Monday, May 31, 2010



Case and point, Bill Maher.  On Friday night on last week's installment of Real Time, he decided to make a pop shot at President Obama not being a "real black president".  He goes on a diatribe about how Obama should carry a gun under his shirt like a "real black person" and threaten to shot somebody in the foot at a meet with BP officials. 
"I thought when we elected a Black president, we were going to get a Black president. You know, this  is where I want a real black president. I want him in a meeting with the BP CEOs, you know, where he lifts up his shirt where you can see the gun in his pants [saying];
"'We've got a motherfu*king problem here?' Shoot somebody in the foot.
Now, that's the last fuckin' straw in my book.  Yeah, I'm about to go into rant mode...

Maher clearly has racial issues, and that's just scratching the surface.  He has gone on the record on a number of stereotyping black folks including the time where conscious rapper, activist, and actor Mos Def had to check him on his foolishness. Also there is Maher's habit with dating black women, but according to Karrine "Superhead" Steffans herself that he like to have ignorant, uneducated black women around that he can always argue down and degrade.  The irony of this statement alone is something for referencing again and again coming from Maher when he falls within this very demographic group on ABC's This Week back in April:

Yet, you make stereotypical statements about black people just a few weeks later.  Something is clearly up with this guy.  Just in March he made some blanket statement about Muslims, and caught a backlash for that.

The finally death-knell in my opinion is his arrogance towards religion.  Although I'm not a religious person (rather spiritual that prays every night to God) who has issues with a number of modern religious congregations, I don't deride people's ability to have faith in religion to maintain their sanity through tough times in their life.  Maher alleges that panelist is his friend, S.E. Cupp, yet he ridicules her for empathizing those who are religious and relies upon it for the aforementioned reasons.  

Bill Maher is an arrogant, racially biased asshole who has proven even to me that he needs to put up a sippy cup of STFU and gulp down a huge swallow of reality and self-evaluation.  Even if he does give fodder for liberals on socially conservatives' stupidity and I'll admit there have been the moments.  His lack of ability to write for himself and yeah that was proven during the writers guild strike of 2008 when his monologue was missing.  However, this guy is an asshole, plain and simple, and that's unforgivable.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

On Georgia's gubernatorial primaries

I've been paying attention to Georgia's gubernatorial election campaign, and one of the things that has been standing out is large slate of candidates on both the Democratic and Republican tickets.  The clear front-runner according to the latest Insider Advantage Georgia on April 7th shows that former Georgia governor Roy Barnes is leading 20 points over current Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker. On the Republican side, the current Georgia Insurance Commissioner is leading by not by much (about 8 points) according to the Insider Advantage Georgia latest poll conducted April 5th.

The latest foolishness that has many in Georgia politics gagging is the closed-door meeting withholding press access hosted by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce last week at the Reynold Conference Center and Resort on Lake Oconee in northeast Georgia.  This was a clear violation of Georgia open-meeting law aka "sunshine laws".  All the Republican candidates were in attendance, but only one Democratic candidate Roy Barnes was there.   However, Barnes and Georgia State Senator Jeff Chapman denounced the press restrictions.  As a matter of fact, Barnes issued a formalized press release denouncing it (too little, too late in my opinion because he looks like a crony that will associate with the wealthy to get his way).  As a matter of fact, to my knowledge Reynolds Conference Center and Resort in northeast Georgia is a place where the wealthy and corporate executives go for retreats, so Barnes has a lot of explaining to do to the average Georgian.

Like Alabama's, Georgia's gubernatorial race is going to be an interesting one...

On the BP oil spill...

Well, one of the main reasons why I'm so silent on this catastrophic event is because it has become too politicized for my tastes to talk about.  Case and point, Peanut-head AKA James Carville is whining and screaming on television at Barack Obama as if he is superman that can clean up the spill himself, "Do something man!  We're dying down here!"

