Saturday, October 23, 2010

NPR fired Juan Williams ***YAWN***

I am so over the talk about National Public Radio (NPR) terminating Juan Williams position as a political commentator for their organization.  He opened his mouth and said something quite derogatory towards Muslim Americans, and he paid the piper with his job.  If I had a job as a political commentator with organization A and then went on a national news network or propaganda organization (You Decide, hint, hint) and said that all the white people involved in the T.E.A. twats gatherings made me uneasy because I know they are aversive racists then I got terminated from organization A.  Well, I would deserve it, period.  I wasn't being an objective commentator on politics anymore because I felt the need to explain my personal feelings and insulted an already controversial group on national television.  Clearly it's a conflict of interest as NPR ombudsmen Alicia C. Shepard elaborated in her column on Williams' termination.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and rest of the vindication for their bullshit crowd are harping about stripping the federal funding from NPR because of this.  Yet, NPR receives less than 2% of funding from the federal government.  This is a textbook example of hypocrisy on the part of the socially conservative and narrow-minded faction that exists in this nation.  Nobody was saying a peep about the antics of the commentators of the mostly socially regressive Clear Channel syndicated talk radio shows or NewsCorp (FOX's parent company) founder and CEO Rupert Murdoch donating millions to the Republican Governors Association.  Instead, it's oh so convenient to pick and choose their controversies and battles of "objectivity".

Now, NPR might appear a little left leaning, but that's because most of the time they do objective reporting of most major news stories that occur regardless of political ideological stances.  If that is considered "liberal" or "left-leaning" then I guess the assumption of the "liberal mainstream media" does exist. (only in the minds of the paranoid and eurocentric oriented social conservative individuals)...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

From now on...

I plan on attempting to post daily or at least 3 times weekly since...

Carry on...

The gifts that the Alabama Education Association (AEA) has brought to us

The Alabama Education Association (AEA) has basically sabotaged anything remotely progressive (or on that matter, rational) for Alabama for the next 4 years.  There are basically 2 morons running for governor, and anyone with a spark of knowledge about politics knows that it's usually this way.  However, the caught is that AEA has funded both of their campaigns by spreading lies about their primary opponents and using political action committees (PACs) to do it.  We all know the narrative about how the idiot known as Ron Sparks wind up on the Democratic gubernatorial ticket.  This time around, I'll tell the tale about how the ornery dermatologist from Tuscaloosa, Robert Bentley, wind up on the Republican ticket. 

Apparently, AEA and Stan Pate, a major Alabama real estate development from Tuscaloosa, got into cohorts with one another to spread lies via 9 different PACs against primary opponent, Bradley Byrne.  The PACs all swore they represented "conservative Alabamians" and such.  Meanwhile, all of their addresses were P.O. Boxes that were owned by AEA members or the organization itself.  The whole scheme wreaked of fraud and underhanded campaigning on the part of the AEA.  This led to the run-off between Byrne and Bentley where the PACs continued their spreading of misinformation.  This type of scam occurred on the Democratic ticket as well along with the help of Joe Reed and his sycophantic org, the ADC (Alabama Democratic Coalition) along with the pseudo-progressive black org, the ANSC (Alabama New South Coalition) against Artur Davis.  

Now the majority of Alabamians are having "buyers remorse" before the election because they finally realizing that were played like Nintendo by the AEA.  The AEA is a fraudulent organization that doesn't represent anything but status quo these days.  If they stood for integrity they would have helped Alabama secure funds for the the federal education improvement programmed created by President Obama instead of fighting against it all because it would allow state-administered charter schools.  They would have been fought tooth-and-nail to improve adequate funding for school districts in places like the Black Belt, rural South Alabama, where there are schools where there are no texts available for their students.  The AEA is another symptom of the shit that plagues Alabama and should be treated the same way other lobbyists are treated, with a long-handle spoon...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What the hell?

