discussion is about.

The one pause of thought lays with the notion that the Reverend Barber's lack of concern for same-sex unionship equity.  At the end of the day, it seems this as close to true coalescent opposition is going to get in this Southern state because there will still be those against same-sex unionship on a legalized basis.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I'm pretty much done!

It's over!  Done with, finish, and complete!  My time in the Chattahoochee Valley of Alabama and Georgia.  Now I am back to the regular scheduled blogging already in progress!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A post dedicated to urban radio

I haven't discussed on this blog in over year the affairs of urban radio, but I am dedicating this one post to it.  Right now, I'm going to dub this one the "State of Urban Radio" post.

Right now, urban radio is in a tizzy because of the recent changes and shifts due to the release of more analysis and summary profiles of 2010 US Census decennial count.  In Atlanta, V-103 (WVEE) is still dominating by a long shot as the #1 urban station and overall station in the Atlanta radio market.  As of the January 2012 Arbitron ratings, WVEE is pushing a 10-share with 9.8.  CBS Radio Atlanta management is doing a helluva job maintaining an equal balance of dayparting musical programming with major events and promotions for the station.  Although, Atlanta isn't considered the largest market for the urban division, the station is still the 'flagship'.

Washington DC, is other major urban radio market where things are still changing and shifting with the times.  After nearly 5 years of floating around and dealing with so many shift, CHRurban juggernaut, WPGC 95.5 has found its footing.  It is finally secured its place back into the overall 12+ top 10 of the Washington radio market.  However, it still hasn't found a way to take down the R&B-exclusive urban adult contemporary formatted stations of Howard University-owned WHUR 96.3 and WMMJ "Majic 102.3", which are still respectively #5 and #6 overall.  I'm a huge fan of CBS-owned urban/urban-leaning rhythmic CHR stations, so I'm rooting for WPGC because they have shown they can be a well-programmed station that competes with both UACs, Radio One-owned urban contemporary WKYS "93.9 WKYS", and Clear Channel-owned CHR/mainstream (top 40) WIHT "Hot 99.5".  Unfortunately, they have just had bad management over the past few years since long time program director/VP of urban/rhythmic programming for CBS Radio, Jay Stevens, jumped ship on them just in time for the arrive of the Portable People Monitoring (PPM) system of ratings allocation into the DC market in early 2007.    WPGC is now back to playing actual hip-hop and R&B, contemporary and old school, along with some crossover pop tracks, which works for them considering they aren't V-103, rather a crossover station that targets blacks, Latinos, and some suburban whites.

In San Francisco, Clear Channel-owned and long-time CHRurban, KMEL "106 KMEL", is still doing their thing.  Although they are the only urban station that targets 18-34 year olds, although they program towards the 18-49 year old crowd.  Regardless, they are still doing their damn thing with #5 overall in the 12+ ratings of the San Francisco-Oakland radio market.  It is surprising for a Clear Channel station, well programmed with throwbacks from the late 1980s through mid-2000s integrated into its playlist and mixshows.  Overall, they are doing a good job.  These days, KMEL is the best programmed urban station in the high ranked market in the nation.

In lower ranked but major markets, Orlando has turned into a complete and utter disaster for CBS Radio.  WJHM "102 Jamz" has shifted towards rhythmic category, essentially dropping all of its contemporary R&B from its playlist, not like DC sister station WPGC which maintained its urban-lean the entire time.  Sitting at the bottom of the heap in the Orlando radio market at #15. Now with a playlist consisting of mostly dance, electropop, and hip-pop tracks, and it sounds like garbage.  This is what happens chasing after Cox Radio-owned WPYO, "Power 95.3" and allowing their sister station UAC-formatted WCFB "Star 94.5" runamok in the Orlando market unchallenged. Their play is to chase after Clear Channel-owned WXXL "XL 106.7" and "Power 95.3" with this shift hoping to bounce back. CBS needs to get it together with WJHM because "102 Jamz" is the only true heritage station in the market that has carried urban music over-the-air, but they are too busy trying to experiment with the rhythmic (non-urban-leaning kind) format in a market with a growing black population (15% as of the 2010 Census).

Not very bright at all if you ask me.  CBS might just failed this market not because of it is trying, but because they are trying the wrong things with a station that actually has the best positioning from signal strength and penetration to reputation amongst urban music listeners in Orlando and Central Florida.  I expect this station to remain sitting below the top 10 for a long time to come because Orlando isn't Miami, where they only have one rhythmic "Power 96" WPOW, that had to constantly reformulate itself to deal with Latin rhythmic stations and a rhythmic AC.  Miami is way more ethnically diverse.

