Monday, November 30, 2009

Tiger Woods and his ness

The conflicting reports on Mr. Woods, his car accident, and his alleged rescue by his wife, Elin, is just plain fishy at his estate in suburban Orlando.  At first Friday when it first occurred the reports were Woods had crashed into a fire hydrant and tree and his wife had broke the front windshield with a golf club then rushed to a hospital.  Then by late Friday, the reports were that his wife broke the windshield and back windows out then and he had a facial lacerations.  Now, it just a big ass confusing mess that doesn't even make any type of sense where he had a concussion, facial lacerations, dents on the front end of the car from the golf club, and the broken out windows.  The 911 tape to Orange County 911 says otherwise like Woods was unconscience and severe injuries. 

IMO, he and his wife got into a fight over the allegations that he was cheating on her with some NYC socialite and event planner, Rachel Utichel, who has been alleged to have been with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Bones star David Boreneaz. 

That's not the icing on the cake is Woods along with his wife have refused to give any type of information to the Orange County Sheriff's Office.  Now why are they avoiding the authorities when it is within their purview to request a statement from Woods and his wife on the incident.  You can play private all you want, but they can get the DA to subponea you to talk....  SMH

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