Friday, December 18, 2009

DC is now the first city in the South allowing same-sex unions and David Catania

The DC Council passed the ordinance into law allowing the legalization and recognition of same-sex unions within the District of Columbia

This ordinance was pushed by Council member at-large David Catania, a former Republican, now Independent on the District Council.  Catania is only 41 and outingly gay, and according to most who follows the District and its city level politics, says that he is an intelligent yet intimidating individual who pushes his way through the political fray.  Sounds like to me, he is going to be the next person that may be on his way of becoming DC's first gay and white mayor in a long time not before becoming the DC Council President after the next election cycle.  Well, I'm not surprised since I've noticed that all the "black mecca metropolises" are starting to turn very white and in some cases led by white LGBT politicos.  Hmmm, all I have to say is they better do right by everybody including those of color and LGBTs of color...

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