Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Good Luck on Voting come next year especially if you are non-white, lower income, or elderly

I actually had high hopes that US Attorney General Eric Holder was going to announce the issuance of stay or motion in federal court that would place a hold on the voter suppression laws that have been passed across the nation, but primarily in the South by GOP-led state legislatures. 

Instead US AG Holder did a speech today in Austin on the discussion summed up in the quote "don't take voting rights for granted."  Well, that is comforting but has no legal teeth behind it.  It seems like AG Holder is holding back on doing anything or is the US Justice Department although voter suppression will be widespread come next year.  He also expressed there are ongoing investigations involving some cases of voter suppression but no specifics. 

Le sigh!  I guess it will be another episode of rewind that has been orchestrated by the social regressives/conservatives that love to expressing their false accusation of voter fraud when the real agenda is to block the ability to vote of those unconventional citizens such as non-whites, college/graduate students, and seniors. 

Also I find it sad that the case of Dorothy Cooper, the 96-year-old black woman from Chattanooga, was swept under the rug in October after the state of Tennessee passed a new law that requires voters to have a photo ID to certify voter registration.  In Mrs. Cooper's case, she needed her marriage certificate along with other documents including her birth certificate, rent receipt, copy of her lease, and voter registration card to verify herself to get a photo ID from the Tennessee Drivers Service Center in east Chattanooga, but was denied anyway.  The new law creates this situation where all documents including documents verifying name changes, in case of marriage, has to be present when registration occurs.  Obviously, Mrs. Cooper was prepared because she had all the aforementioned document in a sealed Manila envelope with the exception of her marriage certificate.   Mrs. Cooper never learned to drive so she didn't have a Tennessee Drivers' License, but prior to was able to vote in every election except 1960. Instead the Hamilton County Administrator of Elections, Chattanooga's home county, told her to vote with an absentee ballot, and that is the provision is the thing allowing the federal courts to uphold this regressive law in TN as well as Indiana (no surprise considering how non-whites are pretty much in Chicago suburbs of NW Indiana and Indianapolis).

What has gotten me about this whole situation is the fact it took the voter suppression of a 84-year old elderly white woman, Ruthelle Frank, of Brokaw, Wisconsin being forced to pay $200 to get a birth certificate in response to the new law in Wisconsin requiring such to register to vote.  The ACLU of Wisconsin along with the National Law Center on Homeless and Poverty is filing a lawsuit in federal court against the state due to the hardship it causes for those.  The suit names embattled Wisconsin governor Scott Walker among the defendants.

Le sigh!  It's a good thing this problem has been exposed and I'm socially egalitarian and all for the fight for the everyone to have a fair and equitable society.  However, why does it take even in 2011 (almost 2012) the suffering of whites to spotlight the oppression of the 'undesirables' in our society including non-whites?  That's all I'm asking, why are we still a myopic society where this still occurs? 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Some people ain't shit and that is the truth

I was reading a post this morning on Lipstick Alley aka Basic Bitch Alley, the post was about Keyshia Cole and her dog's funeral.  Some of the posters were saying it was grandiose and unnecessary for a person to do a funeral for a dog because it is a dog.  However, I deeply disagree with that notion, and here is why.

In my 26 years of life, I have seen enough to know some people in this world aren't shit and they even know it. To this very day, I refuse to notion or acknowledge one of my former exes and friend because he is one of those people.  Sometimes you don't even have to point that out to their asses ain't shit because they even know they are failure in 27 years of life.  I learned for that experience along with numerous prior ones that it is pointless to treat individuals whom represent a waste of space in this world than anything other how they treat others...

Now how does this relate to the LSA post and the moral of that story.  At the end of the day, only family, whether they are blood or not, are the only ones you truly have to fall back on in life through thick and thin.  Sometimes they are blood relatives, sometimes they are lifelong friends whom will do for you, and sometimes they are even pets.  Pets provide you companionship whether you realize it or not, and sometimes they are the ones that give you affection when others are unable to provide such.  So if you feel when they pass and you have the resources of providing a funeral then so be it.  I would rather use my resources to through a funeral for a pet before I waste it on the people I consider

Monday, November 21, 2011

On Birmingham...

Well, to make a long story short, Birmingham was driven over the cliff by the likes of Scott Beason and William Bell.  The blame goes both ways with whites and blacks in Birmingham.  I lived there for enough years to realized that the people of Birmingham (yeah, I mean all of you in the region not just within Birmingham city limits), lack discerning abilities to wise decision on whom will represent you a local leadership or the Alabama Legislature.  It just seems there is no real willpower on the part of a significant portion of the citizenry to care enough to want to make an effort to progress the city forward rather than hobble along the way.  

Even more embarrassing is the filing for bankruptcy for Jefferson County, but this is a result of urban sprawl without any regard to negative effects to the surroundings, the idiocy within the Jefferson County government, and the city of Hoover.  Hoover was the ones whom owned the sanitary sewer treatment facility on Shades Creek that overflowed and wind up with the DOJ forcing Jefferson County to take control of all the sewer lines within the immediate Greater Birmingham area. 

As today, Birmingham has become battleground for where the Alabama immigration law debate will take place with leadership from congress meeting the local leadership about how it has negatively affected the city's  resources.  All I have to say is good luck because we all know that the reason why the Congressional Republicans haven't take up the immigration debate there in DC is because they know they will be exposed for the due-nothings they are in the US House.

UPDATE:  The latest developments with Birmingham itself is the creation of its first citywide, long-range, comprehensive plan since 1961 called "The Plan Birmingham".  Yeah, I'm like COME AGAIN?  Yeah, this is the first comprehensive plan they have created since post-integration period.  This alone is an embarrassment to humanity and anyone that has worked in the planning, economic development, and public policy making in Birmingham.

On the welcome page of The Plan Birmingham, there is a picture of Birmingham's mayor, William Bell's goofy, gap-toothed smiling face with a "message" about what he feels is the vision for the future of Birmingham.  Right below, his message was Roderick Royal, the current Birmingham City Council president with his statement as well.  Why is it this is the most substance of detail about this website's home page is beyond me?  The site details including the "Birmingham Resource Book" which is most GIS maps by census tract or overall area assessments of land usage, public facilities, water & watersheds, parks & recreations, personal vision statements by citizens, etc.