The dispute between the newly elected (uh why is this an elected position again?) Jefferson County treasury, Jennifer Champion and the Jefferson County Commission has gone too damn far.  According to the Birmingham News, now their dispute is apparently holding up the dispersing of payroll for those whom receive their salary via direct deposit.  It's getting to the point of disillusion because Champion, a Republican, and Jeffco Commission President, Bettye Fine Collins, a Republican as well have been butting heads since last spring over funds.  I swear there needs to be total, I MEAN TOTAL, overhaul of the Jefferson County government from elected officials such as treasury, sheriff, etc. to only being appointed by a county executive (whether it is county mayor, president, or executive) and approved by the Jefferson County legislative branch (whether it is a commission, board of legislators, council with at least 2 at-large elected seats).  I'm dumbfounded at how ignorant these individuals are about their stances on fighting and effecting others payroll in the process.  SMH

Things about the black religious fold to think about...

Earlier this week, Gallup released a poll on the popularity of allowing openly homosexual or bisexual members of the armed forces to serve as well as the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and same-sex unions.  The poll compares from 2008-2009 to 2010.  Well, apparently "folk" ain't down with either when compared to other ethnic groups.  ***SIGH***

Sometimes I just don't know what to say about why folk are so sanctimonious about LGBT/SGLs when there are plenty of other fires that need to be extinguished.  One of the fires is the likelihood of contracting an STI, 1 in 22 black Americans are likely to contracted HIV.  There are so many things going on, but folk want to hate on the LGBT/SGLs and them living their lives.

Surprisingly, black LGBT blogger Son of Baldwin wrote a lively list of likely reasoning behind the hypocritical and sanctimonious nature of folk when it comes down to it:

    1. Religion.  Black Americans (or maybe ALL Americans) are among the most superstitious people on the planet. They have taken what was once their slave masters' religion and used it to liberate themselves from the tyranny of antebellum slavery.  However, we've yet to be ingenious enough to remove what is perhaps the inherent flaw in any organized religion: the need for an enemy.  Religion simply cannot function without an Other to demonize.  Throughout history, women, Pagans, Native Americans and blacks have found themselves the targets of religious terrorism.  Gays are simply the latest in a long line of subjects who are held up as scapegoats onto whom all the sins and vices of the society can be poured.  What makes black homophobia super egregious, however, is that having been the sacrificial lambs themselves, one would think that blacks would be more sympathetic to gay rights.  Instead, like the whites before them who said, "I may be poor, but at least I'm not black," blacks find shelter and solace in "I may be black, but at least I'm not gay."
    2. Envy, entitlement, indifference and practicality.  On completely self-serving and emotional levels, blacks feel, quite simply, that since we don't yet have all the rights and privileges entitled to us (perhaps on paper, but certainly not in practice), gays shouldn't have theirs yet, either. In other words: Wait your turn! Blacks also feel that the right for gays to marry isn't as important as, say, the right not to be murdered in cold blood by police officers or the right to be able to properly feed and educate one's children or other immediate, tangible concerns. Apparently, everything is mutually exclusive when it comes to civil rights.
    3. Racism in the gay community.  To most black people, white gays are indistinguishable from the white, often affluent society that they perceive as oppressors.  Unfortunately, the gay community has given blacks ample justification for this position.  Thus, blacks are adamant about not supporting any cause that will give whites--gay or straight--greater license to oppress them.  And gayness, in the minds of ignorant blacks, is most certainly a white thing.
    4. Closeted black homosexuals. Since a great many black homosexuals are afraid to come out of the closet because of the rampant homophobia in black society (especially the black church), there are relatively few voices from within the community to combat the rhetoric and relatively few individuals to put a face on the specter.  Therefore, the ignorance remains largely unassailable.

