Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Lay-low Brown" and Carole Smitherman announces their run for Mayor

Neither "Lay-Low Brown" AKA William Bell or Carole Smitherman could resist the urge to fail at running for Birmingham's mayor again (Bell-4th and Smitherman-3rd).  Now I haven't forgot that this is also Emory Anthony's third attempt as well, but he has more of a chance compared to Smitherman and Bell.

Smitherman pulled her stunt during the regular Tuesday City Council meeting announcing her candidacy for the mayor of Birmingham.  Her speech was so vague and uninteresting (as she is) that honestly I couldn't tell anybody what her platform is aside from fulfilling her dream as a life-long Birmingham resident to be mayor...

Meanwhile Lay-Low aka Bell did it Wednesday afternoon after he had his triumph of helping restore the workers of Jefferson County back to 40-hour work weeks after spending the past 4 months on 32-work schedules due to budget cuts.  Of course he has no real platform either because he is more useless than Smitherman other than being a mouthpiece and liar.  BACKSTORY: in the 1990's when he was Birmingham City Council district 5 seat-filler he lied on his residency since he actually lived in District 8 or 9.  Letting the people of the district that holds Downtown, Southside, Glen Iris, and the City Center that their voices didn't matter.  Since I'm a registered voter of that residency lies in this district, I'm pissed.  That's another reason why I don't care for that Lay-Low Brown because he doesn't stand for anything other than being "get-along" like Smitherman but she is slightly more electable.

When will these 2 get the memo that the majority of Birmingham doesn't want to be our mayor.  I know I don't.  The only good thing that can come from this is Smitherman will have to relinquish her council seat while campaigning for mayor, so if she loses then BYE-BYE, BIRDY!

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