Sunday, December 29, 2013

I see where you both are coming from, but sorry, you both are WRONG!

I have to say the take on the cultural appropriation of black male slang by and the discussion that followed was so ODD.  It just shows the rift that exists between the black heterosexual and black LGBTs over such simple issues.

Anyways, black LGBT author and blogger, Rashid Darden, wrote on his own personal blog, Dopalicious District, how he is perped by the usage of "black gay male slang" by black heterosexual females in everyday life and on certain TV shows. ***COUGH*** The Real Housewives of Atlanta & Married to Medicine ***COUGH***
This week’s Real Housewives of Atlanta was quite eventful, and other blogs will give you a proper recap.  For me, seeing Cynthia Bailey give Mynique Smith an “education” in gay black slang made me uncomfortable.
I am a black gay man and for years I’ve seen our culture and language appropriated by white people and by women.  On one hand, I can’t be too mad because that’s just the way culture and language works.  On the other hand, stop stealing our shit.
Darden expresses how he feels that many black heterosexual females have stolen the lingo of black gay men for their usage, but many of them are quite homophobic.

On the flipside, the blog post wind up becoming discussion of the popular black female lifestyle blog, Madame Noire, where columnist, Charling Ball, posted an extrapolated take/rebuttal on the topic.  Meanwhile, the commentator comes out on both sites (mostly black females) antagonizing Darden and other black gay males for feeling that slang/lingo was their originally.  As a matter of fact, many posters on the Madame Noire site kept refuting this about black LGBT culture:
cheekee babyUmmmm Gay black men have been fashioning themselves after black women for ages. I mean really they are walking around with purses and high heels meant for women. Hello! Too many act like sassy caricatures of black women. So he clearly needs to get over himself.
Nikia D-ShiznitSo, gay black men walk around looking and dressing like women, behaving in ways that are feminine or what they think women do.... But their language is being misappropriated? I cry why I see a limp wristed man in a dress and high heels saying "hheeeyyyy."
While others went to the usual attacks of saying this about black gay males:
lockstress: So ya'll can borrow and wear our panties but I can't say hunty??? Boo...get a cramp and complain for REAL!
Chaz : Why did this writer even take the time out to write this article? He is talking about black females using words that supposedly black gay men came up with? LOL. Wow. You don't see us black females going around talking about how much gay men wanna be women. How they go around calling themselves "girl" , wearing eyelashes, make up, weave, they get butt implants, breast implants... must I go on?
Now, I'm not here for homoantagonism nor am I here for misogyny, but this is some bullshit...

This is where I feel both are wrong because 1) Yes, many black LGBTs have taken their behaviors, manners, etc. from older black women like their grandmother, aunts, mothers, etc. so it isn't for black males to claim originally, but 2) The terminology "read" isn't from black female culture at all because that was popularized by the NYC drag queens popularized by the documentary "Paris Is Burning" and finally 3) Yes, there are some asinine black heterosexual and homoantagonist bisexual females that ridicule black gay/bisexual/transgendered males will use that particular lingo and hypocritically hate on, express strong dislike, or possess hatred for that aforementioned group.

It is not my place to take sides on this subject because my last point is poignant about the whole topic. Additionally, there is not excuse for black heterosexuals regardless of gender to possess homophobic bias or homophobia towards black LGBTs when we are all in the same boat together in this seemingly anti-black Western society.  This has to cease if we are to push forward as a culture.  Attacking black LGBTs is as unbecoming of black folks as attacking mixed raced/biracial individuals for only having 1 black parent because they don't possess 2 black parents.  Just like black LGBTs didn't ask to be born with feelings of sexual attraction towards the same gender, both genders, or gender dysmorphia about themselves is the same as those mixed race or biracial individuals being born to parents with 2 different racial/ethnic backgrounds.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Oh the things, I haven't forgotten at all...

For starters, I do remember the days when I was younger and saw acceptance from others due to my earlier struggles with my weight.  However, when one comes to terms to understand yourself from your race (and for some their ethnicity), it gets even more complicated when you add sexuality to the mix.  My sexuality has been more of non-factor for me because I have never really allowed it to be placed at the forefront of my personal identity.  On the other hand, when one does began to interact with their peers and form relationships, it does become a kind come into play along with the other aforementioned characteristics such as race, ethnicity, height, and body type (weight).

