Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cooper called it, and that splaboo Bell did say it and Langford endorses the splab as well!

SMH, I knew it!  Oh boy, I knew this would happen!  Patrick Cooper has called out the racebaiters in the race calling him a "slave trader from Mobile who will bring back plantation politics to the city".  Yeah, that so-of-a-bitch William Bell did it because I can't stand Lay Low Brown for a heap of horseshit.  Cooper called him out on WJLD 1400AM and WATV 900AM this morning for these remarks that splaboo said at the Sunday prayer breakfast in November.  Bell didn't deny those allegations either, saying he didn't name his opponents in particular, but Cooper is the only Mobile native on the ballot.  Let's not forget how Carole Smitherman called Shelia Tyson a "pawn for the over-the-mountain" because she used to be the campaign manager for the 2007 mayoral campaign for Patrick Cooper.  It's so interesting how he is willing this time to call them out because it is imperative for his campaign to do so.  If you want to win politically bodyslam them Lay Low Brown or Smitherman if you have to...

Then late last night, word is that Larry Langford has formally endorsed that splaboo Lay Low Brown like it will help him win (which it won't).  This fool is actually believing that him endorsing anybody will bring good things to their name politically speaking?  Langford, I guess you are a bigger fool than I ever thought you were for the nearly decade I have known you.  This going to be LONG ASS WEEK from next Tuesday because this shit is about to hit the fan because some are so deseperate for any attention.


  1. you seem to have the scoop, tell me please what is so great about Patrick Cooper other than he is a "fresh face"? are you just against Bell (which i am by no means a Bell suuporter) or are you seriously pro-Cooper? and why? i have heard great ideas (some of which are things already in existence in bham btw, just need to be cultivated), but he just seems very out of touch with the populous (as do most candidates). please give me some insight on the man, otherwise, i will be forced to vote for the man i do have FULL info on (good and bad). Thanks

  2. Though I'm politically independent, I spent time with both candidates. Well, for one I'm not for any candidate that reduces to racebaiting to win any election, so that was the first strike against Bell.

    I worked in government with William Bell when he was at the county and saw that he seems to lack any fortitude to be a leader rather just a wallflower or follower when it came to the Jefferson County debacle. Also, Bell's inability to remain in any publicly elected office for a full term either City Council District 5 seat and now County Commission District 1 seat shows that he is more in it for the power rather than trying to get something done. Those things alone are enough for red flags to be raised against electing him to the position of mayor because he seems to be the most unstable individual of the two. However, just listening to William Bell's oversimplistic platform on continuing the things that have brought down the city for the past 3 decades. He has yet explained how he's going to support economic development in the city, how he is going to get things accomplish with the city schools when they are now under an independently elected board of education, improvement of neighborhoods, and crime. He truly lack the details which truly matters when you are going to lead the city in these times. Anybody that cannot deliver a detailed platform rather just talking points on how to solve our city's problems is more rhetoric than anything else.

    Now with Cooper, I have talked with him once, but his ideas are more thoroughly explained in detail. I'm not going to write them down here because it is your job as an independepent citizen to look things up for yourself @ http://cooperforbirmingham.com/ .

    If the way you sound in your comment, Code, it sounds like you have already made up your mind on who you want to vote for (good and bad). I hope you aren't trying to be a political shill for Bell on this blog because my entries on here are my thoughts and reactions to personal knowledge of the candidates' track records. However, you should listen to both candidates' platforms and decide from that because that's what really matters when somebody is elected to office not whether or not you think you "know" them. Favoritism is what got us the disaster known as Larry Langford as mayor of Birmingham, so it is up to you to make up your own mind.



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