SMH! I have no words for the craziness

There seems to be a coup amongst Southern rural white Democrat reps to down right sabotage any efforts to maintaining sanity in the region.  Let me see, there is Bobby Bright in Alabama's 3rd congressional district trying his damnedest to make sure his gullible (predominately white) constituency that he is an "conservative independent, gun-totting, down-to-earth type of guy".  Uh yeah, that'll work in the long, Bobby...

The curious case of déjà vu for Alabama's 5th congressional district (you know the place where current sitting representative Parker Griffith switched sides from Democrat to Republican because he felt it would help him get reelected), with their "Democratic" nominee (I used that term lightly), Steve Raby is basically playing from the same book of ambiguity as Griffith.  This is just Alabama.

Meanwhile in Georgia, there is their 8th congressional district (middle Georgia around Macon), their sitting representative, Jim Marshall, saying he is a "conservative, gun-totting, fighting against Washington conservative".  It seems like the same script, different cast all over the South with rural, white Democratic representatives.  They seem to want to be associated with this culture of hokey bullshit (yeah, I went there), so they can go back and repeat the same thing they did before (nothing that I can see other than be a placeholder).

This is bull is the textbook reason why I don't fool with rural politics because it's all about being very hokey and WASPy along with be very vague on platform details other.  The ad populum fallacy of this crap is they aren't progressing their constituents' interests nor are they being a leader at all rather jumping on the bandwagon of mediocrity.

I'm an independent, but have hardline stances that are represents social progression and fiscal responsibility.  Meanwhile, other constituents in their respective districts that maybe socially moderate, progressive, liberal, or non-white are left in the dust and having their loyalties to taken advantage of because they have a "D" behind their name.  This type of dysfunctional political behavior is the reason why most non-whites and socially progressive whites leave these areas.  These so-called "independent" Democrats are Tagalogs of the southern, closed-minded culture that has retarded this portion of the country as a whole.  My advice to them is position yourself as a social moderate and attempt to reach out and inspire the base to vote rather than chasing after the fickle and socially conservative whites, whom by default tend to vote for a Republican.

(Photos courtesy of Left in Alabama)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

What did I miss?

I guess back in the Greater Birmingham area, there has been the continual battle amongst Jefferson County Commissioners over the 2011 general budget.  It's mostly been over whether or not they should allocate funds to open the Bessemer branch of county jail and paying the federally-appointed receiver a $1 million annual salary for the overseeing of the sewer debt.  We also have to throw in the future of the existence of the occupational tax administered on all incomes generated from Jefferson County.  Cruella de Ville, Jim Carns, and George Bowman voted to do neither, but sooner than later they will have to do these tasks...

Also suburban Bessemer voters has ousted two-term mayor Ed May from office on October 5th for Kenneth Gully.  I guess the incident of firing the Bessemer city clerk the night before the election was the straw that broke the camel's back...

Meanwhile, the Alabama legislators and lobbyists that went down over stalling the regular session in the spring over the gambling bill vote has cause all the leadership and their sycophants of the ADP (the Alabama Democratic Party for outsiders) to call foul over the case.  Many are claiming this is partisan and an "October Surprise" to ruin any chances of the idiot on the Democratic side of the gubernatorial ticket, Ron Sparks, of winning come November 2nd.  (Oh hell, oh well.  They brought that shit on themselves because those assholes in that damn party do right by Artur Davis then will continue to suffer from a bitch named "karma".  In the words of Cadillac Kimberly, "They all need to hold hands and kiss his muthafuckin' ass..."

I'm just plain blank staring at this mess because it's just aggravating watching this mess occur here.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A homosexual member of New Birth speaks out...

Well, I have to give it up to Samuel Brown and his partner coming out to admit they is in a homosexual relationship.  I don't know how or why he decided to stay in that church for all those years, but more power to you.

After browsing a little bit of his blog, I can understand his logic of trying to make changes from within the institution.

UPDATE: However, I see how Rod McCullom want to make a backhanded insult and his sycophants want to call the man and his partner "church queens".  SMH, some things changes and stays the same with them...


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