Monday, December 28, 2009

Ron Sparks might leave the Alabama gubernatorial race for the AL-5 Democratic nom?

Now that would be INTERESTING for sure!  I can see him having enough common sense to jump ship on the gubernatorial race where he is being outwitted 2 to 1 by Davis in a number of areas.  Sparks only differential and standout issue is legalized gambling within Alabama, but that can only win a handful of votes compared to the other issues ranging from constitutional reform to charter school advocacy, etc. that Davis campaigned upon.

Well, he'll announce "soon" what he will do before the beginning of the 2010 campaign season gets started, which is January.  I say GO SPARKS, GO!  If a middle of the road Democrat can give Mo Brooks and Parker Griffith a run for their money then DO IT! 

With Davis the only real Democrat in the gubernatorial race then it will be interesting how he can battle against whoever the Republican opponent is whether it will be Byrne, James, Moore, or Ivey.  He will force them to talk about the constitutional reform, inequitable taxation, ethics reform, etc. will make for a very interesting race where it will be about the issues and platforms rather than about Davis being a black Democrat.

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