Monday, December 7, 2009

Kasim Reed is Atlanta mayor-elect, but Norwood is still requesting a recount

Kasim Reed has been declared the mayor-elect of Atlanta, and outgoing mayor Shirley Franklin along with her staffers are already transitioning out the door for the Kasim administration.  Even before Kasim Reed was declared Atlanta’s official mayor-elect Saturday, he had already begun assembling a government and moving forward on campaign priorities.  He had picked a second-in-command (chief-of-staff), begun the search for a new police chief and started drafting plans to slash Atlanta's high pension costs.  However, Mary Norwood is still planning on requesting a recount from the Georgia Secretary of State's Office and Fulton County Board of Registars before the January 4th inauguration date for the new mayor.  On public safety, Reed is putting together a police transition team to look at the department’s needs and how to increase staffing.  Reed has set up a conference call with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for this coming week to get advice on running a national search for a new commissioner and on tackling Atlanta’s gang problem.  Reed plans to hire more police and to overhaul the Atlanta's troubled and controversial 911 system.  Reed administration would be prepared to take money from other city departments to increase funding for public safety.
“If that means a patch of grass doesn’t get mowed for awhile, we are willing to accept that,” Peter Aman, Atlanta Mayor-elect Kasim Reed's Chief Operating Officer said.
 Reed has drawn up plans to ask Washington for federal money to bolster public safety and other city services.  Reed's new chief operating officer (chief-of-staff), Peter Aman, said that Franklin was Reed's mentor, so there won't be any massive staff changes.

Interesting, the new mayor-elect is another Franklin-lite like I said, so expect more of the same regardless of anything said here.  Boy, Atlanta is going to continue to go down the shithole and fast under Reed.  At least Birmingham, Memphis, and New Orleans will now have Atlanta as as company in the league of Southern cities that have black establishment leadership that is more of the same, SMH. 

I can only pray tomorrow holds promise for Birmingham...

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