It's even worse with the dittoheads like Arinana Huffington of the Huffington Post calling him Obama "Nowhere Man" because he isn't trying to be everywhere all at once especially in reference to the oil spill disaster.

The rest of the media wants to allege that this is going to be "Obama's Katrina"Oh yes, President Obama is leaving thousands of people without basic needs such as food, shower, and shelter in a lawless environment to up to five days, ***EYE ROLL***.  This is my reason why I don't care to want to regularly post about this although it is occurring here in the South because once again the liberals, Democratic pundits, Republicans, and even the media is there to prove to me that all have something to prove that is "that Obama is an inadequate black man for president".  All of which is so far from reality that it's laughable, and I commend Jon Stewart of the Daily Show for making light of this overexaggeration.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Alabama's Democratic gubernatorial primary update

Since all the gubernatorial primaries will occur next Tuesday, I felt the need to comment on the status of the races in the Alabama.  Well, it's confirmed that Artur Davis is pretty much going to be the winner of the Democratic primary since he is beating Ron Sparks in most polls with key demographic groups.  On the Republican side, it's going to be a toss-up if not a run-off between Bradley Byrnes and Tim James, the other candidates such as the controversial and all-around bigot Roy Moore (just Google "Roy Moore controversy" and you see what I mean) and other nobodies will be left in the dust.  However, what really irks me more than anything else is the lack of resolution of any of the candidates discussing the issues like gambling and the lack of ethnics reform.  Constitutional reform is getting some attention only via the Davis campaign, but the others are seems to ignore the existence of such.  In other words, aside from Davis all of them sound like business as usual without any derivation from the status quo of the past 3 decades in Montgomery. 

On the foolishness from the stupid ass campaign ads by James with "common sense" as the central theme (see here, here, and here) to the front organization called "Concerned Citizens" set up by Republicans and the Alabama Education Association (AEA) railing against Byrnes to the Byrnes and his reactionary, uninspiring campaign ads (this one alone sums up his whole lame campaign) themselves has made for another typical personality-and-association only campaign ignoring the issues on the Republican side.  In the past 2 weeks Ron Sparks finally was able to gather enough spare change after running an essentially penurious operation to finally air campaign ads on television.  Also this week, Sparks realizing (finally) that he is on the losing end of things that he must actually attack Davis with something on TV and radio, but the futility of the ads are laughable.  Especially, considering Sparks has been connected to being a racially bias towards Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industry employees, getting a suspiciously large private loan from a Montgomery area community bank, being directly connected to special interest groups (cue AEA, Alabama Power, ALFA, & crew), and being involved with incendiary individuals like Milton McGregor and James Powell of the political consultant group Matrix, LLC, who were involved with the racially bias and homophobic mayoral campaigns of Larry Langford and William Bell in Birmingham.  Finally, Sparks appearing on the incomprehensible fool known as Glenn Beck's show on FOX News Channel last summer babbling in reference to global warning while clearly playing it up for the white reactionary and closed-minded crowd. 

Although Davis seems to be the best candidate amongst all these fools with endorsements of progressives like Georgia congressman and Civil Rights activist John Lewis and Illinois congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.  However, I've already laid out the fundamental flaws of Artur Davis as a politico that will cause him more heartache down the line and have liberal activist harping for years over his stances and track history in politics.  Also Artur Davis has made known that he doesn't want any part of the ignorance involved with the Alabama black political establishment, but of course they along with Sparks wants to make it a wedge issue.  On the other hand, progressives realize that in a politically warped and socially conservative state like Alabama and the South in general one must make allegiance with Satan himself to push this state forward.    Overall, this is considering the so-called "good guys" are just a self-serving as the "bad guys".

