Monday, November 9, 2009

THE RAW FACTS: About the HR Vote & Artur Davis & other stuff...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know everybody that is the blogosphere from Rod 2.0 to Left in Alabama , and the rest are jumping on the bandwagon to call out Artur Davis.  However, I'm a kin to the Rude Pundit except I see it from the real and from the South with political perspective.  It time for one of my rare real and "raw facts" posts where all hold bar are dropped.

OK, one Artur Davis is running for the governor of Alabama, and for you non-Alabamians or thus who chose to be belligerently ignorant of the political reality of this state, everything here is Topsy-turby when it comes to politics. You gotta look like the "enemy" to be a "friend" and to look like "friend" you are seen as an "enemy".  In layman's terms, the Democrats and Republicans in this state aren't trusted by the majority of the electorate.  So you have the dilemma that Davis is in where is "damned if voted for it", "damned if he didn't vote for it", and "damned if he chose to abstain" from the vote on the House bill Saturday. 

This where the liberals and progressives separate on issues because liberals are 9 out of 10 times more hard line whereas as a progressive there lies pragmatism. 

RAW FACTS: As much as liberals want to get their drawers tied in a tie over Davis being the only Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) member to vote against the House Bill.  He has made it known for awhile that he wasn't going to vote for the health care reform bill.  So I don't understand why anyone who has been paying attention is surprised.  The writing is on the wall and has been for months. 

Now how this applies to the gubernatorial race, well it just doesn't.  If one realizes what is going on then you would realize that Ron Sparks isn't any better if not worse than Davis when it comes to key issues that affects the average black or working-class white voters.  However, Sparks' stunt Friday calling for constituents in AL-7 congressional district to ask for Davis to support the bill and then claim he would support the bill if he was is in the House is pure bullshit and political grandstanding at its most pathetic worse.  If Sparks can't even support a full constitutional rewrite for fear of the "Great White Wrath" of some voters of that demographic group then he can shut the fuck up on that bullshit he was pulling Friday on Davis.

Let's face it, Alabama is a state where the majority of likely voters will vote against any candidate that is for health care reform in the current House for allowing possibility of funding for abortions.  I'm pro-choice and pro-LGBT rights, but it's the political expediency is what really counts come next June and November in the overall picture.  If you are an one-issue voter then CONGRATULATIONS!  But in the overall scheme of things you will be never satisfied with any candidate because no one candidate is perfect.   You will realize that there is a choice between the less of the two evils.  In this case with the Democratic ticket so far, Davis is the appear less trifling one. 

MY TAKE: I'm not a spokesperson for either one because I will throw Davis under the bus as well if he does a series of stupid things between now and November, but he at least has a good, stable platform.  Sparks is looking more like a pandering opportunist that will camouflage himself depending who is his target audience of his speeches, circa 2008 and Hillary Clinton.  That type of campaign never gets the candidate anywhere because you will get cornered and exposed by your opponents. 

Davis is the best choice for the gubernatorial race on the Democratic side, so he will have to do things that aren't "right" or sacrificial sense "do the right thing at risk of losing an election" when he wants to be governor.  If you're not enthuse about his candidacy, welcome to the crowd, but I'm not going to sit out an election to prove a point that will hurt yourself more than him.  Davis will still be well-paid trial lawyer and viable politician for the future (prohibiting he doesn't have some skeletons in his closet), but those you are standing up for in this health care reform battle will still suffer if not more under an idiot because you thought you were going to show him.  In other words, you are cutting off your own nose to spite your face. 

I live in reality, not political reality, where everything is suppose to be idealistic and pure.  I'm quite pragmatic and not apologetic as some try to claim because I don't apologize for anyone but myself.  In reality, things aren't perfect, so when you harp and whine about things not being perfect shows that you aren't living in reality because as I've said before "no candidate is perfect" or totally aligned with your interests. 

So if you get upset about that crap or my opinion, that's your problem and not mine.  I'm not a Democrat or Republican and never claim to be one.  As my blog title is "Thoughts and rants from an Independent" which means I see it from an objective, non-partisan point-of-view, but I know what's really good with politics.  It is what it is...



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