Anyways, to get to the point.  I came across this article from GMFA, a UK-based organization that promotes positive and good health practices for gay, bisexual, and queer males.  The article is very true and quite on point of some of the things many non-white but particularly black gay and bisexual males have to deal with when they are on their journal of self acceptance and confidence.  This interesting segment of the article stuck out to me:
As a 17-year-old, seeing the “no Blacks, no Asians” statement displayed on a profile would sadden me, but that was nothing compared with getting those remarks back as a response after I had broken the ice in a direct message. Rejection is always worse when you are not expecting it, and people can react to sexual racism in various different ways. Ten years ago it would have made me angry and I would have instantly questioned how the rest of the world was viewing me, but these days, I really don’t give a damn about the thoughts of people who are clearly incapable of at displaying common decency. My school days, when I would attempt to ‘fit in’ with the majority, are long gone, and I am not going to spend my time worrying about the sexual preferences of a bunch of morons! 
Honestly, that is my journey to now went except I was 19 versus 17.  At the point and time now, I am confident in myself and don't care for anyone regardless of race if they aren't attracted to me.   However, I do still sigh for many SGL of color that seek companionship with those that maybe white face rejection for their race.  I have said time and time again, that exclusively seeking any group is going to be recipe for constant rejection, but with time I have found myself desiring a long term relationship and companionship with another black male.  It's not to say I cannot be with somebody that isn't a non-black male, but the truth is the likelihood is very high considering how so often sexual racism and fetishization plays a heavy role in interracial interactions still on a same-gender loving (SGL) relationships.

At the moment, I have been happily dating someone new for 6+ months and yeah it is a black guy, but I still to remember those days of the past when this was one of my challenges of personal growth.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I am still around

I am currently contemplating if I will be shifting to the WordPress site I own or continue to hold this domain to blog.  As more free time and renewed dedication to expressing myself comes clear to me in the coming weeks I will decide.

Oh yeah, let's me say this.  I am annoyed with Beyonce and her hype machine, but that is all.  I have never been a fan like that rather appreciative of the artistry.

On the planning front, it looks like the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham is under fire again by Alphabet Soup but this type using a lobbyist firm.  They accused RPCGB of aiding environmentalists in sabotaging their pet project that leads to nowhere and goes through nothing but ecologically sensitive environs.  Those assholes stay trying to force the Greater Birmingham area to continue to sprawl out into the hollow ground of northern Jeffco with their multi-billion dollar boondoogle.  I do mean hollow ground considering I know how many abandoned mines are located in that portion of Alabama's most populous county.  Can you say sinkholes?

In Metro Atlanta, the rush to municipalize all areas within the two core counties that are economically viable and thriving continues.  Now the aversively racist white suburbanites (whom are actually urbanites) within DeKalb County are pushing for the creation of the "City of Briarcliff" in North Central DeKalb County.  This initiative is another imagination-gone-wild creation of upset over the shift in demographic suburban white Georgians that DeKalb County is no longer a white-dominated haven of years past (see the creation of the "City of Dunwoody, Georgia" for proof).  The Briarcliff group will release a "feasibility study" about their imaginary "city" so it can become reality.  The true gag is the conflict with the better organized (terms in developmental patterns and actually having a "main street business district") "City of Tucker" initiative over the Northlake Mall commercial and business district.  Apparently, there is a battle royale over whom will claim the Northlake Commercial District.  Yep, Atlanta is trying to catch up with Birmingham over which Southern major metro has the most balkanized urban core.

'Tis is all for now.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Here's something I wanted to say aloud

If you are a black queer (gay or bisexual) male and still running after everything that looks good because "it looks good" then you are a fool!  Honestly, I don't know how many times I have reiterate that aloud to so-called grown ass men.  Meanwhile, they are the same ones boo-hooing about some "golddigger", "slut bucket", or "game player".  Look, we are all human and are fascinated by the "good looking" but after a certain point in life you have to do a cost-benefit analysis involving the matters of heart.  Of course, we all want someone that is physically attractive, but you also have to someone that shares your common interest, values, and similar life goals.  Additionally, you have to be with someone that is on similar level (economically) or strives to better themselves to your level (or greater).  It's all quite simple and if you cannot see these things because you are too busy getting dicked down or looking to dick somebody down then that is on you...