LOL @ Rahm "Rumball" Emanuel attempting to get PA. Congressman Sestak out of the Democratic senatorial primary with a job offer

LMAO @ this fiasco because I knew for awhile that Rumball Emanuel is a snake-in-the-grass who will do ANYTHING to get what he wants, but this is a bit extreme for even him.  Emanuel used Bill Clinton as the intermediary to convene the uncompensated job offer to Joe Sestak earlier this year to get him to drop out of the Pennsylvania Democratic senatorial primary.  According to the New York Times, Sestak was presented this offer in February.  (***KANYE SHRUG***)

I'm just getting a good laugh at this because honestly the Democratic establishment wanted Arlen Specter to remain in office for an additional term since he has quite a bit of clout in DC.  However, the things that people will to keep others in power is AMAZING.  On the other hand, I give the side-eye to the brigade of Republican Senators (including that sissified closet case Lindsey Graham) calling for a special prosecutor (cue Kenneth Starr again) to look into this, but Sestak himself is pushing this as well.  So you see that apparently Sestak was to stir up some dust himself about this, and then Pennslvania governor (and known political provocateur) Ed Randell has said that it should be explored

To sum it up, this screams vindictiveness on the part of Sestak to get even with the Obama administration for supporting Specter over him and will inadvertently will help and place him in a position to be attacked by Republicans.  However, if you want to make some real enemies then I bet this is a real good opportunity on Sestak's part.  FYI, I wasn't exactly jumping for joy that he won  because some LGBTs were cheering because of "more pro-same sex unionship" stance over the moderate stance of Specter's more moderate stance on such issues.  I roll my eyes at such subjective things when I knew some politicos are just as destructive as their opponent(s)...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rand Paul, the politician and the clueless when it comes to public policy


Rand Paul, son of that aversive racist, self-proclaimed libertarian yet politically identified Republican, Ron Paul, has proven that he is an idiot when it comes to public policy and obviously A'OK with racial bias in the private sector.  Although the Civil Rights of 1964 has prohibited such business that uses public services and has products and services that crosses state lines, Rand Paul has made it known that it shouldn't be left up to the federal government to impose their views on private businesses.  In other words, he is A'OK with it, but won't say it up front because he knows that any political opponent or interest group would nail him to the wall. Instead, he decides to avoid answering the question and create a diversion to allude to the obvious on MSNBC's The Rachael Maddow Show (seen above) like he did in a NPR interview on a prior date.  It seems to that he wants to have it both ways, and it doesn't work that way...

This just goes back to what I've been saying for a while now, libertarianism is good in theory but very impractical and unrealistic in policy making or enforcement.  The ideology is very detrimental to social judicial policy-making and the fixing of what is wrong with our society.  Instead, it shows that many of them are just simple-minded individuals that doesn't realize (probably doesn't care) that this is another weapon to further impede social equity for everyone.  As I'm said awhile back, the T.E.A. Party is basically a group of angry, closed-minded white people that seem to be more reactionary than practical in thought process.

Oh yeah, word to those federal same-sex union (or in some words "same-sex marriages") advocates,  Rand Paul and his father isn't allies at all of your cause, just look here and here

Also the libertarian purist mindset that Ron and Rand Paul along with their followers in the T.E.A Party are just as delusional as the extreme liberals and social conservatives.  Hence why as the old saying goes even with politics, do everything in moderation, and why I'm a progressive.  In the end, this fool like his father are dangerous and talk a big game but lacks the insight or objectivity to produce social progress for all just for eurocentric-worldview, radical social conservatives.

UPDATE: The gift that keeps on giving, I've obtained the footage of his stance on the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).

