Monday, August 31, 2009

Obviously she's not that bright or just too damn cliche'

1st-Term Kansas Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins has well put it out there the Republican party is looking for a "Great White Hope" during a town hall forum on August 19 in Hiawatha, Kansas.  Her district is the 2nd Congressional District in Kansas which demographically speaking according to the 2000 Census it is 89% white. However, somebody apparently videotaped her when she was talking about it how Washington has such great young white Republicans like Congressman Eric Canton (R-VA).  Now she did do some damage wasn't address the President because she didn't realize what was implying when she said it.  Sure you don't, lady...  However, in July you voted for a resolution that explained the history of the phrase.  Here is some of the language from the resolution:

"The phrase "great white hope" is frequently tied to racist attitudes permeating the United States when heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson fought in the early 1900s. Reaction to the first black man to reign as champion was intense enough to build support for a campaign to find a white fighter capable of reclaiming the title from Johnson."

Now she wants to backpedal away from her comment and say she is "sorry", but what are you sorry about Congresswoman Jenkins?  I mean you had a Freudian slip saying that you want to see some white candidate come from the midst and hopefully careen into the political scene taking down Barack Obama in the 2012 Presidential Election.  I mean it's not like some folks don't realize that there is a faction of disgruntle white Americans that doesn't like the idea having a black President.  I know you are not that dense to not realize what was meant by that phrase after you voted for it.. Geez just own and claim it and keep it moving. 

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