Monday, December 7, 2009

Joe Reed has spoken...

Oh, the Big Chief Negro has spoken and we Negroes needs to reveres and heed his word, WHOA IS ME!!!!!!  ANY FUCKIN' WAYS! 

Joe Reed, Associate Executive Secretary of Alabama Education Association (AEA) as well as the longtime head of the Alabama Democratic Conference, the black Democratic organization within the Alabama Democratic Party, has penned an half-witted and ignorant column in the monthly publication for the AEA.  In his column he likes AL-7 Congressman Artur Davis, a left-leaning moderate, to the likes of other state Democrats who are clearly "Blue Dogs" like Parker Griffith (AL-5) and Bobby Bright (AL-2) over the healthcare vote.  He used the lovely nicknames "Bubba, Cooter, Big Man, and June Bug" to call to "regular Alabamians"; the first 2 are nicknames for white Southerners and the latter 2 are common for black Southerners.  However, Reed aimed his main vitrol at Davis because he's the black one, and he should always follow the collective mindset of us black folks.  ***EYE ROLL*** (SEE PAGE 3, RIGHT HAND SIDE)

I'm not alone in my opinion about this idiot.   Reed is so yesterday, and wants any white Democrat voted over a black progressive in a heartbeat.  He also thinks Alabama is still in the 1970s, where there are still a majority stupid electorate that feels that black politicos are not viable candidates for statewide races.  Reed has practically endorsed Ron Sparks in the Alabama Democratic Gubernatorial campaign, so no other resources needed.

Anyways, this fool is a so played out like regular Nintendo, and he just doesn't know it.  He railed against Davis with supporting Earl Hillard, Sr in 2002 and Hillard lost, predicted that Hillary Clinton was going to win Alabama in the Democratic Primary last February, and lost then he caused a commotion on the floor of the Democratic National Convention last August because he felt Clinton should be the nominee after she conceded to Barack Obama.  Reed also railed against Alabama's first openly gay state legislator, Patricia Todd, in the electoral debate over her win over anti-LGBT/SGL black Democrat Gaynell Hendricks in Alabama State House District 54 because Todd was a white lesbian.  Oh the irony, he wound up being forced to watch the inauguration of Barack Obama as president from a Mexican restaurant blocks from the National Mall, karma is a bitch isn't it?  Reed is so out of touch another relic of the Black Establishment past that stands in the way of anything progressive (race, LGBT/SGL issues, etc.), and needs to be told to SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE.

Boy, I'm SO TIRED of negros like him because they are idiots and useless to the progressive movement when it comes to racial politics.  I do enjoy the likes of some on other blogs like Left in Alabama with posters like the one dubbed "Redeye" who is always supporting the Black Establishment since they are suppose to be "field negroes" and believe Davis is a "house negro" who betrays the "negro cause", LMAO.  I thought those types were relics of the past as well?  HMMM.....

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