Overall, it is a well put-together site, but the GIS maps need major improvement like the parks and recreation map that doesn't label or has arrows that doesn't even point to the actual location of these facilities.  That is embarrassing, and should have been done better, Barry William, who is the city's GIS manager...

Finally, why is the city of Birmingham wasting taxpayer funds for outsourcing to a Boston-based firm for consultant work when you have full-time planners that handle community planning and development at the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham (RPCGB) right there on 1st Avenue North in downtown?   That is just plain STUPID and WASTEFUL on the mayor and city council part's not to take advantage of a free or nearly free resource of staff planners at the RPCGB, whom have done comprehensive plans for Bessemer among other area municipalities.  Also they can work on a regional scale and is very well capable of administering the regional initiatives such as the Green Birmingham, Prosperity and Opportunity economic development, and Getting from Here to There transportation and mobility initiatives with other area governments.

So ready to have this stuff over with Auburn

After nearly 3 going 4 months of silence, I feel like this is the reason why I 'm tired to that place.  I stay on the road leaving town because it is easier and there are no remainders that place.  Lately, I've been relaxing by chilling at home away from the foolishness.  Auburn is just one of those places where I feel and know people are just brought there so there can front with pseudo-egalitarian atmosphere, but in reality the place is very socially segregated and as about as anti-progressive as the rest of the state of Alabama.  Honestly, I can't truly name or point to much research Auburn has conducted that is associated with anything of importance other than farming techniques and veterinarian medicine treatments for animals.

Honestly, the most aggravation has come from me working with a moron in my assistantship that displays why I know for a fact the graduate program in community planning at Auburn University is pathetic.  For starters, the dude can bare speak English, lacks the discernment to realized that people have other responsibilities aside from working with him, and finally he couldn't teach a small child how to tie a shoe so much as bullshit suppose to be doing.  To sum it up, this shit is ridiculous and as about as productive as watching water boil.

As I mentioned last year, the area might as well be given to the state of Georgia because nothing about the region is economically or socially attached to Alabama.  The Auburn-Opelika area is basically a western extension of the Columbus area in west Georgia like Phenix City is in Russell County.  It just makes you wonder why is Auburn University in Alabama nearly half of its student body (some 40%) are from Georgia.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My reasons for my absence

Lately, I've been trying my damnest not just up and quit with Auburn University and their clearly patriarchal, anti-non-white institutional environment.  While I'm busy trying to finish and maintain my high GPA, I'm contending with the researcher from hell in this assistantship (which I have seriously contemplating quitting after this semester).  It's clear as day that Auburn is not a place for me at all because 1) It lacks ethnic, social, and cultural diversity, 2) It's a patriarchal environment, 3) It has no connection anything I need in the long-term career goals, and 4) lack of social egalitarianism .  Sorry, but I can give 2 shits and a flush about how people perceive my comments about their "precious Auburn", I look at it the same way as I look at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, as a place whether any non-white with any dignity and a piece of mind wouldn't be unless they are visiting family in the area.

I hope to get back to somewhat sporadic posting soon, but I have much to do and little time.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Can Birmingham be saved?

I have pondered this for years now and wondering if this major city can return from the abyss of mediocrity.  It seems that everytime is something proposed, initiated, or mentioned that is productive to the civic pride of the region that the C.A.V.E. people whom will show their asses.  Also there is my personal term "P.A.V.E." people as well that exist nowadays, which are Politicians Against Virtually Everything, mainly because they didn't think of the idea themselves or because their pocket-lining lobbyists wouldn't benefit from the idea/concept/initiative.

A number of fellow bloggers have blogged on this including Mack Lyons, Wade on Birmingham, Kyle Whitmire, among many others that have echoed what I've been saying for years that Birmingham has civic disengagement or pride issues.  Meanwhile, in the surrounding suburbs there are Y.I.M.B.Y., which is Yes In My Back Yard, which is why the minor league AA, Birmingham Barons, wind up in Hoover at the Hoover Metropolitan Stadium (which the name within itself is ironic), i.e. Regions Park in the first place.  Hoover, which has a serious case of "Anywhere syndrome" because the place no sense of place at all.  It's home to the  now in-its-twilight-of-existence, Riverchase Galleria, mixed-used development and Alabama's largest retail center.  Yet, it's boosters and chamber of commerce are its main culprits saying "Hoover Has It", when in reality it doesn't.  Even retail is starting to leave Hoover for other ares like most places in suburbia when its past its heyday.  

Back to the main discussion, Birmingham has so much potential from its well-organized urban core with a southwest-to-northeast gridiron layout to its wealth of areas worthy of redevelopment.  I was recently at economic development conference where the topic of most discussions were greenfield developments into 'industrial sites', which are about as need as another hole in my head.   Meanwhile, the truth of the manner is Birmingham has a plethora of brownfield sites that are mostly former heavy iron and coal processing facility sites.  These sites can be home to number of redevelopments such as mixed-use projects that could easily be integrated into the urban form of Birmingham's grid layout.  Also with the strength of UAB, the Innovation Depot, and their ability to create a variety of spin-off start-up businesses can reinvent Birmingham's economic base.  Birmingham is no longer the largest financial hub outside of the New York Tri-State region, but it has more than enough resources at its dispose to produce a skilled workforce.  Birmingham has the strong base of smaller, regional financial institutions that could aided in them building up into its next generation of major financial heavyweights.  

Birmingham should also serious explore what is its internal problems and stop electing reactionary and "catchphrase salesmen" as its elected officials such as mayor and city council members.  It's obvious the constant rehashing of the same stock of characters whom have lived and breathe manipulating the lowest common denominator of the populous hasn't worked at all.  I don't reside in the city anymore and honestly have very little interest to return anytime soon because the place isn't where I need to be nor does it feel like "home" anymore.  However, I know enough about said place to know it has the potential to rebuild itself but it has to shed some of the ailments.  

Friday, July 8, 2011

People and things that needs to get got...

Let's see, I said back in the summer of 2007 when the Democratic presidential primary season was already in a very early full swing that Hillary Clinton was going to "get got" because of the fuckery she was pedalling towards then-Illinois U.S. Senator Barack Obama.  In 2011, well I have to say another person is going to "get got" if they don't STFU soon.  That person is Minnesota's 6th District Congresswoman, Michelle "Chickenhead" Bachmann.

