Sunday, May 19, 2013

Follow up to my NYC post last year...NYC ain't shit for black LGBTs!

I said yesterday I was moving, but this foolishness has moved me to post while I am in transition.

NYC ain't shit!  I mean how many black and Latino gay/bisexual males have to be killed in prominent places for somebody that NYC is more hype than substance on the front of LGBTs?  Yesterday, a black gay man was gunned down in Greenwich Village, the supposedly most gay-friendly portion of Manhattan.  I'm like WTF is going on with this city.  First, stop and frisk with all blacks and Latinos, but now this B.S.  I've never bought into the bullshit P.R. campaign NYC and its deluded boosters has been trying to shove our throats that "it's the gay mecca".  For whom, wealthy, white gay and bisexual men that live the "high life"?  Reality check, if you are black and/or of Latino descent and LGBTs and reside in New York, you better watch your surroundings at all times because that city seems to be more dangerous than most originally though.

As quiet it has been kept, NYC has seen a skyrocket in the number of hate crimes involving LGBTs in the past few years (2011 NYS Hate Crime Annual Report here shows a continuation of the increase 16% in 2010 to 25.2% in 2011).  Both reports shows that anti-homosexual male hate crimes has been in the increase in New York in the past few years.  This is the reason why I was so against moving to NYC years ago when my idiotic ex and his dreams of sugarplums of NYC deluded him out of reality thinking I was going to move up there with him.   (To my ex: Yes, this is exactly what I was talking about when we were conversing about NYC years ago.  This is why I don't fuck with NYC like that.  Hell, at least I know what I'm dealing with while here in Atlanta or DC and Chicago for that matter.)

H/T to V and his blog Maybe's It's Me for the photo and links.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

I'm moving to a new place

In other words, my life has me in an upheaval mode at the moment, thus posting has been scarce at best.  Well, I will be somewhat back to posting on a semi-regular upon me getting fully established into my new place.  I'm excited yet anxious about this move because it's going to involve a lot of shifting my stuff.


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