Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jefferson County told to pay $38 million in occupational tax refund account

Oh brother!  The saga over the "refund" which will amount to only $10-11 per person continues.  Just Thursday, Jefferson County Circuit Judge David Rains order Jefferson County Commission to pay $38 million to the "tax refund account" to refund to taxpayers for the now defunct occupational tax on all workers in the county exempting lawyers, business owners, and licensed medical professionals. Appointed Edgar Gen­tle III, a Birmingham lawyer, as the agent overseeing the refunds. He will be paid $300,000 to $330,000.  The tax was repealed by Rains in July when a suit was brought up by 2 lawyers "on the behalf of the taxpayers".  YEAH RIGHT!  This mofos were just trying to get paid...

However, anybody with half a brain knows why the lawyers Pat McFerrin and whatever his face with no hair brought this suit up so they could get 60% of the settlement, so I don't know why their stupid asses pretend to be for the taxpayer.  It's just shows how pathetic and ignorant the Alabama State Legislature is when it comes to passing laws and how greedy some lawyers are.  Oh yeah, but us the taxpayers are the ones ultimately paying for both of these idiots stupidity.

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