Friday, December 11, 2009

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Cancellation of classes for University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa being in the National Championship

WHY?  Who cares honestly?  Outside of the overzealous fans, fans because everybody is (AKA the "followers"), and those who play or work for the UAT Athletic Department there shouldn't be any reason for anybody to not be in class on January 6th through 8th. 

I know, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH from some that say it's a reasonable break from classes and the first day of class all they give is the syllabus then dismissed class.  I understand this is good thing and special, but it's a little out of hand and I do agree with the UAT professors protesting this.  You can celebrate and still do what you suppose to do such as attend class.  UAT is a joke on an academic standpoint, and this just reaffirms them being a joke.  When a school suspends its schedule and moves it back even further to accomodate some it shows that academics is placed on the backburner over athletics, which isn't even funded directly by the state of Alabama, rather boosters.  Another stupid antecedent by a few to appease the opinions of some.  SMH

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