Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh how, oh how did WXIA-TV do it?

It's seems that Atlanta's NBC affiliate and Gannett-owned station WXIA-TV "11 Alive" was the only news operation in that market that kept up with the numbers of the mayor race from minute-to-minute without receiving information the Associated Press (AP) like the other news ops in Atlanta.  Well, apparently Radio/TV columnist, Rodney Ho of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, discovered that WXIA-TV used some 80 station employees and volunteers out in the field throughout Atlanta to cover the individual precincts. 

Not a bad idea, I always knew there was a reason why I like them better than WSB-TV in the Atlanta market.  Too bad in Birmingham everybody is too damn cheap to do such resourceful and accurate things to cover the elections in the Birmingham area.  It would alleviate some of the confused and inaccuracies that I've noticed that all of our 4 news operations in the Birmingham market make during election times.

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