Monday, November 30, 2009

Mike Huckabee screwed up BIG TIME

It turns out that the alleged shooter, Mike Clemmons in the assassination of 4 officers in Lakewood (Washington) Police Department at a coffee shop yesterday was sentence to 95 years in prison in Arkansas.  However, his sentence was commuted by then-Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee because he felt that prosecution was being "too harsh" although they proven Clemmons has a history of violent acts. Huckabee was a viable candidate for the Republican presidential ticket in the 2012 election, but after this...

As of yesterday evening from Politico, Huckabee let it be known that is is "less than likely" that he will run for president in 2012.

Now that is crazy as hell because this guy had a long ass wrap sheet, but gullible Huckabee commuted his sentence along with the sentence of another violent convicted criminal, Wayne Dumond, who was implicated in another rape in Missouri and died in prison in 2005.  Huckabee isn't the brightest bulb on the tree and now may have a Willie Horton-like albatross around his neck politically for the rest of his life because of this psychopath assassinating 4 law enforcement officers.

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