Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Christian Coalition Gubernatorial Forum was last night

Aww, how precious?  The Christian Coaltion of Alabama held their gubernatorial forum last night where everybody who has decided to run with the expections of current state Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks and current state Treasurer Kay Ivey did attend.  However, it looks like Congressman Davis took the show by claiming he would be against health care reform without a public option (surprise, surprise!) which sounded like all his fellow gubernatorial candidate attendees.  Alabama is a right-leaning state that doesn't make any qualms about where it stands during most presidential or Congressional elections. 

However, Davis did say he would be for a full rewrite of the Alabama State Constitution which has racism and segregation laws still there.  Meanwhile, Roy Moore 'n dem made it be know a big ole' "HELL NO" to the rewrite.  I remember Roy Moore being the reason why the 2004 constitutional amendment to remove the racist language to fail because he claim the "right to education" would mean more taxes...  You know some idiots bought that like hotcakes and sopped it up like syrup. 

Anyways, another colorful day in this state leading to one of the most interesting gubernatorial campaigns in a while.

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  1. You know some idiots bought that like hotcakes and sopped it up like syrup.

    Love that line



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