Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gary White's federal conviction reinstated

After months of uncertainty whether or not former Jefferson County commissioner Gary White would receive a new trial in federal court are over.  The three-judge panel ruled that White waived his right to be tried in the federal court district in which the alleged offenses were committed because he didn't raise the issue before the trial.  The Federal Court of Appeals in Atlanta reinstated the conviction of bribery and conspiracy along with sending it back to the federal circuit of North Alabama to either the Birmingham or Tuscaloosa federal courthouse. 

Well, that makes 5 former Jeffco commissioners that have been convicted in federal courts for bribery, conspiracy, or corruption charges.  What a damn shame, and embarrassment for Jefferson County government, but it's the government we as the citizen pay for since we don't seem to have the will to push for a reformation of the county government from a district-based system without an executive branch to one where there are separation of powers.  SMH

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