Monday, November 30, 2009

Mobile mayor Sam Jones endorses Artur Davis for governor

This morning, Mobile mayor Sam Jones has endorsed Artur Davis for the Democratic nomination for governor over Ron Sparks.  Sam Jones is the Port City's first black mayor and a very popular amongst constituency of black, white, moderate, and progressive backgrounds.  He was first elected in 2005 after gaining the endorsement of outgoing mayor Mike Dow, and earlier this year he was reelected unopposed. 

Jones said:

“Artur Davis and I share a common approach to leadership,” said Mayor Jones.  “Congressman Davis solves problems by bringing people together across traditional dividing lines like partisanship, race and ideology.”
Jones continued, “A vitally important quality that distinguishes Artur Davis from the other candidates in this campaign for governor is his positive vision for the future of Alabama’s economy.  Artur Davis is not satisfied for our state to lag behind our neighbors any longer, not when we have so much talent and so much potential right here in Alabama.”
“I don’t just think that Artur Davis can win, I think he can lead,” said Mayor Jones.  “I don’t just think Artur Davis can get elected, I think he has the potential to be one of our greatest governors.”
He seems to get what a number of progressive and moderates are getting about Davis being little more electable because he's not a reactionary candidate nor is he a foil of his opponent just for the hell of it.  If Sparks thought his endorsement from former Birmingham mayor Richard Arrington was something to buy him black votes, IT WON'T.  Arrington is a washed up politico amongst most black voters and voters in Birmingham, so he can try again.  Also Jones is popular with black voters along with other voters in the Mobile area, which is key to pull a primary win for Davis.  Good call...

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