Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Patrick Cooper will announce his candidacy as Birmingham's mayor

According to a number of sources including the people at The Birmingham News, lawyer and former 2007 mayoral candidate will announce his candidacy for Birmingham's mayor tomorrow morning.  He suppose to do it on the steps of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute in the western portion of the City Center around 9 a.m.

Well, it's about time.  However, I'm not going to be a guarantee supporter this time around like I was last time because he was up against Larry Langford and he was the better candidate.  This time some other faces including former mayoral candidate from past races throughout the 1990's and trial lawyer Emory Anthony is suppose to be running.  It could be between the two of them in my opinion because they are the freshest and most viable faces on the political scene in Birmingham.  Hopefully, him or Anthony will get because I'm tired of the same ol', same ol', and there needs to be major things to occur in this city to get it on the right foot.

UPDATE: Cooper begins his campaign this morning to discussing his platform of  crime, education and employment and key issues affecting the city.  However, he missed one key aspect that would have fully won me over and that is fiscal responsibility.  Until I hear that I will lean in his corner, but I'm not going to be a diehard supporter of his candidacy.

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