Monday, November 30, 2009

Why Urban Radio sucks!

Ok, here's my rant on this topic.  As I said many months ago, local radio stations out of Birmingham suck like a Hoover vac since they are so skewed.  Well, here is part 2 of my rant along with the rest of the stations along with why I tolerate over the garbage.

When I do turn on the radio in the vehicle I drive, I cringe because if it isn't for the fact that 98.7 Kiss FM will play a song that should be played during a slow jams show in the middle of the day or Hot 107.7 plays all R&B and no hip-hop aside from Saturday mornings for whatever reason.  It is 95.7 Jamz and their lack of variety.  Now I will say I looked on YES ( and saw that they have added the current Maxwell hit song "Pretty Wings" and Melanie Fiona song "It Kills Me" to their playlists, but only because they are urban hits.  However, they still play the same 25-30 songs over and over again and practically never play any true throwback songs from the 1990s, just those from early 2000s.  Hence, my dilemma.

The other reason why I deplore the local stations is the lack personality any on-air talent that is local has.  I can tolerate Tasha Simone on Hot 107.7 since she makes a good midday personality, but I can't stand country bumpkin wannabe Steve Harvey or Michael Baisden.  Anyone aside from Tom Joyner and his crew on the syndicated morning show puts me to sleep on 98.7.  However, what truly pisses me off is the ignorance that Cox Radio Birminngham allows on 95.7.  Buckwild, whose real name I do know, but refuse to post it because I'm respectful to his privacy, is 40 years old and he tries so damn hard to pretend like he is 'down' with his whackness.  If B-Money (another person whose name I know as well) doesn't stop with is lame self as well I will scream.  Nobody in their right mind would listen to any of the other ignorant, non-pronouncating personalities on that station who all talk like they don't even have a high school education at all.  I mean come on?

Cox acts as if the 18-34, nevermind, their target is 12-24 black demographic group suppose to be that damn dumb in Jefferson and Shelby counties.  They bores us in the 18-34 demographic group with 98.7, so they only chase after the 34-54 year olds instead.  Thus Citadel needs to be monkey stomped with their incompetence of programming an urban here because practically all their urbans in Little Rock and Charleston, SC were inherited along with their management from other companies.

Why is that urban stations can't have program a station these days?  I mean I work in the field of demographics and cultural aspects on a regular, but these stations are so over researched to the point that stations fear to play local or undiscovered artists anymore.  95.7 will play the ghetto ones locally that doesn't have any talent like Soulja Boy tell Em, but aside that nothing.

The stations I do love is KMEL '106 KMEL' in San Francisco that serves the Bay Area and Northern California.  It originally was a Mainstram Top 40 radio station when it first moved in the direction of what it is today in 1983 and evolved from that to Rhythmic Crossover like WPGC in DC to the Urban Contemporary format it has today.  They play quite a bit of Southern hip-hop music for a station in Northern California where the black population is less than 15% of the region's population.  I also love how they play quite a bit of R&B and soul songs along with a good slow jams show on Sundays through Thursdays from 10pm to 2am their time (midnight to 4am my time).  Also they play the music I remember when I was growing up which is perfect for somebody like me in the 18-34 demo.  Their personalites are quite entertaining as well with Chuy Gomez, Sana G, and Big Von on weekdays along with Box Kev on weekends.  I enjoy the station for their realness regardless of the fact that they are owned by corporate misfit Clear Channel, but they apparently bring in the big bucks for them thus the musical freedom. 

V-103 and WPGC "95.5 PGC" wins me over with their personalities and variety within their playlists is at least tolerable for a radio enthusiast such as myself.  I'm more of a balance of both R&B and hip-hop type of person that likes to hear old school, recurrents, and current songs of both genres.  In general, CBS Radio has the best radio stations in the nation hands down over any other group of stations in the urban and rhythmic crossover formats with WVEE, WPGC, WJHM, WZMX, and WMBX in the mix so they speak for themselves.


  1. I only listen to the local oldies station here with TOM JOYNER and Micheal Baisden. I hate to listen to these damn modern stations...the talent is already a fool!

  2. I don't even listen to radio anymore



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