Monday, November 23, 2009

YAWN! The AMA last night...

I thought it was going to be good, but nope!  Although I could care less for Sean "Jay-Z" Carter, his performance with Alicia Keys of "Empire State of Mind" was the apex of the night.  Even my girl, Janet, was boring and lacklaster last night with her opening performance. 

Rihanna, well, was OK, but the hype of bigger than the performance.  I'm going to have to take a line from T-Boz and Jazzy Phae, who were sitting in for Ryan Cameron on V-103 today, Rihanna needs to get with Divine Stevens and get it together performance-wise.  She has beaten Beyonce in the hits category, but if you really want to become a BIG NAME like her then you gotta step it up on the live performance tip.  Otherwise, she'll be like Mariah Carey, just a sit-and-watch artist when it comes to performance like her music.

Other stuff, the whole granddose intro for Keith Urban as a "sexy man and half" was EXTRA to Carrie Underwood pretending to be major when she should know her lane by now.  WTF was the Black Eyed Peas doing?  I love me some B.E.P., but they should have SAT DOWN with that crap.  Jennifer Lopez, SMDH, I hate to say this, but J.Lo your time in the music spotlight is up!  The rest was alright from Kelly Clarkson (who has gone back to her natural size and I'm proud) to Sharika give one of her best with the Timbaland-produced hit "Give It Up to Me". 

Oh yeah, I changed the channel on Adam Lambert's so-called contraversial performance because I was bored with the AMAs and the news was on by then.  However, I saw it and it was forced and lame.  It's cute that you are open about your sexuality Adam, but you could have tried to let it occur naturally like most contraversial performance rather than hyping it up to be one...

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