Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Today is the day of reckoning for Birmingham

Today is election day for the person who will fill the remainder of the term for the next 2 years in the city of Birmingham's mayor.  13 candidates, but turnout is expected to be low with only 20% of voters predicted for today's election due to the rain and voter apathy in general.  This could be a double-edged sword for candidates on the western portion of town because that's where the majority of the city's black voters reside.  The election could be very much determined by the more diverse and socially progressive, eastern portion of town.  However, updates will be delivered this even on the results of this election...

UPDATE:  There will be a run-off on January 19th, so it's about to get real ignorant and racialized here all over again...

Birmingham Mayor -- 159 of 160 precincts reporting (99%)

Patrick Cooper 13,99240%

William Bell 8,75225%

Carole Smitherman 6,55219%

Emory Anthony 4,34412%

Steven Hoyt 6412%

Scott Douglas 2011%

Harry Turner, Jr. 810%

Jody Trautwein 1730%

William Sumners 310%

Jimmy Snow 230%

Edith Mayomi 280%

Stephannie Huey 600%

Ernie Dunn 130%

T.C. Cannon 400%


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