Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jeffco Commissioners Smoot and Humphryes harping about why there isn't a plan B for the County

Well, I'm kind of surprised by this because it seemed to me that the Jefferson County Commissioners didn't seem to care because they were still getting their bi-monthly paycheck.  Well, Shelia Smoot and Bobby Humphryes are inquiring why isn't a back-up plan for the County after the Alabama Supreme Court repealed the 1999 version of the occupational tax.  The attorneys on the behalf of the taxpayers (yeah right) have said they are working on a plan to repay the funds for the tax to the taxpayers.  PROBLEM: there isn't any money left because the County is running in the red and has been for awhile now.  Jefferson County Commission President Bettye Fine Collins said yesterday that they barely have the funds to operate the Courthouses (in Birmingham and Bessemer) as it is until the end of the fiscal year in September. 

Now Smoot is screaming there is not Plan B:

"We want an action plan," Commissioner Shelia Smoot told county officials during today's meeting. "What I want is a road map. None of us has seen that. We want something, specifics, even if it's not going to work. I feel alienated."

Meanwhile Humphryes is requesting getting the 1,000 county workers back to work from furloughs. All the while, Collins is saying the attorneys are the County's only hope.  Looks like they are up Shit Creek without a paddle.  ***shrugs***

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