'Tis is all

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Now this is ridiculous and interesting…

Alabama and Georgia doesn’t just share a common border.  Instead both state’s Democratic parties share the same damn problems at the same damn time.  Although I haven’t been blogging extensively, the Alabama Democratic Party (ADP) has seen a mutiny of sorts with now former party leader, Mark Kennedy, jumping ship and forming his own Democratic caucus.  As a result, the resident asshole, Joe Reed, and human Goodyear blimp, Nancy Worley, are running the party when neither one of them are capable or possess the competency to do the job.  Anyways here in Georgia, the Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG) apparently the same thing is occur where the former chairman, Mike Berlon, whom faced a mountain-load of criticisms that led to his resignation.  As a result, both Alabama and Georgia are without chairmen of their state Democratic parties. 
Another parallel is the efforts of both Democratic parties to have white males as their chairmen.  DPG must have one because according to Jim Galloway of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, party rules says that the chairman and vice-chairman must be “demographically opposite” of one another.

First, the Charter provides that the Chair and the First Vice-Chair must be of opposite gender. (C.4.1.2).  Since the State Committee elected a female First Vice-Chair at the last party general election, and that officer is still serving, the Charter requires that the Chair be male. Second, the Charter provides that where a racial group constitutes 20% or more of the registered voters in the state then at least one member of that group must be an officer as either Chair, First Vice-Chair, or additional Vice-Chairs. (C.4.1.3). The Party had been in compliance with this provision because the Chair was white. The resignation of that officer creates a non-compliance situation. The Charter, therefore, restricts candidates in this special election by race. Thus, any white male Democrat is eligible to run in this special election.”

ADP doesn’t have such stringent rules.  Instead, they want to do this to appease to the mostly simple-minded (by default racially prejudice) white Alabamian voters whom has jumped from the Democratic to Republican affiliations because of the “big bad negro in the White House” and the fact that ADP has been too stupid to evolve with the times.  The ADP has forced-fed the idea of Alabama House Representative Craig Ford of Gadsden ought to be the de-facto Alabama Legislative Democratic leader because he is white (shocker right?).  The same ideology is behind the ADP whom wants its face to be led by a white male as well.

Sometimes, a dragging ought to be in order like how Alabama House Representative Joe Mitchell of Mobile did to that prejudiced ass that wrote him attempting to chastise and patronize him about racial politics and gun rights.  I feel that ought to be the case with the demographic game of shuffle that attempts to placate the “feeble minds” of those confirmation bias-seeking types of white Southerners.  It is annoying to watch after something as ignorant as hell as this past week with the weakening of the Voters’ Rights Act of 1964 on the grounds of “Section 5 being only applied to jurisdictions with historical precedence of racial discrimination”.  Though I do agree Section 2 ought to be enforced which would guarantee pre-clearance  nationwide, but we all know by now the GOP-led US House of Representatives lacks the fortitude to pass such a progressive statute since it would arguably work against the “grand scheme (of keeping non-whites out of power in the long run)”.

On a localized standpoint, Georgia and Alabama are both shifting demographically away being predominately white states.  The rhetoric that seems to be tossed around by *sic (white) commenters on both the Birmingham News and now the Atlanta Journal Constitution websites are that “blacks and Hispanics will wake up and becoming economically independent and will become conservative”.  Actually, those dipshits don’t realize that the reason why black, Hispanic, Asian, and other non-white Americans aren’t voting for Republicans is simple they aren’t here for the mostly white Republican Party racial prejudice.  I’m done for now…

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Follow up to my NYC post last year...NYC ain't shit for black LGBTs!

I said yesterday I was moving, but this foolishness has moved me to post while I am in transition.

NYC ain't shit!  I mean how many black and Latino gay/bisexual males have to be killed in prominent places for somebody that NYC is more hype than substance on the front of LGBTs?  Yesterday, a black gay man was gunned down in Greenwich Village, the supposedly most gay-friendly portion of Manhattan.  I'm like WTF is going on with this city.  First, stop and frisk with all blacks and Latinos, but now this B.S.  I've never bought into the bullshit P.R. campaign NYC and its deluded boosters has been trying to shove our throats that "it's the gay mecca".  For whom, wealthy, white gay and bisexual men that live the "high life"?  Reality check, if you are black and/or of Latino descent and LGBTs and reside in New York, you better watch your surroundings at all times because that city seems to be more dangerous than most originally though.

As quiet it has been kept, NYC has seen a skyrocket in the number of hate crimes involving LGBTs in the past few years (2011 NYS Hate Crime Annual Report here shows a continuation of the increase 16% in 2010 to 25.2% in 2011).  Both reports shows that anti-homosexual male hate crimes has been in the increase in New York in the past few years.  This is the reason why I was so against moving to NYC years ago when my idiotic ex and his dreams of sugarplums of NYC deluded him out of reality thinking I was going to move up there with him.   (To my ex: Yes, this is exactly what I was talking about when we were conversing about NYC years ago.  This is why I don't fuck with NYC like that.  Hell, at least I know what I'm dealing with while here in Atlanta or DC and Chicago for that matter.)