So Rand Paul is A'OK with 2nd class citizenship of even disabled Americans because he doesn't want to impose such regulations on a private business owner and rather let local governments decide (***SIDE-EYE***).  This guy is a piece of work for sure, and you see his handlers see that Paul is an idiot and doesn't want anymore proof of this being exposed.  If you left it up to local and state governments then, most of the disenfranchised and minority groups would have been clamoring for their rights and privileges to this very day (especially in a state like Alabama, where the state legislature act as anything that doesn't evolve the protection of "moral values" is unimportant).  There are 2 words that comes to mind, "tacit consent", and this is of racism and racial bias.  I might contradict myself with this sentence but here I go, he and his father might not actually be "racists" but they do give tacit consent of racial bias by private businesses...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh goodie! A run-off

Well, this will be a short post.  In Arkansas, where Blanche Lincoln, a conservative Democrat, that was generated quite a bit of controversy for herself over the years for being a moderate and recently voting against the health care reform legislative package.  On Tuesday, dubbed by the media as "Mini-Super Tuesday" (***EYE ROLL***) was a loss for a number of moderate Democrats where recent change over longtime Pennsylvania senator, Arlen Specter, lost to Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestak in the Democratic primary there.  Sestak will face Republican challenger and fellow congressman, Pat Toomey, in the November.  I guess opportunistic motives doesn't pay off at all and even the President abandoned you.

Oh yeah, let me not forget that aversive racist and libertarian while claiming to be Republican Congressman, Ron Paul's son Rand Paul won the Republican primary in Kentucky last night as well.  It's just a gift that just keeps giving (***EYE ROLL***).  Anybody with any history of the Pauls know how their libertarianism is more aversive racist in mantra and foolishness.

On to the main event at hand, Blanche Lincoln will be facing the liberal interest group-supported candidate and Arkansas Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter in June for a run-off.  Oh boy, I can't wait to see what type of stupidity will be pedaled after seeing some of these ads on evening newscasts.  FYI, liberal interest groups, as a progressive Southern that knows what's good, if Halter does prevail, I can guarantee you that the Republicans will win in November.  Arkansas is not a North Carolina or Virginia where there is a substantial progressive and liberal electorate that will secure the state in the Democrat's column.  However, if you want to toss Lincoln because you believe that having a more liberal candidate will secure a vote for liberal causes (rather than progressive one) then I have a bridge to sell you guys for a dollar.  Arkansas is a conservative Southern state that survived as a Democratic stronghold from the pre-Southern strategy era because of the conservatism of their candidates who run for statewide office.  Yeah, unions can get you a little sway, but ultimately I just don't see Halter winning in the fall.  However, that's just my objective assessment of the situation...

Uh ok...

So there is a heaping load of craziness in the Greater Birmingham area to keep me looking at the region with a blank stare.

For starters, the jackal for mayor, William Bell, has proposed cutting city employee salaries by 10%, closing 5 public libraries, community and recreation centers, and killing funding to non-profits to "close the financial gap".  Meanwhile, he along with the City Council has given the A'OK to the entertainment district near the Birmingham-Jefferson County Convention Complex (BJCC) anchored by a Westin hotel.  The kicker is the Birmingham City Council is basically alright with funding the entertainment district via the tourism tax money (aside from the 2-member oversight board consisting of Birmingham's mayor and a member of the BJCC board to issue the bids and planning process).  Of course, the City Council would be up in arms about the cuts in services and salaries, but not for the reasons one would initially believe.  It's about the fact that it essentially cuts their slush fund they have sitting around and ability to do what they want with it.  IMHO, this is a huge clusterfuck screwing over everybody except the elected officials and their appoint staffers who are practically immune to this since they will always find a way to pay those overpaid fools a salary as long as they are in power.  Meanwhile, the average city employees are going to have a chunk taken out their asses along with that jackal proposing to leave a number of areas of Birmingham without a public library or community center for months.  It just shows that idiot shouldn't have been elected as mayor in January or allowed to wreak havoc on the populous.

Then on to the ongoing saga known as the Jefferson County occupational tax and its now-defunct predecessor.  Apparently, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled last week that Jefferson County must refund taxpayers $37.5 million of their money from the now-defunct Jefferson County occupational tax which levy 0.5% of each check.  However, the Ala. Supreme Court also ruled that Jeffco could get back that money via usage of its current occupational tax statute and to give those greedy ass bastard lawyers who sued to remove the tax $13 million.  HUH?  In other words, they want to tax the taxpayers after they were just told their former tax was illegal.  Just another bizarre lesson in Alabama's warped legal code that makes no sense at all.  This is main reason why I don't care for the lawyers or Jeffco Commission for this bullshit that has basically destroyed the reputation of Jefferson County worldwide in the media.  It's like the greedy just can't stop on either side of the foolishness.

