Thursday, November 5, 2009

Poor Virginia...

According to fellow blogger at African American Political Pundit Blog, they compare the current governor-elect, lieutenant governor-elect, and attorney general-elect, who are all Republicans, as the "most conservative ticket" in many years.  I've heard about how lopsided Governor-Elect Robert F. McConnell along with Lt. Governor-Elect Bill Bolling, and Attorney General-Elect Ken Cuccinelli are and it's obvious that things in Richmond are about to make a serious turn for the worse.  Especially, Cuccinelli, who has constantly stood by the "states' right" mantra which in layman's terms are "keeping things status quo" and the "undesirables", i.e., the non-whites and gays in their place.  I'm not really surprised since that's the usual conservative way of things when it comes to politics and social policy.  Virginia will be suffering under these 3 because I've seen first hand it's rare for partisan wantons like McConnell and Cuccinelli to think in a rational, pragmatic point-of-view on anything.

It didn't help that none of the Democrats on their side of the ticket inspire voters of color to come out to vote.  The weak gubernatorial candidate as I've heard from a number of sources played "Mr. Nice".  So this is the result of a pathetic Democratic ticket and overzealous Republican ticket, but played to the simpletons, Independents, and the working-class white voters to vote for them.  

So I reiterate, poor Virginia because this ish is going to hit the fan there for sure!

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