H/T to V and his blog Maybe's It's Me for the photo and links.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

I'm moving to a new place

In other words, my life has me in an upheaval mode at the moment, thus posting has been scarce at best.  Well, I will be somewhat back to posting on a semi-regular upon me getting fully established into my new place.  I'm excited yet anxious about this move because it's going to involve a lot of shifting my stuff.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Let's have this discussion

Well, I spent 2 hours of my life that I'll never get back at the AMC -Phipps Plaza theater watching the Tyler Perry move "Temptation".  Yeah, I did it because I was bored and wanted to avoid rush hour chaos that Atlanta is renowned for.  Anyways, yeah that movies was "slick" but not in a good way about how they wanted to portray HIV as a disease of punishment.  The movies main character was initially in love with her husband but was "tempted" by a rich man to engage and give into the temptation of lust.  Blah, blah, blah...

Basically, Perry wrote the ending to show that if you cheat on your spouse HIV is the punishment you deserve.  Meanwhile, I'm sitting here screwface about this movie because although I don't have HIV, I have been in a relationship with someone that had HIV.  I know for a fact that the disease known as HIV does not discriminate, and many have contracted it from monogamous relationships.  The fact that Perry decided to use this as a wedge issue is just plain shameful.

I'll express more later...

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Paint me as unimpressed with the typical reaction of aversive biased white Alabamians reacting to Alabama House Representative Joe Mitchell's comments to the northern Jefferson County resident, Eddie Maxwell when he wrote his letter to state house representatives warning them to not to even attempt to draft a gun control bill in the Alabama legislature.  *The audacity and arrogance of this man alone deserves reprisal*

From: Eddie Maxwell

Sent: Sunday, January 27, 2013 10:54 PM

To: (all members of state legislature)

Subject: Gun Control and our Constitutions

Can the officers of our state government change our constitution when the change is forbidden by the people? The Supreme Court of Alabama has ruled that it cannot in an opinion dealing with another matter where change is forbidden. You have sworn to support our constitution. You have defined a violation of an oath in an official proceeding as a class C felony (C.O.A. Section 13A-10-101 Perjury in the first degree).

Do not violate your oath of office by introducing additional gun control bills or by allowing those already enacted to remain in the body of our laws.
Mitchell responded at first with response of the nature of why are you worried about this when shit has gotten real for years for black Alabamians...
From: Representative Joseph Mitchell

Sent: Sunday, January 27, 2013 11:59 PM

To: Eddie Maxwell

cc: (all members)

Subject: Re: Gun Control and our Constitutions

Hey man. You have used the word ‘except’ when I think you mean somethin’ else.

Hey man. Your folk never used all this sheit to protect my folk from your slave-holding, murdering, adulterous, baby-raping, incestuous, snaggle-toothed, backward-a**ed, inbreed, imported criminal-minded kin folk. You can keep sending me stuff like you have however because it helps me explain to my constituents why they should protect that 2nd amendment thing AFTER we finish stocking up on spare parts, munitions and the like.

Bring it. As one of my friends in the Alabama Senate suggested – “BRING IT!!!!”

JOSEPHm, a prepper (’70-’13)

Mobile County
Maxwell then responded with a "how dare you...because I have a black friend and my daddy helped blacks...."

From: Eddie Maxwell

Sent: Monday, February 11, 2013 2:23 PM

To: Representative Joseph Mitchell

cc: (all members)

Subject: Re: Gun Control and our Constitutions

Rep. Mitchell and other members of the Legislature of Alabama,

That’s not the type of reply I expect to receive from a state legislator. The lack of response to your racist comments from your fellow members speaks volumes about the state of our legislature as a whole.

I’m not a racist and I find your reply to be especially offensive considering the position you hold.

My parents and grandparents taught me to love God and my fellow man as myself. My father was threatened by members of his church back in 1954 for inviting a black family to attend the church he pastored.

My father-in-law was threatened when he hired a young negro man to work in his shop back in 1968 in a community where several neighbors were members of the Ku Klux Klan. He didn’t allow those threats to keep him from treating people of all races equally.

