Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Results of the Atlanta, Houston, and Charlotte mayoral races

Well, the polls were wrong in the case of Charlotte because they elected their first Democratic mayor in 14 years and first black mayor in 21 years with Anthony Foxx.  It's also their first Democratic in over a decade, so Charlotte-Mecklenburg is forging ahead by leaning Democratic although it is still a moderate-right leaning region.   It doesn't change my opinion of Charlotte, but is nice to see Charlotte isn't one of those Southern cities that believes in electing candidates regardless of race.  Let's be honestly most of the "progressive" medium-tier Southern cities are all ran by a white mayor, so it will be good to see another city (and no Atlanta is not an adequate example) with black mayor and is truly progressing.

Now, the Houston race was a surprise to me because Pat Brown was leading everybody in the polls by at least 9 points.  However, polls sometimes aren't worth a damn, and Brown lost out in the run-off between Gene Locke and Annise Parker, so Houston has a dilemma to be solved come December 1st either a black guy or a white lesbian.  Let's hope this doesn't become politically contentious on the basis of race or sexuality...

In Atlanta, as expected Mary Norwood wasn't able to win by 50% +1 in the mayoral race, so she is forced to face Kasim Reed in a run-off on December 1st as well.  This one is going to get real ugly real fast because it was getting there just this past week before the election, so it's going be nasty 3.75 weeks in Atlanta.

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