This fool just doesn't quit.  Let's see, she hates LGBT/SGLs, she thinks black children were better off under slavery, she thinks the White House is joking about defaulting on its debt payments, and the list goes on and on an on.  Everyone that keeps up with politics can tell she is (or has) been gunning for the "ranting white lady spot" that Sarah Palin's ass kept in herself in.

Also in Alabama State Senator, Scott Beason, of Gardendale needs his ass to be gotten for sure.  He is not only a racist that doesn't think much of black Alabamians, but an all-around bigot.  He is trying to defend his asinine bill-turn-into-law on immigration in Alabama before the world.  It's like a horrible episode of some idiotic sitcom from the 1950s running-a-mok.  This eurocentric bullshit is what is contributing to the breakdown of civility in our society.

However when it comes to Beason,  the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), ACLU, and others organizations are fighting back.  Today, a lawsuit was filed in federal court against this regressive Alabama law  that basically gives the A'OK for law enforcement to racially profile anybody that isn't white.

(h/t to Left in Alabama)

Some random thoughts (and a little ranting)...

What is with black folks and the indoctrination of self-deprecation and self-defeating mentality on life itself.  I speak on this because when I step outside of my very tight knit circle of friends (and when I mean tight I mean less than 5 people), I see so much of this.  I only surround myself on a personal-level with positive individuals that have much to offer in life other than the same old crap I see in the world itself, negativity.  It's a damn shame that as a group black people will shift towards this "holier than thou" disposition or "leave it all to Jesus" mentality when at the end of the day it's clearly a personal issue of psychological dissonance.

There was one person in my life, that I used to have long time ago that fronted like he was pragmatic, but his deep seated psychological issues seeped to the surface and they became this overtly negative and arrogant individual.  It was awful seeing somebody of so much potential to be a very productive member of society devolve into this self-defeating and stagnant soul with an arrogant chip on their should.  I had to remove them from my life by choice because they wen't providing anything of substance to myself (rather taking).

On to more related issues, I read this evening the blog, Black Gay Men's Blog, and its topic discussion on same-sex unions, i.e. "gay marriage" amongst black males.  It seemed that even though much growth has occurred in the past several decades, many have fully embraced this internal self-deprecating and bigoted views about unions and long-term relationships.  I've had my missteps but I also realize that if you embrace negativity then you wind up more miserable than you were beforehand.  The notion another individual would allow their peers, environment, sometimes even media and stereotypes affirm whom they are then it shows how weak-minded they are as individuals.  I refuse to allow anyone define me as a person, I know I'm far from perfect but anyone with half a brain and an ounce of common sense knows themselves well enough to not allow others to make them insecure.

Honestly, I believe it is the root of the self-destructive behavior that so many black SGL/gay/bisexual men partake in such as risky behaviors like unprotected sex, drug use, and obsession with unrealistic standards for others and sometimes themselves with their body image.

It's funny I've been writing this blog for nearly 2 years, but the truth hurts whether it about whites, blacks, LGBT/SGLs, or individuals.

Rant over.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Just when you thought he would have more sense, but...

Oh Jamal!  You just had to be a SPLABOO and drive around with marijuana aka "weed" and a semi-automatic handgun.  You have to live up to being a stereotype, huh?

Jamal Parris, one of the 4 Eddie "Daddy Longstroke" Long accusers of the sexual harassment and misconduct case that blew up last fall was caught in South Florida while driving a white 2011 BMW without any tags.  According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Florida Highway Patrol officer, Sgt. Seth Dubinsky, said the vehicle smelled of weed and the size of the paraphernalia was "indicative of a drug dealer" (181 grams of marijuana).   Dubinsky said that Parris was claiming that "the car was purchased with settlement money".

Jamal Parris said this:
"He said, ‘you guys are getting the wrong impression of me.'"
Parris also talked about how he has been accepted to Miami-Dade College and has registered for classes.  Oh yeah, although Parris was in Colorado of the majority of the past year, he still uses his Stockbridge, Georgia address.

SMH, you used your settlement money to stunt, buy weed, get an automatic weapon????  Parris, you are the most decent looking one of the 4 accusers but apparently the most idiotic one of them as well.

Splabuvian behavior, minus -100 points with me because you are as DUMB as Eddie's closeted ass...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The decline of Jefferson County, yet again

As of yesterday (June 18th), Jefferson County placed 547 employees on administrative leave without pay, i.e., they are laid off.  It's another sad chapter in the history of the most populous county in Alabama.  It seems the same character that produced one of the most bigoted pieces of legislation in modern history, has single-handedly blocked any chance of the citizens of Jefferson County any opportunity to vote upon their own future.  Instead of proving a point, he is going to cause his own constituents that reside in unincorporated Jefferson County irreparable harm via lack of basic services following a natural disaster, public protection, or reduction of public nuisances.

It's funny how history repeats itself with this place and why I'm not longer a resident of Alabama or Greater Birmingham.

In related news, Scott Beason, the bastard that is the cause of both the racially bias Alabama immigration law and Jefferson County government's decline, proved that he is also a rabid racist, whom harbors personal animus against blacks, especially the ones that votes and likes to gamble at electronic bingo casinos.  During the federal corruption trial involving a number of current and former Alabama Legislative officials, audio from Beason himself where he called blacks "Aborigines" and said they are so illiterate and ignorant they have to be bussed to the polls and enticed to vote with free food and entertainment.  

It's obvious that asshole doesn't like blacks or other people of color, so the question is will the constituents in Alabama's 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh goodie, New Birth is coming to Birmingham, well sorta...

Well, Refiner's House is going to become "New Birth Birmingham".  According to Monday's edition of the Birmingham News, the church housed in the old auto parts building in the Huffman area that was founded in 2001 but located there in 2007 will become affiliated with the embattled New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia in Metro Atlanta.
"We'll no longer be the Refiner's House; we'll be New Birth Birmingham," said Elder Kesia Webb Dailey, a spokesperson for the church. "We'll receive benefits of mentorship, resources, relationships."
Also the church's elder Kesia Webb Dailey said,
"That's our bishop and we love him," Dailey said. "We thank God what transpired is over. We're moving ahead."
Really Kesia?  You don't think the settlement of allegedly $25M with the 4 accusers of sexual coercion of Eddie Long had no effect on your views of him.  That is interesting to say the least, but you make your bed so lay in it, my dear.

Oh yeah, New Birth also wants to open a Denver church as well.  Ironically, where one of the accusers, Jamal Parris, now resides...

