Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ron Sparks makes a political gamble on legalized gambling

Alabama Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Ron Sparks, has made a public announcement that he will support legalized gambling via casinos and state lottery. He delivered with the slogan "Casino = No New Taxes", along with proposal to place a casino in downtown Birmingham for the whole world to see.

"A lot of folks go to Mississippi casinos. I want them to stop in Birmingham," Sparks said.

He said he wanted to see a casino "right down the road" from the proposed site for a domed stadium.

Sparks said he would fight to bring casinos and businesses associated with them to Birmingham.

He said he also wants the state to have a lottery to help fund education.

Interesting if you ask me that is nice, but according to the word on the street, that you sound like more of a "Republican" than a Democrat. You also sound like somebody that doesn't have all the cards in together aside from the race card to advocate why you should be the Democratic nominee. So come a little bit stronger than "Mr. Safe Choice" than the joke with no real platform aside from "I want to put a casino in Birmingham...".

Special thanks to Birmingham Blues and Left in Alabama for the information about the Gubernatorial Forum information.

Also here's the video of this twisted irony about electability:

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