UPDATE: After being ridiculed by City Councilors, citizen, and other groups, the jackal suspended the vote on the extension of the tourism tax and its allocation towards the entertainment district and hotel on Tuesday.  Now the BJCC board and the full Birmingham City Council will make to discuss the contract details.

Another blow to blacks aspiring to obtain more upward mobility (economically)

Another study released by Institute of Assets and Social Policy (IASP) confirmed what has been going on for awhile now, white American families are more likely to have better choice of economic upward mobility than black American families.  This gap accelerated during the period from 1984 to 2007.

Now this doesn't take into account of these other issues already plaguing most black Americans since as high chances of dealing with poverty, lack of access to resources to provide an adequate education, so on.  It's like the same song, but more proof of its existence.  Now the real question is when will social justice and economic equitable policy will be enforced to improve this situation.

Oh yeah, h/t to African American Political Pundit on the calling out the NAACP on their dropping their predatory lending lawsuit against Wells Fargo so they would be a title sponsor of their annual July conference.  It just shows that the average, hardworking black family is practically on their own when it comes to having social groups lobbying for such social justice in public policy-making.  

Monday, May 17, 2010

Apparently Georgia's (outgoing) governor Sonny Perdue couldn't resist...

Georgia's governor Sonny Perdue just couldn't resist filing a frivolous lawsuit against the federal government involving the passage of the health care reform bill back in March.  Initially, the Georgia Attorney General, Thurbert Baker, a black Democrat, resisted and was also threatened by the Republican-majority General Assembly with an impeachment.  Baker made it through the general session of the Georgia General Assembly unscathed. 

Perdue wanted Georgia so badly to waste money and appease the idiotic and reactionary with a waste of taxpayers' funds.  This is during a time when their state universities and colleges are going to be raising tuition by 16% at the big 3 AKA, Georgia State, Georgia Tech, and the University of Georgia for the fall semester.  SMDH!   DUMB, DUMB, DUMB, DUMB!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Heretic of the year...Laura Bush

She supports same sex unions, but she said it in her book and in the recent interview with Larry King on CNN on Monday.  It's the oldest trick in the (socio-political) book: you don't say anything when you could have done something, so you say anything when you can nothing.  Hence, why I call Laura Bush the "Heretic of the year" for 2010 because she sat by and let her idiot for a husband push dogmatic and demagoguery from the legislative process to appease the ignorant and reactionary. 



I've been away for about 2 weeks and now more craziness from Arizona ranging from bans on teachers with specific accents to now the ban on ethnic studies in secondary schools, colleges, and universities.  Meanwhile, the economy has made a "bounce", but it appears that those who saw the bounce now have just reentered the job market with the unemployment rate to increase.

I'm just tired of Arizona, but made it known about 3 weeks ago that the state is ran by bigoted white politicos who have a very reactionary constituency that will eat anything fed to them including bullshit.  Yeah, the economy does suck (I'm in graduate school and feel its effects even from here), and as I've been saying the Democrats need to stop chasing their tails.  When I mean chasing their tails, I mean following the rhetoric and reactions of the unsettled and foolish.  Those of us out here who are need jobs and some hope are losing what little is out here because there seems to be major droughts in the most diversified urban areas of the nation.  It's very interesting after watching the "Rebuilding America" on CNN has give me some major incite about the recession: 1) the most ethnically homogeneous metropolitan areas are the most recession proof (see Austin, Omaha, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Des Moines etc.), 2) State and local governments particularly in the most diversified areas are suffering the most with the hemorrhaging of jobs (positions held by usually non-whites or lower salary), and 3) College graduates are the main ones being shut out of the job market the most often because of their lack of "experience" even for entry-level positions.

