Monday, February 9, 2015

Congratulations Birmingham...

Birmingham have beaten Atlanta on the marriage equality forefront.  Meanwhile, the regressive fold are beacons of chaos about the recognition of marriage equality in other parts of Alabama.

In other words, if you LGBT or SGL (same-gender-loving) couples go to the Jefferson County Courthouse in Birmingham to get your licenses...LOL

SHOUT-OUT TO THE BLACK LGBTQ/SGLs in Birmingham getting your marriage licenses today!

As I've said, here in Atlanta, these clowns need to get it together, ASAP.  The city has so many thirsty shrews here doing the absolute most and circus tricks for some random dick and ass and constantly disrespecting themselves, but cannot get a steady significant other for peanuts, SMH.

Oh yeah, above is Olanda Smith and Dianah McCaryeo, the first same-gender-loving couple married in Alabama, and they are black too!


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