Friday, December 11, 2009

Another round of campaigning

Patrick Cooper has to verbally, mentally, and likely physically battle the forces of stupidity, ignorance, and pseudo-racialized foolishness from the denizens of status quo over the next 6 weeks as he campaigns to become Birmingham's next mayor.  Anybody with half-a-brain knows not to underestimate the power of the favoritism and ignorance of some citizens of Birmingham because of the 45% eligible voters that voted in October 2007 50.1% of them elected Larry Langford as mayor.  However, there a number of advantages on Cooper's did this time around including the proof of Langford being a fraud along with overcoming the forces of status quo and delusion from Carole Smitherman by nearly 2-to-1, but this is a new election and he has to start from scratch again.  He has to maintain and convince Emory Anthony supporters along with some of Smitherman supporters while keeping his own based electrified to come out in droves on January 19th.  Bell will be a formidable foe since the Old Guard and Establishment will be backing him hands down because they have a distrust of any newcomer that doesn't kiss their entitlement-complicit asses because he's biracial, successful withouth their help, and popular with white voters and inhabitants in the surrounding areas.  However, he is the best candidate considering the interesting things about Bell.

  1. William Bell's legal address is a mystery.
  2. "In 1994 WILLIAM BELL ran for the County Commission, but his qualification to run was questioned because redistricting had left his house in College Hills outside the district in which he was running. To satisfy the residency requirement, BELL rented a room at the Pickwick Hotel and then moved into Quinlan Castle. During the campaign, which he lost to Chris McNair, BELL fractured his leg in a scuffle with a private investigator who caught him mowing the yard at his regular residence."
  3. Bell's failure to report your investments in a business that benefitted from city votes in which you took part such as the lobbying on the behalf of the Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority, which is a violation of state ethics laws.
  4. Bell being in office for the past 3 decades and ironically nothing has occurred other than the city continuously losing population, temporary decreases, but overall increase in crime, decline of the City Schools, the transferral of the Birmingham Water Works Authority from the city, but higher levels of nepotism.
  5. Finally, he allegations that he is a functioning crackhead like former DC mayor, convict, and current council person Marion Berry.
  6. He was interim mayor for a few months in 1999, but still lost the election because people knew who the hell this idiot is.
The facts speaks for itself, so who would any sane person choose?  I know it wouldn't be Bell in a million years for mayor of Birmingham.

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