In 1969, I was a draftee in the US Army and bunked with a young negro man named Earl Shinholster at Fort Benning. Earl later became a prominent leader of the NAACP back home in Georgia after serving with me in the Army. When I received numerous racist threats from negroes who knew I lived near Birmingham, Earl warned me of the knives they carried and cautioned me to be more careful around them. Earl had been watching me and he had come to know and respect me for my Christian values. Earl and I became friends and he helped me get through some tough times there.

Racism is not exclusive to my own people. I learned that before 1955. It is just as ugly now as it was then, regardless of the race of the person who is consumed by it.

I love my country and my state, and I vowed to support and defend our constitutions. I expect you and all of our representative to do the same.


Eddie Maxwell

Anyways, Mitchell responded in due regard by reading that motherfucker for the filth and then some.  I mean he read his ass...

From: Representative Joseph Mitchell

Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 5:09 PM

To: Eddie Maxwell

cc: (all members)

Subject: Re: Gun Control and our Constitutions

Eddie. I grew up in Albany Ga. I was a military brat for most of my youth. Air Jump Master and DI USMC. Because I preference my issues with the values that I learned in ‘the heat of battle’ during the mid-fifties through the ‘70’s and into today might tell you what and who I am. I find no need to define it or explain it to you because you can identify with the threats of reprisals against your folk for helping somebody of African Descent. I know ol’ Ft. Benning and Columbus like the palm of my hand.

Where were you during the Albany Movement? Oh…. You shoulda been there. I am certain that your experiences through how your kin folk ‘helped’ colored folk would have helped us a lot when we were bombed in Albany, Leesburg, Newton and Sylvester.

I apologize for the restless nights your folk endured out of fear of the Klan. At least as they stood on the sidewalk watching my cousins and me get beat up by some of your neighbors they were able to push you out into the street to physically intervene. They did do that didn’t they? Oh …. Well, I rear where you were one of the first to integrate the all-colored school to prove your parents point.

Do you that your fathers ‘black’ friend was unable to get FHA benefits? Knowing about those knives and stuff were of benefit but did you know that colored military typically carried knives to protect themselves from folk who looked like your father? Historically, violence on Black folk was committed by White folk. It’s a fact but is it ‘racist?’ It is ‘racial.’ I had seven uncles and three aunts who served in three different ‘encounters. My father was Regular Army.

Eddie, a person without the power to exercise a threat cannot be a racist because he or she will be eliminated. A person who can, by merely stepping back on the sidewalk’ ore being quiet can support racism and benefit from the ‘first hired,’ affirmative action, preferential treatment fostered by systemic racism and bigotry.

It is unlikely that I, through sharing my many experiences on the receiving end, will convince you of your errors. For that matter, you will never convince me that our discomforts were comparable. Let the next generations resolve this continuing story.

Lock and load.

Meanwhile, House Representative Patricia Todd of Birmingham, also the only openly gay member of the Alabama Legislature responded with this:

From: Patricia Todd

Sent: Monday, February 11, 2013 4:41 PM

To: Eddie Maxwell

Cc: (all members)

Subject: Re: Gun Control and our Constitutions

Mr. Maxwell:

I am Patricia Todd, a member of the house. I just received this chain of emails and wanted to let you know that I am with you on the gun issue and am saddened by the tone of my colleagues email. All of us have suffered from the racism of the past and I thank you for your civic and thoughtful response.

We all have different life experience that shapes our values. I pray that we can all respect, and, celebrate, our differences. That is what make America the greatest country on earth, scars and all.

This member hears you loud and clear. 
Now Todd could have kept that $5.02 to herself.  Although she has been a victim to the idiocy of the Alabama Democratic Caucus's and Joe "the Jackass" Reed's Alabama Democratic Coalition's homophobia and racial prejudice because they don't want an openly gay, white woman as the representative for the heavily black 54th house district of Alabama, but still...  I am not here for Todd's "oh but I understand...blah, blah, blah..." to that assclown Maxwell from northern Jefferson County.   Maxwell's ass feels entitled due to his white privilege, Southern upbringing, and being a male, whom clings to his gun because his inferiority complex to make up for his likely "fear of the others taking over this nation".