(links courtesy of the Birmingham News)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things I must say aloud that need to be told

Riddle me this, riddle me that, why is it that certain men whom want to be 'closeted' about their lives seem to post pictures on social networking sites like Facebook and/or Twitter on Memorial Day weekend?  I mean if you are a single black males and most people realize you are a ***AHEM*** 'confirmed bachelor' then why would you travel to Miami or Washington, D.C. and then post the pix?  I'm not dumb and some others aren't dumb either people, the widely known skinfest for black SGL men and their admirers was held on the Greater Miami area this past Memorial Day weekend (as it is every Memorial Day holiday for the past 11 years) and also the DC Black Pride was held in Washington.  So...  I mean in the words of Ed Lover, "COME ON, SIR!", we all now know are suspecting that you aren't straight, but you want to play that role then have at it but don't say I didn't warn you all.  I'm not saying, but I'm just saying...

In other things, I see that the GOP side of the 2012 presidential race has turned into an attention whorefest where Sarah "I can see Russia from my backyard" Palin is riding around the Megalopolis corridor beckoning for attention.  This Alaskan heifer wants everyone to pay attention to her simple-minded ass, but yet wants to proclaim she isn't running.  Then why are you traveling up on the down the East Coast in a bus, moron?  I can't stand people whom want attention but then play dumb when they are called out on it.

In Alabama, recall they say, recall?  I don't think so.  However, Alabama State Senator (and well known corrupt politico), Roger Bedford along with Senator Marc Keahey has filed two separate but identical bills in the Alabama Legislature calling for recalls of state politicians.  However, the catch is it is only for state officials not county or municipal level officials.
“The potential for recall elections forces legislators to be more accountable to the people, and diminishes the influence of special interests groups and political party bosses,” Keahey said.
Keahey’s amendment would allow the public to recall an elected official after one year into the elected official’s term of office. To recall an elected official, Keahey’s bill states that voters must file a petition with the Secretary of State. The petition must be signed by a number of voters that equals at least 25 percent of the vote cast in the previous election for the office being recalled. The petition must then be submitted to the Secretary of State within 90 days of the original filing. If the Secretary of State determines that all requirements have been met, a recall vote will be scheduled for the sixth Tuesday following the announcement of the decision.

I knew Bedford especially didn't truly mean to promote reform considering he is the well-known Pork King of the Alabama Legislature.  But I digress, it seems like they have formulated 2 bills hoping it will pass this late in the regular session of the Alabama Legislature, which I know they won't unless a miracle on Goat Hill occurs.  Anyways, that's that.  (h/t to Left in Alabama and the Atmore News for the links).

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Clap, Clap, Bravo for Don Lemon!

I gotta give him props where props are due.  CNN weekend anchor, Don Lemon, has revealed in his upcoming autobiography about him being born a homosexual.  It's ironic considering what went down in the past few days in my own personal life.  I went bowling with a friend and a few acquaintances, and during this outing one of the acquaintances, a female and black, decided to say that she didn't "believe in" in homosexuality because of her religion.  I was about to let her have it, but decided to just let her figure out how stupid she sounded considering.

Lemon said:
As a journalist I believe that part of my mission is to shed light onto dark places. So, the disclosure of this information does not inhibit in any way my ability to be the professional, fair and objective journalist I have always been.
There you have it folks, Lemon is speaking the truth that as a journalist you must be honest as well to be able to seek the truth out for the public.  I applaud him for standing up and going against the grain on being himself.  Although there has to be idiots that shown their asses in certain spots of the black blogosphere and forumsphere about his coming out because some people just want to be sanctimonious or apathetic assholes (like some of the members whom are useless pieces of shit like the Lipstick Alley users, Ms.Devine, RightFullyWrong).  

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Alright, now

I'm back to posting for this short in-between semester break and will try to continue throughout the summer when possible.  First thing first, my personal life...single again but by choice.  Couldn't deal with the idiot I dated for over a year so it had to cease and desist.  Secondly, I'm doing good academically with a 4.0 graduate-level GPA, so hopefully I'll continue this trend until the end, next year.  Third, what the hell is wrong with some people in south of the Greater Birmingham region in Alabama?  I swear this region is like the abyss for intelligence outside of these college campuses.  I've met 5 people non-affiliated with the university I attend for graduate school, Auburn University, and only 2 of them have shown any ability to hold my attention beyond 5 minutes.  Now I know why people don't deal with this region...

Anyways, on the societal issues.  Yeah, Birmingham (and Tuscaloosa but to me all of it is Birmingham since it's all one urbanized region) got hit hard by the April 27th tornado outbreak.  It turned out the tornado outbreak was quantitatively larger and deadlier than the Super Outbreak of 1974, but it is debated on the strength comparison.  I just know I was in the middle of finals when this outbreak occurred on that now historical Wednesday stuck doing presentations and examinations throughout the day.  It along with the April 16th tornado outbreak in North Carolina has shown Alabama and the world that nature still has plans under its sleeves for our increasingly belligerently ignorant and divisive society.  Raleigh and Birmingham will be dealing with the aftermath of these significant weather phenomena for the next few years.

On politics, I swear the aversive racists have shown their asses literally.  First, President Obama listens and folds to Front Lace Wig aka Donald the Chump over his birth certificate, and there was no merits to the bullshit claims.  Then, he takes out Usama bin Laden and the racists keeps adding flames to the fire by whining about seeing his body.  Then the brigade of assholes on the GOP ticket running for the presidency is laughable from Newt "I'm a whore" Gingrich to Mitch Romney.  The idiocy begins and this time it's racial.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Alright, I'm coming back

I'll be on the road today, but will blog for the first time in 2 months probably tonight or early tomorrow (before hitting the road again).  Gotta visit family in the ravished areas from the April 27th tornado outbreak, so more on what I think and feel about things coming soon...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Will resume blogging after finishing my spring semester

My life has been way too damn busy as of late to the point I barely have time to sleep.  I would like to blog about a number of issues, but papers, research, and work keeps me preoccupied most hours of the day.  So blogging will resume after the spring semester is over in early May.  However, if have a moment to actually compile a post then so be it...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another proposal to rewrite Alabama's Constitution

This year's proposal to rewrite the Alabama Constitution to remove the racist language, allow counties possess home rule self-governance, ability to legislate local taxation for adequate funds for individual school districts.  Alabama State House Representative Demetrius Newton of Birmingham has proposed a bill calling for a draft rewriting the Alabama Constitution.  However, GOP reps like Paul DeMarco is already deterring this bill instead calling for an article-by-article rewrite of the constitution.

