Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This is the evening of reckoning for mayoral candidates in Atlanta and Houston

Well, from the looks of things Atlanta might have its first white mayor in nearly 4 decades and there is a possibility that Houston will elect its first gay mayor.

However, in my humble opinion I doubt Houston will elect the gay candidate, Annise Parker, not because she's a lesbian rather because the polls says that the current Houston City Council member, Peter Brown, is way ahead in the polls.  Parker is the current Houston City Comptroller.  The issue of contention isn't anybody's personal life rather the city's budget issues.  Anyways, they're 3 Democrats (Brown, Parker, and Gene Locke, a Houston's former city attorney), 1 Republican (Roy Morales), 2 Independents (Luis Ullrich and Dan Cupp), and Socialist Workers party candidate, Amanda Ulman (???? because that's exactly how I felt).  Well, I can guess Brown will be Houston's next mayor...

Now on to Hot-ass-mess-tlanta AKA Atlanta with the contentious race between Mary Norwood, Lisa Borders, and Karim Reed is going to be epic.  Sunday night at the last televised debate for the mayoral candidates everybody decided to play pop goes the Norwood.  Borders and Reed were both accusing Norwood of being a Republican in disguise.  All of them including non-so-front-runner were all attacking one another.  Borders went after Reed accusing him coming up with a unrealistic plan to hire 750 new police officers for Atlanta PD.  It was a mess to say the least.  Oh yeah, after all the muck-throwing Norwood is still leading as of this morning in recent polls.  However, a run-off is a coming...

Oh yeah, Charlotte-Mecklenburg AKA Charlotte is suppose to be electing a new mayor as well today.  Current sitting mayor and former Republican gubernatorial candidate for North Carolina, Pat McCrory, isn't running for reelection, so it's a wide open race.  It's between Republican John Lassiter and Democrat Anthony Foxx.  Charlotte is a moderate-right leaning place, and Lassiter is polling as this morning ahead of Foxx.  Honestly, I don't care much for whore-itself-out-for-a-dollar Charlotte, but since it's in the South I will discuss it.  Good luck on that Charlotte...

More as it comes.


  1. I live in NC but in Raleigh so too bad i cant vote in charolotte but some of those mayors they have had in charolotte have been the absolute fewl!

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