Monday, August 17, 2009

Uh, when did the definition of racism go up for discussion when all you have to do is use a Webster

Yeah, I'm going to say it, some white Americans have decided to hijack the definition of racism and wants to attempt to use it to disprove their bias. Meanwhile, many of them will still commit subliminal actions such as not living in a "mixed" neighborhood, not allow their kids date "outside their race", and so on. However, when somebody makes a statement like "I have black friends" or "my **** is black" although they did or said something that can be interpreted as racially bias or insensitive makes me just shake my head and roll my eyes.

Being black and an Alabamian, I've probably dealt with the ugly underbelly of America with issues with the social concept known as "race". Just look at Birmingham, it's a city that is a poster-child of what happens with whites doesn't want to live near blacks, but justify their bias because of the "crime" and "corruption". Now,I'm not giving black people a pass because anyone dumb enough to elect somebody that instigate racial issues like Larry Langford as mayor then you are just as guilty as some whites.

American black and working-class white populous are both victims of what happens when you have an elite set in this nation that hijacks everything but realizes they only can keep things as status quo is "divide and conquer". Many working-class whites (those guilty of running from Birmingham as soon as interpretation occurred) because 1) they were taught by their parents that blacks aren't as "civilize" as them and 2) ignorance due to lack of social interaction in intimate settings such as being next-door neighbors, attending the same school, or the same church. In general, Alabama is a poster-child for this situation. All one has to do is read Alabama in the Twentieth Century by Auburn University professor, Wayne Flynt, and know this to be true.

Well, after reading these two articles on the usage and definition of the word racist and working-class whites from The Root, I believe some people needs to come to grips about their racial bias and realize that it is about the something much bigger at work.

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