Monday, November 30, 2009

Same-sex unions, Atlanta mayoral race, and HUH?

Over the long weekend Atlanta's mayoral race just got even pettier with the issue of same-sex unions.  OK, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the issue of same-sex unions as known as "gay/same-sex marriage" became an issue of the very contentious race between former Georgia state senator Kasim Reed and current Atlanta City Council member Mary Norwood. 

Apparently, Georgia Equality, the major LGBT organization in Atlanta, has chosen to stay neutral over the mayoral race (for obvious reasons not to burn bridges and because look at how racially contentious it is and we know how that goes for LGBTs and race).  However, the Georgia State Democratic Party has made it known that they think that Norwood is a Republican, and even claiming to outright and no-holds-bar stance.  Whereas, the Atlanta Stonewall Democrats have fully endorsed Kasim Reed over Mary Norwood in the mayoral race.  Interesting the Georgia Democratic Party has all but formally endorsed Reed and made it known that their state party is only for civil unions.  Well, I told the LGBT bloggers that this is how they see it in the majority of the South even in so-called progressive ol' Atlanta.

Now, Kasim Reed has went out and said he supports civil unions, but doesn't go for the full same-sex unionship stance.  However, Norwood has said she supports same-sex unions, but voted to abstain from a key vote on the issue for the Atlanta City Council in the past.  Leaving the hyperbole that who's more of a champion for this issue? 

Well, some of the LGBT/SGL citizens of Atlanta haven't stayed as quiet and neutral as Georgia Equality has on the issue like Douglas Brooks is an Atlanta attorney, parent of two, who is upset at the Georgia Democratic Party’s opposition to Mary Norwood, an advocate of same-sex marriage equality.  Brooks wrote a long diatribe:
Kasim Reed’s anti-marriage equality position is not only an insult to the thousands of tax-paying gay and lesbian Atlantans, his position represents a step backwards for a city which is currently led by Shirley Franklin, who favors marriage equality. Like many of you, we are disappointed in this year’s race, and not just for Senator Reed’s position, the party’s intervention, and the lock step support from party faithful.
The Democratic Party of Georgia asks gays and lesbians to compromise on marriage equality in voting for Reed this year, while doing nothing elsewhere to improve the discriminatory treatment we feel from state government. No member of the Democratic caucus has introduced legislation to repeal the 2004 anti-marriage equality amendment; nor to create a parallel structure of civil unions, nor domestic partnerships, nor any other advance.
Is it any wonder gays and lesbians are – for the first time in memory – ignoring the party’s candidate endorsement to support the pro marriage equality, Mary Norwood?

I kind of expected this type of outrage which has been so common nationwide from so many LGBT/SGLs over marriage equality and Democrats.  However, as I've said for a while that the Democrats are a big yet fragile "tent" where a number of members of that party is socially conservative when it comes to same-sex unions.  Most of those are considered moderates and conservatives and will bail on them if the issue is push any further, but the more liberal members and LGBT caucus are getting angry because of the lack of push from the leadership. ONCE AGAIN, THIS IS WHY I'M AN INDEPENDENT.  Pragmatism is the only way this issue will be resolved, but patience has to be prudent.  Did anyone forget about the economy and unemployment numbers????


  1. Lord I am an independent too. These parties can never get it fully together.

  2. Did i EVER ask you to allow me to interview you for my blog? Id really like if you and I could arrange that. I can email you a set of questions and you can fill them in from there. Let me know baby. :)

    -Della Reese-

  3. No, you haven't yet, Della Reese. You can e-mail me at



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