As always, the Republicans and Dixiecrats are the ones calling for an alternative they never put any action behind.  I'm so tired of this bullshit with them and the Alabama Constitution.  It's inherently racist, perpetuates class stratification, and centralizes power in the state capitol ironically in a state where the motto is so individualistic and localized.  However, the state charter does the exact opposite of this encapsulating all authority there in Montgomery with the Alabama Legislature.    

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just when I thought Eddie Long couldn't get anymore ironic

This deeply-closeted bisexual splaboo is now inviting the male members of the dwindling in enrollment church to "late night prayer meetings".  This statement alone is PURE IRONY.  Now what are they going to be "praying" about?  Something tells me that he is trying to recruit more closet cases and "extra discrete" men in the Metro Atlanta area to partake in "extracurricular activities" in the late night hours...

Oh where is a nice hidden camera when it is needed...

Friday, February 25, 2011

The ever-shrinking Birmingham and Jefferson County

The 2010 count of the U.S. Census on the city of Birmingham has been unveiled and it looks like Birmingham, Bessemer, Fairfield, Midfield, and Jefferson County have all decline in population.  It's disheartening that these areas have loss a number of inhabitants since 2000, but the thing is can anyone honestly blame them?  I'm so ambivalent these days about the Greater Birmingham area because it seems to be a region without a singular voice of unison or leadership.  The current mayor, William "the Jackal" Bell is a failure in my eyes because he represents another fixture of the past grasping on to what little power is left in the city amongst some of the ill-informed, socially regressive, and in many ways prejudice citizenry.  Yeah, he has made some strides by attempting to get the Birmingham Baron back to the city from suburban Hoover along with groundbreaking with the Central Station expansion and progress of the Entertainment District @ the BJCC, but there has been little to no progress on any major infrastructural improvements on the area's mass transit system or recapturing the spirit needed to turn around areas on decaying portions of the city.  Birmingham is truly lacking and the effects of that void isn't limited to Birmingham corporate limits.  Other municipalities on the western portion of the metropolitan area are feeling this as well such as Fairfield, Midfield, Adamsville, Graysville, and Bessemer.  Although there isn't any hard numbers for Lipscomb or Brighton, but there in that same pack of economically depressed and downtrodden "suburbs" of Birmingham.  The heavily industrialized suburb of Tarrant (City) has seen a demographic shift from a white majority to a non-white majority.  Others have slid, but because of their increase in non-white populous as well like Center Point.  The one anomaly in the region, Homewood practically remained at the same population as it did a decade ago, so this stasis says something about Homewood that it's too socially ambiguous and densely developed for their liking (it is the most densely populated municipality in Alabama at 3014.7 per square mile).

Meanwhile, the more suburban in nature areas like Hoover, Trussville, Clay, Hueytown, Pleasant Grove, Fultondale, Gardendale, Vestavia Hills, Shelby County, Saint Clair County, Blount County, and Chilton County have all increased by leaps and bounds.  However, most of these new inhabitants are by the vast majority white (see a pattern...).

This all speaks to the notion that a metropolitan form of government will the only thing that will help create the needed unison for the Greater Birmingham area.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Another suspicious house fire, but this time in North Carolina then the incident in Opelika

Another suspected anti-LGBT hate crime in form of arson has occurred but this time in the Triangle.  According to Raleigh-Durham CBS affiliate, WRAL-TV, on February 4th, in suburban Clayton in northern Johnston County, a house fire was reported early morning before dawn.  Luckily, the male couple were out of town, but a neighbor reported that 2 other incidents had occurred there before and were reported.  However, the Johnston County Sheriff's Department said they knew about it but wouldn't comment.

More anti-LGBT oriented incidents seems to be getting reported more often.  I have a feeling this has been occurring for awhile now, but with more technology and vigilant citizen journalism, these incidents 

Also I'll speak on the situation that happened in Opelika.  About 2 weeks ago, Laura Gilbert and her friend, Shelia Siddell, went to a bar in a rural portion of the Lee County (Alabama), where Gilbert was allegedly attacked by 12 people for being a lesbian.  Gilbert mentioned that "I don't think they like my kind there." and was attacked.  Columbus (Georgia) CBS affiliate, WRBL, reported about the story and even did a follow-up. Initially, the incident was seen as a joke or fodder by media across the state like the Mobile Press-Register.  FYI, Alabama doesn't recognize hate crimes involving sexual orientation or gender identity.  Now after so much exposure involving the incident, the Lee County Sheriff's Department is trying to follow up on the crime and apprehend the alleged attackers.  

This doesn't bode well for Alabama's reputation since it already seen as a state doesn't respect people of color, but add to this injury to insult is the lack of respect for LGBTs.  Considering I'm in the area for school at the moment, the area does strike me as aversive to about anything "different' than the norm of the area...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Free wifi and IT training for Birmingham residents

Not a bad idea at all.

WiFi, short for wireless internet, is set to be installed in a couple of places throughout Birmingham particularly in some housing communities.  This initiative is funded by a $500,000 federal grant for designed to bring technology to those who can least afford it.  Also another $75,000 federal grant is to fund training and education of 15-21 year olds in information technology (IT) for certification and other computer science oriented trades.  The city of Birmingham will be distributing the funds and conducting the programs.

Of course the C.A.V.E. (citizens against virtually everything) twats are on the al.com comment section of the story on the Birmingham News site whining and proclaiming another "socialist agenda".  Of course, as usual you know most of these "commenters" are white Republican suburbanites or exurbanites that are the first to talk negative about an urban area yet will be the first to cheer for their own social welfare programs conducted by their local governments.  However, the morons fail to realize this is a form of economic development for the city of Birmingham and the region as a whole since it provides a trade for youths seeking a career in information technology. 

(h/t to the Birmingham News for the links)

Some urban planning and development stuff to chew on

OK, who thought it was A'OK for the municipality of Hoover to propose an ideal to convert the former 3-level Macy's at Riverchase Galleria mall into a convention/events center with stage theater?  The project is now on hold, but they wanted to turn the 285,000 square foot space into a public space.

