Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ron Sparks Opted not to leave the gubernatorial race

On Tuesday, Ron Sparks announced in front of the under construction  Madison County Courthouse that he would not leave the Democratic nomination race for Alabama's governor for the AL-5.

However, this doesn't mean it's over for a possible Democrat to enter the race for the 5th Congressional of Alabama race after the partisan-defection of Parker Griffith to the Republican party.  Word in the blogosphere is that Deborah Bell Paseur, Alabama State Rep. Randy Hinshaw, and Ala. State Rep. Tammy Irons may be in the race for the seat. 

Interesting, I must say because these guys in the Tennessee Valley are disparate to get a Democrat on the ticket since Griffith will likely win by default on the Republican side.  However, I know for a fact that unlike AL-7, AL-5 is more on the socially conservative side since the majority the district population isn't in the immediate Huntsville area, aka, Madison and Limestone counties, rather its spread throughout the Tennessee Valley from the Florence-Shoals area to Decatur to Huntsville.  It would take a populist or centrist Democrat to win the race at this point because Griffith has shown the progressives and liberals in the region that "they don't matter at all".  All of which I knew already because I've been saying for years, Huntsville is still another 20 years before it even reaches a point of becoming a political powerhouse like Greater Birmingham in statewide races, but is well on its way with the current population growth trends.  They might have to contend with the fact that along with the proof of the results of the 2008 Presidential elections that anything remotely non-WASPy or even a "hint of progressive" doesn't matter to the major white AL-5 district voters.  

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