Sunday, November 1, 2009

BJCTA gives the service in Hoover a 30-day extension

Since the city of Hoover didn't officially send their invoice terminating the bus service of MAX on October 30th the BJCTA will give this additional 30 days until the service ceases.  The BJCTA can legally allow the bus service to continue in Hoover through November 30th. 

The Hoover City Council transferred the decision making power of the mayor, Tony Petelos, which he did and terminated the service.  Hoover refused to allocate an additional $60,000 to fulfill its financial obligation to the BJCTA on October 20th.  Since then they've received requests from 15 residents for assistance in finding alternative modes of transportation, and of these 15 some were of special needs and disabilities. 

It's a damn shame and the only people who are going to pay for this is going to be those without any other modes of transportation and the disabled.  What so sad is that these people depended on MAX to get from point A to point B which included doctors' appointments, grocery shopping, etc.  Hoover and their elitist mentality is the reason why I don't care for the whining and pleads of individuals in the suburbs complaining about how their communities are going down because of the demographic changes from homogeneity white to a more diverse populous.  Hoover is going down fast and they just don't see it, but they think killing the bus service to its area will stop this when in reality it's going to accelerate. 

Since this decision, I've decided to boycott anything in Hoover including Riverchase Galleria.  I'm not going to support this foolishness.

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