Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Well, It looks like there will be 3 incumbents are safe with 5 run-offs on their way

Well, its safe to say Valerie Abbott, Maxine Parker, and Steven Hoyt are here to stay.  I don't really have much of an opinion about these three because Hoyt and Parker are screwface worthy because of their past involvement in blocking the anti-discrimination ordinance back in 2007.  Whereas Valerie Abbott wasted everybody time back in 2007 trying to run for mayor when she knew good and well she didn't stand a chance in hell of getting elected which IMHO costed Patrick Cooper, who I rathered seen elected as mayor (even over Smitherman), to lose a number of votes against Larry Langford.  She is OK, but she still gets the screwface and side-eye regardless.

Now on to the run-offs, well Shelia Tyson has gave Carole Smitherman, current City Council President and Mayor Pro-Tem, a run for her money in the District 6 race.  Shelia Tyson is Patrick Cooper's former mayoral campaign manager, and City Neighborhood Association (CNA) president along with Neighborhood President of West End.  Interesting to say the least because Smitherman want to get back in so she can take the helm of mayor (when not if) Larry Langford is forced out of office for his federal conviction.  If she doesn't get reelected then it is likely Valarie Abbott will become Council President and mayor down the line (for the 45 days until a special election is held).  I'm like this is going to be INTERESTING because Smitherman seems to have a problem these days because she is a nice person (I've met her), but she doesn't really have much of what I call "leadership traits".  She better come to realization that this could be the end of her time on the City Council because it was 43% (Smitherman) to 39% (Tyson), and that's mighty close. 

The rest well, it is a given that Roderick Royal's whiny butt will get back in District 9, Carol Reynolds Duncan will likely lose to Kim Raffety in District 2, Johnathan Austin will have to battle former councilman Elias Hendricks in District 5, and Jay Robertson will battle his runner up in the election of District 7 replacing the late Miriam Witherspoon.

LaShunda Scales was the only outright newcomer to win her election in District 1 against incumbent Joel Montgomery.  I guess his alcoholic fall from grace in 2007 costed him his seat along with being in the pocket of Mayor Langford on the city bingo ordinance.  The people have spoken and apparently nobody is stutting the New Jefferson County Citizens Coalition or Mayor Langford's endorsements.  LOL

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