Friday, December 18, 2009

Frank Matthews gone bye-bye from Birmingham City Hall

Well, I'm a little late since I've been working on some stuff, but I have to say that Frank Matthews given the heave-ho out of his post at the Mayor's Office of Citizens' Assistance was a good thing.  The Langford appointed deputy director of the Office of Citizens' Assistance was basically a free paycheck so he could use the position as a pulpit to be a mouthpiece for Langford against his detractors.  Like Langford, he would pretend to be such a holy man by thanking God then the next breath cussing somebody out.  He was Langford's right hand man in crime, rait baiting and foolishness. The man is one warp individual who loves race baiting like it's a pasttime. 

Now apparently what led up to this was Matthews' reaction to Patrick Cooper supporters at a citywide Christmas party the profanity-laced verbal altercation during Monday's Citizens Advisory Board party at Boutwell Auditorium.  The Cooper supporters were participating in the celebration whereas Matthews had to go out of his way to prove the world how much of an ass he is.  He began to verbally attack and threatening them at the function (apparently for supporting Cooper).  Word flew around the community like clockwork (as it always does) and by Tuesday morning interim mayor Roderick Royal placed Matthews on suspension without pay.

On Tuesday morning on his AM radio talk show on 1320AM WENN (a Cox owned station "eye roll"), Matthews called Royal "Napoleon" and a "liar," after hearing that he had been terminated. Matthews said he went after the acting mayor on his show this morning because personnel officials said he would receive a reprimand for the exchange, but he later learned that Royal planned to fire him.  At least the long time director of the Citizens Assistance, Don Lupo, won't be a "deputy director" anymore and back to his original position where he was doing a good job handling...
The jackass then went on saying that this allows him to go on to his clarion call to challenge the citizenry to action against Patrick Cooper.  Matthews disgusts me to no end the ex-con needs to STFU, and take his splabuvian on somewhere.  Then he is on the WENN, which call letters represents something of worth but Cox Radio Birmingham once again perversion of the legacy of decent urban station. 

Now it's no surprise to me that Smitherman aligned herself with Matthews when she became interim mayor for the short 2 weeks.  However, she is as silent as a church mouse about this incident and trying her best to distance herself from Matthews.  Smitherman is proving that is just as guilty as Bell, Matthew, and Langford when it comes to obstructing progress and holding Birmingham hostage to this ego-driven foolishness of the Old Guard. 

Now it's not a surprise that the warped Matthews would align himself with the William Bell campaign to be a race baiting surrogate.  He is going to prove how much some black folks in our community tries to destroy progress over their selfishness, bigotry, and ego.  See Joe Reed for another example.  UGH!

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