Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Violent crimes are down in Birmingham, Mobile, and slightly in Montgomery, but up in Huntsville

In a report where law enforcement agencies across the nation reported crime to the F.B.I., overall violent crime in Birmingham was down 12.8% from January through June, according to the report. Mobile reported a 9% decrease, and Montgomery a 3.8%t decrease.  However, Huntsville saw an 9.9% increase in violent crimes.

Under the helm of Birmingham Police Department Chief A.C. Roper, the city has seen a major improvement in the public safety.  Homicides have dropped significantly since he took the helm in late 2007 where it no longer surpasses the 100 mark annually, but more needs to occur.  However, overall Roper is doing a damn good job for Birmingham and hopefully we'll see another year of drastic decreases in the number of homicides and violent crimes in Birmingham. 

Now in Huntsville's case, poor execution along with the fallacy of the mentality where so many flocking there believe they are immune to crime in such a "shiny, growing city".  The city also has show a great amount of apathy to the black residents there were they have either been left out of the political process or were thrown under the bus.  Huntsville in my opinion, is just a giant suburb rather than a large city, where it would have came up with some type of action plan to handle such growth and realize that with growth comes crime.  Maybe it just a fluke this year in the numbers, but I doubt it considering there have been an increasing spike in homicides in Huntsville since 2003.

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