Wednesday, November 4, 2009

RANT: Voter apathy, the beginning of the downfall of democracy

I dedicate this entire rant to voter apathy because that's why so many ignoramuses have been elected to public office from coast to coast.  However, I'm going to talk a little bit about what happened Tuesday.  Contrary to popular opinion of our idiotic, clinging-for-a-headline media, Tuesday's gubernatorial elections were not  "referendums" on President Obama.  They were results of local issues and voter apathy, but more voter apathy than anything else.  Also I listened to V-103 in Atlanta and heard a number of times by the on-air personalities from Frank Ski to Ryan Cameron to Greg Street reminding their listeners to get out and vote for the mayor in the City of Atlanta. 

It turns out my demographic of voters, young and black voters, didn't hardly try to vote Tuesday at all in either state gubernatorial race.  Instead, most did the usual sat on the sidelines, but are the main ones complaining about tax increases, crime, roads, etc.  Most young and non-white voters are living in the 51st state which is the state of denial about the issues that affect our everyday life.  Too many doesn't even take time to contribute to the democracy, the voices of a bias, conservative, and satisfied with a status quo minority gets their way. 

All I have to do is look at Birmingham and see why and how it's in the current state of affairs.  Only 43% of the eligible electorate came out and voted in the mayoral races in October 2007 and even fewer of them came out and voted for the September 24th City Council elections and October 6th run-offs.  In this city, the younger and educated are to blame here where they allowed Larry Langford become mayor when they knew of his past track history and allowed the ignorant, ill-informed, and racially bias black voters of the western portion of the city win the election over the clearly better candidate Patrick Cooper.  The same can be applied elsewhere with the City Council races where Roderick Royal whiny ass get reelected and Carole Smitherman who barely won by 98 votes and only 15% of turnout.  Think about it, if more had turned out then the race might have tilted either way and it wouldn't have been as close.

Voter apathy is the reason why states like Alabama has a majority white, conservative advantage at the polls.  The state has a substantial base of black voters and young educated voters in places like Birmingham and Huntsville, but none of them put much effort in exercising their rights to vote.  However, when you get so comfortable and feel like going out to vote is unimportant then we all have to pay for the results of the apathy.

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