Here's the pros and cons of the project according to Hoover municipal officials:
  • -- The Galleria is one of the largest malls in the state/region and has helped enhance recognition of Hoover.
  • -- There is a relatively large number of restaurants and retail businesses surrounding the mall and throughout the city.
  • -- There's a perception of safety and convenience with parking and accessibility.
  • -- Relative to its size, Hoover offers a large number of hotels.
    • Weaknesses included:
    • -- Hoover has a limited perception as a convention destination, and the city is viewed by some non-locals as a "suburb with a big mall."
    • -- The city lacks a traditional downtown and/or central business district with a density of visitor amenities and entertainment options.
    • -- There are a number of potentially competitive event venues in the greater local marketplace.
    • -- The city is inland, versus on a coast.
    Last time I remember, Hoover is the middle of the socially and fiscally conservative territory, where "socialist" initiatives like that to a minimum or non-existent (remember how you guys didn't even want a measly bus line in your community?).  Now they want to overstep on partial owners General Growth Properties and Jim Wilson to turn their largest vacant space in their shopping center into a "public entity"?  Now the GGP and Jim Wilson  is very actively pursuing finding a replacement for the space that was to become a Nordstrom but thanks to GGP screw up it failed.  LOL  Hoover, you guys kill me because your community has low-range to mid-range hotels aside from the Wynfrey Hotel at Riverchase itself, and that is 1 upper-tier hotel.  Then there is the lack of downtown or central portion of the community to designate as a "downtown".  You are a suburb of Birmingham and that is all Hoover will ever be because its development patterns are incompatible with "hub status" of the region.

    My alma mater, the University of Alabama at Birmingham aka UAB, has finally made up their minds on the design and scope of what they are going to place on the corner of 10th Avenue South & 13th Street South.  It's going to become a visual arts center with classrooms, essentially replacing the nearly 40-year-old George Wallace Humanities Building on the 13th Street of the UAB campus.  At the moment, the corner is a parking lot for the engineering buildings and Alys Stephens Center for the Performing Arts, home of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra.  Also UAB, has committed to finally placing an on-campus stadium for the UAB Blazers football and soccer teams at 6th Avenue South and 12th Street South.  It will seat 25,000 to 30,000 and will have a large plaza adjacent to the stadium for tailgating.  The stadium is a part of a measure will be presented to the University of Alabama system trustees for approval soon.  The new master plan  also calls for new access roads lining Interstate 65, a new science complex on University Boulevard and 18th Street South, and the eventual elimination of much of the street parking on campus, which would be replaced by parking decks.  Score 2 for UAB and its decision to make some major moves and attempting to produce more dense and coherent development flowing with the urban core of Birmingham this past week.

    Saturday, February 5, 2011

    Another week and another round up

    Well, the Good Bishop Eddie Long was on YouTube pleading to California-based investment company, City Capital Corp. on the behalf of his "parishioners" at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church to resolve issues involving their retirement accounts.  According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, these accounts have possibly tanked and went down with the economic downturn.  Long is pleading to get his "parishioners" investments back with interest.   Former CEO of City Capital, Ephren Taylor responded attempted to refute the allegations and clear his name which has been dragged through the mud because of this controversy.  SMH, that New Birth is cursed.

    Awww, it's so cute that Tyler Perry has snatched the role of "Alex Cross" from Idris Elba in the revamping of the franchised based on James Patterson's novels of the same name.  It's so funny listening to the producer of the upcoming film set to start filming in June said that Perry as:
    Tyler Perry is a phenomenon. Tyler Perry is one of the most significant entertainers in all of media. He is a huge cross-media talent and presence — and he’s a terrific actor whose range is going to be shown here. You’re going to see Tyler Perry like you haven’t seen him. He’s 6’5″, he is a linebacker. He is an awesome physical presence and is just going to tear it apart here. It’s an intense, dramatic role.
    I just want to snicker and then go back to ignoring this film franchise as before (Hell I haven't even seen "Kiss the Girls" so you know...).  However, it's been a topic of the black blogosphere all week long so I had to discuss it.

    The mandatory insurance coverage portion of the Americans for Affordable Healthcare Act was found unconstitutional in the U.S. District Court in Pensacola by (conservative and anti-healthcare funded) Judge Roger Vinson.  Vinson attempted to invalidate the entire law basing on the way the law was written and passed. This the suit that was orchestrated by 22 states filed against the law.  Another attempt by the classist-complexed (majority white) faction of T.E.A. Twats attempting to further fuckery in our nation...

    The GOP leaders of the Alabama Legislature has decided to limit access of the State House claiming the  shooting of Gabrielle Giffords as a reason.  The Alabama Democrats responded to the antics of the GOP shutting the door on process to the people and forcing them to backtrack on their stance.  It seems to me there is some funny business going on with this.  I'm more ashamed of how Senator Pro Tem Del Marsh co-signs on this fuckery considering I know him personally.  Wise move by the ADP to attack, but they still have disorder in their own house before they are reputable party and organization again.  However, that's politicians for ya, they say what they are going do and then the do the exact opposite...  (h/t to Left in Alabama)

    Oh yeah, the wintry mix of rain/sleet/snow caused chaos during rush hour in Birmingham and Central Alabama, but primarily Birmingham on Thursday.  This weather is the normal for this part of the South, so my advice to all officials in these major cities, "BUY SOME DAMN SNOW EQUIPMENT, NOW!!!!"

    That's this week in review.  I'll be back with the more posts soon.

    Tuesday, January 25, 2011

    Oh while I was away taking care of business...

    I was taking care of some graduate school business, but did have my ear to the blogosphere and the news...

    Kudos to Charles Barkley for speaking his mind about Bernice...Bernice King, whom is the current sitting president of the SCLC, for her lack of regard for LGBTs of color yet want to take claim to "carrying the torch" of her father.  Speak the truth and shame the demons amongst us...

    Auburn University QB soon to be NFL draftee, Cam Newton giving away his education for something as unstable and unpredictable as a career in professional football.  Now very wise at all if you ask me, and Dr. Boyce Watkins agrees with me on that.  As a matter of fact, Watkins went even further and said that his giving away a paid for education is just further the "plantation mentality" for black Americans.  WOW, WOW, WOW!  I don't wholeheartedly agree, but he has a some strong points about them taking advantage of these talented individuals.

