Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Now why are Democrats surprised by this? Parker Griffith (AL-5) is changing to a Republican

Oh brother!  Some of you Democratic bloggers kill me with your "huh", "what the fuck", "what the hell", "son of a bitch" over Parker Griffith's decision to change from a Democrat to Republican.  The guy voted against the health care reform bill and stimulus package, Lily Ledbetter Act,  the American Clean Energy and Security Act, and financial reform legislation and he said from jump that he was a Blue Dog Democrat.  During the Town Hall fiascoes, Parker Griffith made it known to the crowd of ignorant ass majority white hecklers that "he was on their side" on health care reform.   Instead of being shocked, how about "duh" because Blue Dog = Social Conservative, which 9 out of 10 times will be Republican.  He's going to get annihilated by the others contenders in the Republican primary next year, but it was fun watching this craziness and laughing my ass off.  Alabama Republicans including U.S. House Rep. Robert Aderholt and Mike Rogers, and U.S. Senators Jeff Sessions and former Democrat turncoat Richard Shelby all welcomes Parker to the GOP fold where "everything white is right".

Alabama Congressman and Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Artur Davis, said this:

"While I will continue to respect and work with Congressman Griffith, his decision repudiates the hard work of many Democrats who sustained him during his election to two high offices.  It is an ironic turn of events that he will now run under the banner of a party that subjected him to one of the most savage and false negative campaigns in the country in 2008.
"He leaves a party where differences of opinion are tolerated and respected to join a party that in Washington, marches in lockstep, demands the most rigid unity, and articulates no governing philosophy beyond the forceful use of the word, 'no.'
The truth is that fiscal conservatism, robust advocacy for our fighting forces, and a defense of our best national values are not partisan principles. Howell Heflin, Bud Cramer, and a host of others understood that those virtues can be practiced within the Democratic Party, and that they are necessary to keep the party anchored in the faith and aspirations of millions of middle class Americans.
 I wish that Congressman Griffith had followed the path that Senator Heflin and Congressman Cramer walked so proudly.  

Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley is becoming more and more socially conservative as the time goes on.  However, only a fool that believes that being in "the progressive haven" is going to help the region shift more left, nope!  Look at what wind up on the ballot last year, Parker Griffith, and he was so socially conservative that I don't know how or why any progressive or Democrat would even campaign for him is beyond me.  I'm not saying I don't like Huntsville, but I rather take my chances where the numbers are at least there here in Birmingham. 

It just reaffirms that how some (including myself) have some subtle suspicious about the DNC overt push to want a Democrat in office regardless of how they stand on issues.  Also what even more appalling is how shifty some Southern white Democrat politicos are when times get tough.  Now, I'm hedging bets on how long the other "Blue Dog Democrat", Bobby Bright, former Montgomery mayor changes his political affiliation from Democrat to Republican...

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