Tuesday, August 25, 2009

As much as enjoy watching 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'...they are hoodratish

Oh boy, the wannabe bourgeois of Metro Atlanta on TV has made a mockery of themselves for sure.  For one, they aren't real housewives because Nene Leakes is the only one that is "housewive" persay to the standards of the show.  However, Lisa Wu-Hartwell is a wive as well, but she is wife that works more outside the home than at home.  The rest of the crew Sheree Whitfield, Kandice "Kandi" Burress (formerly of Xscape), and Kim Zolciak aren't wives at all.  Sheree is a divorcee of Bob Whitfield, formerly of the Atlanta Falcons, so gets a pass since the other Housewives have divorcees on it.  However, Kim is a jumpoff to Lee Najar, a wealth Atlanta area real estate tycoon.  I don't even know why Kandi is on there because she could have just got with BET and her friend and former fellow band-mate of Xscape, Tiny, on that show. 

The Root tells it like it is with their article "Bravo's Southern Discomfort" about how Bravo allowed the behavior that airs show how ignorant some black folks can be.  Then Andy Cohen, Bravo's executive and show producer, has the audacity to say it "offers up a rarely seen look into the lives of "really wealthy black women."  Typical of a white gay man that lives vicariously throught drama while laughing to the bank getting rich off it.  No other Housewives show has a much lack of wealth because 3 of them on the show have either been forced out of their home or foreclosed upon while on there in its two seasons.  Black folks already have it hard in the media because anything associated with the black image is either negative or inadequate via "ghetto" or "poverty", but then you have hoodrat-behavior when they suppose to be wealthy. 

The article's editor, Helena Andrews, said it best when comparing The Real Housewives of Atlanta to the part in the Ralph Emerson novel, The Invisible Man, where the main character had to do a speech before a group of white civics about the advancement of people of color but is told that he must first participate in a "battle royal" boxing match with a group of nine other black boys to take away from the dignity of the speech.  Housewives of Atlanta does exactly that, takes away the diginity of the black upper-class. 

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