    Then there was the Over-the-Mountain Democrats forum of last Tuesday (January 18th) about "How Will the Democrats Rise Again?" at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.  My buddy, Mooncat at Left in Alabama, covered it quite well links here, here, and here.  The truth is the Alabama Democratic Party is screwed because white Democrats are too busy trying to "chase after rainbows", i.e. "the elusive rural white vote" while running away from being associated with President Obama (whom isn't popular with a faction of white Alabamians) then the "Joe Reed Problem".  The man that is the human equivalent to "a runaway train from hell" while playing up the Bojangles angle.  I've covered that thing for awhile now and have nothing else to say about it...

    Finally, the incident in Carroll County, Georgia of the Metro Atlanta area.  According to the Times-Georgian of Carroll County, 43-year-old Chris Staples was residing at his mother's residence on disability since he had injured himself on the job many years ago, and has been openly homosexual for nearly 20 years.  WSB-TV reports that on Sunday, there were two incidents that occurred at the residence, first a rock thrown through a bedroom window with a message from the assailant conveying their knowledge of Staples' sexuality and he was going to hell then a fire set to the residence.  One has to wonder who in the hell in 2011 still spins their time worrying about what some low-key individual especially a homosexual does with their life?  Nuttiness

    I should be back to somewhat regular posting later on this week after getting caught up with other things I'm handling involving my Masters' program...

    CORRECTION: According to last Friday's Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Bernice King turned down the role of president of the SCLC, but that doesn't excuse her track record on LGBT rights...

    Sunday, January 9, 2011

    Why I am not surprised or shocked by the events of yesterday in Tucson...

    It's very tragic and disheartening about the events that led up to the 6 causalities including U.S. District Court of Arizona judge John Rolls, 11 injured including Arizona's 8th congressional district representative, Gabrielle Gifford in the Tucson area.

    I can tell you why because we live in a society where everyone wants to pigeon-hole others in categories thus making us a society of the proverbial, "label whores".  It seen it daily on blogs, forums across the internet on subtle things from politics to entertainment.  Case and point, on one of my frequent posting sites, Left in Alabama, there are a number of individuals whom I consider just plain divisive and destructive to anything because they can't generate a coherent or logical discussion about anything.  I've pointed this out numerous times in the past including the members like RedEye, Gradyw/Martin Weinrib, Dale Jackson among others that constantly bring nothing to the table other than acrimony.  Anytime I've gotten into a discussion with them they try to run the gambit of tricks and even attempt to go for the jugular, but in the end wind up looking like an idiot because I've proven time and time what they are foolish.  I don't blame the administration there for the issues, but some of the individual are just ridiculous.

    Other sites like Jack & Jill Politics, there are posters whom will do nothing but denigrate or flat out insult posters whom might not agree with their views like CPL/Christian Progressive Liberal (the irony of that name and her actions).  I remember very vividly when I decided to engage in the discussion of the candidacy of Artur Davis in the Alabama's gubernatorial race, CPL wanted to be very nasty and even attempt to insult me because I corrected their misinformation and half-truths.  It's just become a regular old circus these days on some of these sites.

    Also on Rod 2.0 and Pam's House Blend, these two LGBT oriented (and black issues-leaning) blogs have shown that there are some posters (in Rod 2.0.'s case even Rod McCullom himself) who will attack those whom doesn't agree with practically everything that said on that site.

    These examples are just a sample of what I see as a breakdown of civility in our society and that's just on the internet, but its hiding under the surface (and behind a computer screen).  What's more disturbing is what is hiding below the surface in everyday life with individuals we encounter in our daily lives.  Ironically, these sites suppose to be places of openness of those whom feel "left out" in many ways.

    The overzealous nature of partisanship on both sides of the aisle and then the ideological battle of placing everybody in "categories" of being either "liberal" or "conservative".  Some people are just "moderate" on most political issues or "socially progressive" but hold reservations on other things thus not having them fit in any particular political mode and that's their prerogative as American citizens.  However, there are those on both sides of the ideological extremes that wants to war with those because of those differences.  Until we learn that there will always be those in the middle and stop trying to wage this "us versus them" type of mindset, don't be surprise if other more heinous things occur.   It's one of the constant reasons why I stay annoyed by some because they want others to "fall in line" of group-thinking or be royal asses just for the hell of it with no coherent or logical backing to their stances.  

    Seriously, people need to get a grip and realize the consequences of their thoughts and divisive rhetoric.  

    (h/t to Tucson's local newspaper, Arizona Daily Star for the links to the story)

    Friday, January 7, 2011

    Uh oh, HOT DOG!

    Texas' government might go BOOM!  Why do you ask?  Well, the state has a $25 billion hole in its plot of its $1.2 trillion budget called a "deficit".  It's big enough to drive a mad truck, train, and plain through it.  However, pro-business pundits bills Texas a shining example of a "lean, mean, business-friendly" state, but what can they do if their majority healthcare and educational budget state going to do if they can't fill it?

    In the Dallas Morning News back in October, newly re-elected Texas governor Rick Perry said on the campaign trail that he would be for doing away with Medicaid and Medicare-funded sCHIP (state Childrens' Insurance Program) altogether.  Now he is really trying to piss off the Babyboomers whom are the core of his voting base because if they can't get their health care then his ass will be burnt like toast.

    Well, that's the $64,000 question that the GOP super-majority-led Texas State Legislature will have to figure out in the next few months...

    Thursday, January 6, 2011

    Twisted irony of this being a topic: "The Princess Boy"

    Just last week I was having a conversation with an older black, closeted homosexual guy about this very topic.  He said one of the main reasons why he would never live in Atlanta was because of the overt over acceptance of  homosexual behaviors and in his words "dudes who dress in female clothing".  I responded saying, "I don't worry about what others do because that is their lives and I will live mine as I see fit.".  Now this guy is from Chicago originally, where he rear and lived until a couple years ago before relocating with his daughter to Birmingham for a job.  It's interesting that he mentioned that he thinks that "guys should exhibit any type of non-conforming behavior" yet he is a homosexual (another non-conforming behavior) and deeply closeted (also a "Praise Team" director at his church in other words he is a "church queen").

