Thursday, August 27, 2009

Well Chuck Norris endorses Roy Moore

I've never been a fan of Chuck Norris, but this takes the cake literally.  This simpleton has endorse my favorite judge, Roy Moore, who is renounced and infamously titled "the Ten Commandments Judge" for Governor. 

This has to got to be the most idiotic thing I've heard come from Norris's mouth aside from talking about how he was a fan of former Arkansas governor and 2008 Republican Presidential nominee Mike Huckabee.  Anyways, I know for a fact that Chuck Norris doesn't know much about Alabama politics because he did he would have endorsed another Republican like I don't know Tim James or somebody that uses common sense and doesn't believe they are above the law.  Is Chuck Norris even still relevant in today's media or pop culture?  Walker, Texas Ranger was cancelled about 6 years ago. 

Oh well, another foolish stunt associated with Alabama and thanks once again thanks to (inadverted) Roy Moore. 

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