Other mentioning is the strength of black-owned and operated station, KPRS "Hot 103 Jamz", in Kansas City.  Carter Broadcasting Group is still going long and strong even in this corporate-owned radio era with a locally-owned and operated (and non-white owned) urban station.  It is another surprisingly well programmed urban station in this Great Plains metropolis.  Although most of the blacks in reside in the cities of Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City/Wyandotte County, Kansas in the bi-state metropolitan area.  The station has a flamethrower signal that can be hard nearly 70 miles in any direction from its tower site in the southside of Kansas City (MO).

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Am I Surprised? No

I certainly am not surprised by the recent report released by the Urban Institute about the state of social equity in Greater Birmingham.  Not at all, Birmingham has the unique sociological condition where its citizenry on both sides of the two predominate racial groups to have this separatist disposition.  What I mean by this?  Anytime there is an election in Birmingham itself, there are is always a candidate running for office that has the secured black establishment vote then there is a candidate that has the progressive vote, which includes socially egalitarian blacks, whites, and usually the politically active/aware LGBTs in the city.  Unfortunately, the black establishment candidate always has to say or allow one their supporters without checking them make a derogatory statement about the LGBTs in the city, thus reinforcing the division between blacks and other predominately socially progressive voting blocs.

If you want to expand this to the entire region, the "Over-the-Mountain" suburbs like Vestavia Hills, Mountain Brook, and Hoover, other regional suburbs like Trussville, Gardendale, Fultondale, and those places in Shelby County seem to be reluctant allowing any form of regional cooperation between the duplicated entities in the region.  Usually, there is more racial and some class-based bias that is tied to why the refuse to cooperate with Birmingham.  It's quite stark how the comments on are usually white posters behind their computer screens making off-base statements and generalizations about blacks and Birmingham inhabitants being 'poor, lacking morals or responsibilities'.

What's is even more embarrassing is Birmingham is the only major Southern metropolitan area aside from New Orleans that gotten this reputation.  However, it is not really a surprise.

Another reason why I'm vacating Alabama soon.  I can stomach this type of crap in my youth and rather be around like-minded individuals in other places because there is more to life than constantly fighting over rehashed bullshit that should be resolved years ago...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why are charter schools such a problem in Alabama?

Well, I know for starters that Alabama Education Association, also known as AEA, are against this because they wouldn't be able to recruit and ensure their thrall on those involved in these entities as they have with other school districts across the state of Alabama.  AEA isn't exactly an educators' union or teachers' union because they include the membership even janitors and cafeteria workers, which null and voids the actual purpose or name of the association organization.  Another thing, charter schools usually are places where there is a specific goal or 'charter' for its existence.  In the case of Birmingham, it may be the only logical solution for the time being for the beleaguered city because of the screwed up nature that AEA and its shenanigan-starters have created for the Birmingham school district.

The mayor's wife has a position in the Birmingham Board of Education main administrative building in downtown with a grandiose title but wouldn't be able to provide an adequate job description if her life depended upon it.  Then there is the AEA-supported and elected (why I don't know) school board that seems to be always at odds with any superintendent that seems to make strides towards fixing the problem, too many employees but not enough students or reason for facilities to remain open because of the shrinking enrollment of the district.   Finally, aside from Ramsey & Parker high, Powell, Epic, and Glen Iris K-8/elementary schools, the school district's schools overall performance still sucks even through there have been some improvements over the years.  The quality of education in the district is still poor even compared to other urban school districts in Alabama.  I've met one too many high school graduates of Birmingham school district that have gone on to 4-year universities telling me how they were playing catch-up via remedial course in their freshmen year of college or even graduate school.

In the end, charter schools may be the only practical and realistic solution to this institutionalized problem that exists within Birmingham and other urban school districts like Anniston where teacher tenureship and job security is more important than the quality the curriculum of the schools.  I am all for protecting the collective rights of educators as well as other work-class jobs, but in education it is imperative that the student still come first more than anything else.  This is why charter schools are very important to Birmingham and Alabama's future...

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year, and one more semester

This year, I embark on the conclusion of my time in Auburn-Opelika area in Alabama and will be moving on afterwards.  THANK GOD!  I will be finishing up my graduate studies and will be relocating elsewhere.  Now I am not totally sure if elsewhere is going to be Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, Washington, Orlando, Memphis, or New Orleans.  I'm kind of conflicted because I know there is nothing here in Alabama for me and should venture elsewhere because it seems nothing of worth will come from this place for while.  However, I am going to try to blog a little more rather than every 4 weeks on the current issues and things that have been going on with myself.


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