    I digress, the story about Dyson Kilodavis of Seattle and his non-conforming behavior of dressing in female attire.  The 5-year-old black boy likes to dress in dresses and even calls himself "princess boy".  He and his mother Cheryl Kilodavis were on the NBC Today show on Monday morning discussing this and a book his mother wrote about similar behavior in children.  Cheryl Kilodavis penned her book My Princess Boy in an effort to have these larger conversations about acceptance.  The black and mostly black LGBT blogospheres have been talking about this all week.  Now I heard about and saw the interview with the Kilodavis' on local NBC station, WVTM, on Monday, but was too tired to say much about it.  However, after seeing how the black blogosphere's responses have fallen in other of the 3 catogories: ambivalent, supportive, or against it.  (See Bossip, Lipstick Alley, Living Out Loud with Darian, Rod 2.0, Pam's House Blend, Miss Jia) The majority has been against it (no surprise).  As Dr. Sheri L. Parks of the University of Maryland, College Park said,  
    "Religiosity permeates African-American daily life more than any other population," Parks said. "When you look at evangelical Protestants they are the most concerned about gender role development and sexual orientation.  African-Americans are very emotionally involved in black masculinity. Masculinity is very highly valued, that's why some people come down hard on this little boy whose not taking his rightful place."
    It's a damn shame because identity is one thing as an adolescent that is very hard to figure out and discover as it is, but the additional pressures that blacks places on one another for "conforming behaviors" just makes it even harder for young black males and some females when it comes to these things.  Hence, why I give folk the side-eye half the time because as a "group" (when need to used for subjective discussion), we talk out of both sides of our necks.  We want acceptance as people as whole in Western society, but refuse to accept individual members for their differences especially in they involve not falling in line with socially acceptable behaviors of being hyper-masculinity in males.

    (h/t to the Grio for the links)

    UPDATE on Charlotte-Mecklenburg fiasco involving the very vocal county commission

    On Tuesday, the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners did pass the resolution supporting diversity, inclusion, and tolerance of all members of their community regardless of sexuality.  They along with the public did  criticize District 6 Commissioner Bill James for his comments criticizing North Carolina US Senator Richard Burr for voting for the passage of DADT and equating homosexuality with sexual predatory behavior.  They went IN on his ass.  After getting chewed out, James along with the rest of the Board of Commissioners voted to pass the resolution.

    According to the Charlotte Observer, James has ran his mouth like WHOA on blacks, "urban blacks live in a moral sewer" to illegal immigrants to drug dealers.   This guy is a piece of work, but a typical Southern white Republican...

    (h/t to the Charlotte Observer and Pam's House Blend)

    Terri Sewell is now a seated representative for Alabama's 7th congressional district

    It's an interesting yet remarkable accomplishment for Alabama with the seating of the 112th Congress of the United States, the first black female is congressional representative has been sworn in.  It's one bright spot for Alabama is Terri Sewell since all the other Democratic House representatives either lost their seats (Bobby Bright) or changed parties yet still lost (Parker Griffith aka "Mr. Two-Last Names").  Sewell supports economic development and major improvements of transportation infrastructure of the Alabama's 7th congressional district (which includes the cities of Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Selma) along with the passage of DADT, hate crimes legislation including LGBTs, the passage of ENDA, and even same-sex unionship (i.e. "same-sex marriages" for you jargon-heads who love that goofy term).  Sewell pride herself as a pro-women's rights advocate (for equal pay and reproductive choice for women) also supporter of healthcare reform, and financial reform.

    It's going to SO INTERESTING watching Republicans trying to play damage control when the media scrutinized them like they did with the Democratically-controlled 111th Congress.  Especially after them already waffling on their stance of being so transparent.  However, let's take a moment to enjoy Terri Sewell.


    (h/t to Left in Alabama and WAKA-TV for the links)

    Tuesday, January 4, 2011

    Uh-oh, Chick-fil-A! The gay bloggers are about come after you!!!!!

    Well, it didn't take long for me to hear about this, and the gay blogs to follow up with a pressure-cooker campaign to get them to drop their co-sponsorship with Pennsylvania Family Institute of "The Art of Marriage" on February 11th & 12th in the Harrisburg area and Reading in Pennsylvania.  Although the event isn't about being "anti-same-sex marriage", it speaks on biblical marriage and the support for it.  However, the Pennsylvania Family Institute, is the largest organization against LGBT rights in Pennsylvania.  So it's guilty by association because Chick-fil-A hasn't made it known they are overtly anti-LGBT rights.  Interestingly, they did sponsor Colorado-based Focus on Family and some golf tourney in Ohio led by Ohioan based group, which supports the usage of reparative therapy to change sexuality, which many experts equates to mental torture.  Official at Atlanta area-based Chick-fil-A hasn't made any official comments or stances on anything public involving LGBT rights.  (Maybe it has to do with them being based in the metropolitan area of one of the largest LGBT cities in the nation, so it could be chalked up to guilty by association.  On the other hand, they do close on Sundays for their employees can be with their families...  ***KANYE SHRUG***)

    Well, like the Target fiasco, I'm going to remain ambivalent because I shop and eat at places that are cheap and offers quality products and services.  I'm on a fixed income while working on my Masters' degree, and don't eat out often anyways so this fiasco doesn't affect me.  However, it is interesting what's going to go down in the next few days.

    UPDATE: Advocate, TowerloadQueerty, Change.org have swooped down on it.

    Saturday, January 1, 2011

    Oh look at what DeKalb County is doing now...

    The employment carnage that is known Dekalb County, Georgia has yet to truly see an ending.  Since late 2009, the various governmental agencies from the county government to county school district has been shedding jobs left and right like it's going out of style.  According to this past Wednesday's Atlanta Journal-Constitution, they are planning on outsourcing custodial jobs. Although these are the lowest ones on the totem pole of functionality of a school district we knew who holds most of these positions... (***HINT*** It's folk ***HINT***)
    Outsourcing is one of several suggestions that came up earlier this year as part of budget cuts. Facing an estimated $50 million shortfall in next year’s budget, the proposal is back on the table.
    I'm more perplexed how a rapidly growing county in Metro Atlanta has been able to function over the past 15 years since they've seen the county population jump by 100,000 new residents.  The county itself has been in the spotlight of mismanagement from the cost-of-living pay raises that occurred for outgoing county commissioners staffers last fall in the midst of massive deficit while refusing to give county police officers raises  to the former county superintendent being indicted for racketeering to 430 school district employees being laid off to  the recommendation to close 14 declining enrollment schools to now this.  Chaos at its very worse in DeKalb.  Unfortunately, it's the one jurisdiction aside from Atlanta proper that I would prefer to reside in Metro Atlanta... ***SIGH***


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