Monday, December 7, 2009

A Hiring Manager at an Orlando McDonald's said what?

Now this is just plain mean-spirited and evil!

According to the Orlando Sentinel, an Orlando black transgender teenager was denied a job interview at on of the area McDonald's location over the fact that she is transgender.   

Zikerria Bellamy, 17, said two managers at an Orlando restaurant wouldn't give her an interview on two separate occasions in July. Later, she said a manager left her a voice mail, using a gay slur to let her know she wouldn't be hired.

A spokeswoman for the local restaurant, Allison Garrett, said in a statement the employee who left the voice mail "acted outside the scope of his authority and was not responsible for hiring." He no longer works at the restaurant. The statement did not mention did not mention the other manager.

McDonald's "has a zero tolerance policy prohibiting discrimination or harassment in the restaurant," the statement said.

Bellamy is a male who has been living as a female for about the past six years. She said she completed a job application online, then was called to the store for an interview. When one manager refused to see her, she called later and was granted an interview with another manager.

"He began to laugh at me once he saw me," said Bellamy, who wore a suit to the interview. "He said, 'Oh, I can't interview you today. I'm busy.'"

One of the managers also left her a voice mail saying: "We do not hire faggots."
Bellamy notified the New York City-based Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, which filed the complaint on Bellamy's behalf to the Florida Commission on Human Relations, posted a recording of the message on YouTube.  Florida state law doesn't include sexuality or gender identity in its state equal employment law (typical of any Southern state), but there are stipulations associated with the Florida Civil Rights Law involving discrimination of sexuality and gender identity. 

Here's the clip:

In this economy, it is hard for EVERYBODY, but this is just plain evil for those managers to have left such an asinine message to Ms. Bellamy.  In addition, McDonald's is suppose to be one of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) companies with such high marks for LGBT/SGL issues.   Ironically, they do leave off gender identity in their non-discrimination coverage.  I'm not saying, but I'm just saying...

UPDATE: From Orlando CBS affiliate, WKMG, the one of the hiring managers at the Orlando area McDonald's was terminated for the voicemail. 

STILL IMHO, McDonald's and HRC got a lot of 'plaining to do when it comes to rights and discrimination policies involving transgenders.

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