Houston, Washington, Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, etc. and the rest of the South, we have a problem.  There aren't any jobs for the young people, your future leaders, and they are either forced to take meager jobs that pays below the base living wage of the area or is hiding in the world of academia while accumulating tolls of college loan debt just to survive.  You have a growing diverse young population that can't even start their adult lives because of the unrealistic expectations of this group to attain a job, many of you harboring unresolved ethnic and racial bias leading to them be passed over for job although highly qualified, and the obvious unadulterated paranoia for nothing other than your lack of foresight for the future.  It's time for many of you guys to WAKE UP AND GROW UP! because you guys claim to be the adults but are carrying on worse than us "children" (as many of you claim we are to you).

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another lesson, states' rights

So there is another lesson and mini-rant about the whole states' rights issues involving the health care debate.  In Tennessee State Legislature there is another issue where states' right is being discussed about how the federal statute mandating health insurance for all citizens by 2014 involving the current bill titled "Tennessee Health Freedom Act".  Tennessee like 14 other states believe the law is "unconstitutional" and should weasel their way out of providing some form of social welfare services to those who are unable to afford health insurance at current market-rate levels for themselves and/or their families.  (Very typical of most Southern states where social welfare of the low-income and impoverish citizenry is seen as contributing to their destitution with a broad brush as if all are "lazy" rather than aiding them until get out of their present conditions).

The whole topic of states' rights within itself is very subjective.  The origin of states' rights lies with the abolition of slavery during the antebellum era where most Southern states argued that it was their choice to allow it.  However, it carried over into the creation and enforcement of Jim Crow law prior to the American Civil Rights Movement.  Of course their are suburban, exurban, and rural predominately white legislatures attempt to forge some type of argument that the federal statute is about the federal government overstepping their legal authority while over giving states back so little.  Case and point from The Tennessean:

State Senate Mae Beavers, a Mt. Juliet Republican, proposed the Tennessee Health Freedom Act, which essentially says Tennesseans don't have to abide by certain components of the federal health-care law and would require the state attorney general to block parts of the reform effort.Beavers said the issue is the federal government's interference in state business.
She said the notion of states' rights should not be misconstrued to mean anything else.
"I'm sure people have different connotations of all of that, but to me what I've been pushing is, I'm tired of the federal government interfering with our lives, taking part of our money and only sending part of it back," Beavers said. "I'm tired of the federal government mandating that we pass laws and in general trying to run our state government."
O'rly Mae Beavers?  Last time I remember (and anybody can google this), most Southern states receive nearly twice as much back in federal funding than its citizens pays in taxes.  BLAH, BLAH, BLAH...

Now on to the foolishness of those like Vanderbilt School of Law professor and author Carol Swain giving life to the foolishness of states' rights.

Swain said she understood why "older blacks" would have a specific point of view about the 10th Amendment. But Swain refuted the notion that renewed arguments in favor of states' rights had a racial subtext. 

"I think it is sad that so many older blacks are so rooted in the past that they seem incapable of moving ahead...What they need is a new way of looking at issues.
Everything is not about race and racism. They need to educate themselves about the constitution, federalism and the burden that federally imposed unfunded mandates impose on state and local government."
Apparently, she doesn't realize that you can't equate such silliness with an age bracket.  There are younger blacks that feel the same way about due their knowledge of history of how the concept is enforced.  Swain apparently wants to believe it is an egalitarian issue when it more about equity and access.  Her over simplistic view on this in addition to showing up to a tea party really last month in Nashville during the "TEA Party Express" stop, then fine.  However, your own ignorance and selective memory of how subjective the law and concept has been applied will be her own undoing when subjected to arguing and debating its usage.  But I digress, as I've been saying it boils to down to equity and access along with class and race.


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