Also the Birmingham News' website and its comment section is perpetrating allowing individuals that share this entitled and myopic philosophy a way to pretend to be faux victims via this incident.  This is why Alabama is held back because so many white Alabamians whine and dramatize things that almost never happen like this but ignores the true inequities like how majority black school districts are underfunded by the archaic Alabama Constitution along with other institutionalized measures. So pathetic.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

*Deep Breath* Ok

I say a prayer that my heart is protected from hurt and disappointment.  The highest one, creator would allow me and my significant other to grow together in the future as united front.  We reconcile and build bridges over the wounds and misunderstandings of the past.  I hope and pray for the best of him because I do love him as it is true and not out of covert motivations.  I pray for my situation, amen.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Damn, that wasn't hard!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Reverend Al Sharpton made an ass of the whore-monger for sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona on his defiance of following President Obama's executive orders on gun controls.  Oh yeah, the good sheriff, Paul Babeau, wrote a pretty little letter without any real explanation rather than bullshit talking points with no validating evidence (just like his argument with Reverend Sharpton)...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ahhh, urban radio

I dedicate this post to what is wrong with WPGC 95.5 in Washington D.C.  If you don't know much about me is that I'm an avid listener of terrestrial radio (even in this day and age of  mostly corporate-owned radio).  Anyways, CBS Radio's former urban flagship is still suffering from the same problems plaguing it back in 2007 when the Portable People Meter (PPM) system was introduced to the Washington, D.C. radio market.  (PPM is a system of Arbitron ratings that records instantaneous measurements of how many, often, and how long people listen to a particular radio station.)

Apparently, there back to the same place they were some 4 years ago in the DC market overall 6+ Arbitron ratings.  As of December 2012, the station is currently 14th overall in the market.  It kind of embarrassing considering CBS hired Jason Kidd, a DMV local to be the station's program director and turn the tide of this wayward ship in 2011.  Prior to Kidd's tenure, WPGC began to reintroduce some pop songs only spun on rhythmic contemporary hits radio stations like Z100 in New York, B96 in Chicago, and Power 96 in Miami.

Although the station has officially moved from the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop panel to the Rhythmic panel in July, its ratings have remained stagnant with only occasional influx of marginally higher overall ratings.  The results display that their problems lay with playlist which is a mixture of contemporary hip-hop, R&B, and pop songs.  However, the station's mixture of contemporary hip-hop and R&B is mostly chart topper songs from either genre rather than a wider variety of such found on most other urban stations.  Although their promotional events like "For Sisters Only" and concerts of the hottest hip-hop and R&B artists mainly targets 25-40 year black particularly black females, but the all-over-the-place playlist is main deterrent.   Basically, they have given their core audience, 18-49 year old blacks, a reason to look elsewhere a significant portion of the time.

My solution, it's time WPGC goes back to its roots of being an urban contemporary radio station that occasionally spins pop or dance music but focuses primarily on R&B and hip-hop song titles.  However, the DC region hasn't changed to the point that it would warrant them to attempt to sound like Z100 in NYC because the region has a larger than average black population.  Also their numbers are abysmal and there needs to be some serious soul-searching on the station's core demographic group (which has always been 18-49 year old blacks).  It's bad when Radio One's WKYS is eating their lunch like it is going out of style in the 18-34 demographic group overall.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Things I don't miss about the Chattahoochee Valley...this incident reminds me why

Things like this idiotic child.

He is obviously a product of this environment.  Where blacks and whites intergrating into a social setting is this particular area is damn near impossible.

Anyways, 17-year-old Derek Shrout wrote in a journal that he left at school wanted to commit a violent act against a number of students that attended Russell County High School in Seale, Alabama.  Shrout also proclaimed himself a "white supremacist" wanted to kill numerous black students and 1 assumed gay student.  He plead not guilty at his pending charges.  His parents bonded him out at $75,000 soon as his court arraignment was over.  (Probably for his safety known this locale is in the middle of the Black Belt, and loaded with more blacks behind bars than whites whom have nothing else left to lose knowing this about that idiot...) 

The killing thing is that some of his classmates noticed a change in his behavior in the past few months.  Shorout went from a being a teen dedicated to the JROTC to a one that congregated and focused around others with white power oriented activities even doing the Nazi salute and chant.  He apparently is a military brat and relocated with his family from Kansas to Alabama in the past year.

I'm not surprsed at his fellow (white) classmates being so non-chalant about his views on non-whites and other societal minorities.  However, what is more embarrassing is the black male student in 1st link being dumbfounded at this possibly happening at Russell County High School.  I wasn't that naive in at that age...SMH

Oh course, the media (WTVM/Columbus) doing their job of speaking to familiars to this loon.  His mother was saying "he is a good boy" (cue eye roll).  However, I thank Gawker for this article because it spells it out in long form why the US media does such dubious things for only white males when everybody else is assumed to be guilty-as-charged.


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