Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kasim Reed pretty much won, but Mary Norwood won't give in

After Tuesday's run-off elections in Atlanta for mayor, Kasim Reed prevailed over Mary Norwood in the results with 42,348 to 41,728.  It seems that race was on race as well.  The breakdown of results via the maps on Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows that across class and economic brackets that 9 out of 10 voters voted along color lines rather than issues.  It was the same way in during the election of Barack Obama in Atlanta as well.  As I've said, Atlanta is no different than the rest of the Southern cities when it comes down to it although they swear up and down that they are "the city too busy to hate", but the numbers say otherwise.

Also Tuesday the Atlanta City Council has now its first Asian American and LGBT council member in Alex Wan representing the city's most LGBT-friendly district, District 6.  Also the Georgia General Assembly has its first black lesbian, but second LGBT legislator Tuesday as well with Simon Bell for Georgia State House District 58. 

So it was day of reaffimations of race being an issue in Atlanta, but proof that Atlanta and Georgia can elect and LGBT/SGL politician. 

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